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Hologram – The Computer Of The Future

…some things will never change

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Gadgets: Hologram Projecting Mobile Phone? | newslite.tv

Talking bout mobiles, check this out from Yanko Design.

Watch SUPERMEDOLEME.tv launching june 16th 2009 – http://SUPERMODELME.tv

200x175Ok – the iPhone’s and the rest of the touchscreeen massive are nice and we enjoy that tactile interaction.

But howsabout a holographic interface? Tasty non?

Welcome to the Trou Hologram phone concept.

I’m sure everyone can dig the idea. Just imagine how cool it will be when you turn your mobile around and can see your friend’s avatar, a picture of where you’re supposed to meet or even your sibling’s new pet in total 3D.

OK, so holographic projectors are known to eat up lots of power, so that’s one challenge to overcome for the small projectors on the surface of the display – perhaps Nokia’s new ‘ambient electricity’ technology could help with that?

I’m sure there’s other things that prevent this very cool glimpse into the holographic future of communications from becoming reality but hey – I just thought it would make a change from all the Apple-chat.

courtesy: http://www.newslite.tv/comment/2009/06/gadgets-hologram-projecting-mo.html#more

Watch SUPERMEDOLEME.tv launching june 16th 2009 – http://SUPERMODELME.tv


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What has Virtual Worlds done to peoples Imagination – itsReal

Thanks Skribe: http://www.skribeproductions.com/2009/03/05/world-builder/

Skribe, your presentation inworld this weekend at the Jokay UnConference – tells the story of viral video and its surge in dominance over text, it is only the beginning – videos matched with imagination, like these above of how the world might be and can be is really the payload for life in the generations ahead.



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Digital Hologram to rock your imagination – itsReal

I knew setting up the google alert for “holograms” was going to change APLINK’s perspective on the future of digital imagery and life as we know it – here is another example – one that will really make you THINK how amazing how could it be used ! But god how much would it cost !

GE Plug Into The Smart Grid: Digital Hologram

It’s hard to explain, so just click the links below.  You might think it’s some kind of trickery, but I did it myself last night and it is 100% real.

Was throwing around ideas with people about how to use this as a marketing tool … Can you imagine debuting a music video or new television show this way?

see original post: http://www.flaggedforfollowup.com/2009/02/ge-plug-into-the-smart-grid-digital-hologram.html

See the Digital Hologram Augmented Reality demo here: http://ge.ecomagination.com/smartgrid/#/augmented_reality

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