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Live from DMfest 2008 Singapore – Web 2.0 & Building Online Communities

First up is Aroon Tan – Managing Director & Co-founder of Magma  Studios – they build virtual worlds for companies – come on down Microsoft’s evangelist Jonathan Wong – his  5 minute demo begins now -he is nort promoting silverlight really he is not i think he has said silverlight 5 times – 6 his demo is on mobtv – he very funny – in context advertising to monetise your community – he is pushing his time limit – with his TOY F1 Girls – Ok Jonathan – till next time – come on S.P. Raja – from big blue IBM Technology Architect – important Lesson – Get ready to believe in the impossible – BuzzCity CEO Lai Kok Fung – Mobile Internet consumers using mobile devices as their primary device for the internet. India is used as country where people are accessing the internet with mobile phones – most have nvere used a computer.

BuzzCity is Buzzing…..

Hu Shunjie  from Seesmic – video platform to create conversations with video ! Community 2.0 – Video is most useful fr those with disabilities.

Another pitch from Microsoft – Windows Live is being rebuilt ! Facebook is a communications company not a social network – 18billion industry for virtual products – new industry arriving to trade virtual products – First Meta – Virtual Credit Card – for virtual and real goods


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