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So What Have You Done For Earth Day 2010

Ok, maybe I am a little late for the official Earth Day but we are still living on this planet and we should still be looking after this only home that we have. I am watching CNN’s “Eco Solution” as I am typing this article and I found some interesting articles about saving the earth.

One question that still baffles me is why organic food products are pricier? They are generally locally produced (less transport cost), uses no insect/pesticides, organic fertilizers (something we can produce) etc. Anyone can give a logical explanation?

Now let’s talk about cars, so far these are the cool electric ones that I would like to get my hands on. Tesla and Zenn.

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Facebook addicts – itsReal

So who like me stayed up to watch the cnn LIVE and facebook OBAMA collab the other night…. stay up, i mean i am in singapore so the event was in the middle of the night here… to me it was a huge turning point for social media and traditional media collaboration yet not even CNN or facebook are riding the wave of an excellent example of right event right news network and right social media platform – facebook !

FacebookSo why are CNN & FACEBOOK keeping low on what a marketing feat they pulled off. Twitter has heralded how tweets went thru the hemisphere as did other social platforms, am i working to much to have noticed anything.

I titled ths post facebook addicts – i did so because this could well become even more of a facebook addiction in times and events to come, sitting here in the middle of the night as were some of my friends, we were able to IM each other and keep engaged with proceedings as if we might even be at the actual event. Am i taking that a bit far… I don’t think so. Yes it truly was a moment in history that will never be repeated but just imagine if this technology had been available when Lady Di’s funeral happened so long ago…

So I would like to know what CNN & FACEBOOK have planned for engaging us again… if anyone knows or has some insights on this topic please do share…

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CNN and Facebook strike major deal

By: Matt Eaton, Hong Kong
Published: Jan 09, 2009
Hong Kong – As the power and influence of social media continues to grow, CNN and Facebook have struck a major deal to allow users to connect and engage with each other during the inauguration of the political maestro of social media Barack Obama.

On Tuesday 20 January, users will be able to update their Facebook status directly from the CNN.com Live portal and view status updates from their friends and other Facebook users on CNN.com Live site.

AS part of the deal, Facebook will allow the status updates for those using CNN.com Live to be published in their News Feed section with “via CNN.com Live” hyperlinked tags allowing other Facebook users to click the tag and join the CNN.com Live/Facebook feed.

At last count, Facebook Hong Kong boasted in excess of 1 million users.

On top of the Facebook application, CNN will also use Google Maps to track the route of the event and the media group will also have users uploading instant reports to iReport.com, a user-generated site owned by CNN.

CNN is hoping the event will become the most-watched live web event in history.

The news caps off a big week for social media networks, with the News Corporation-owned MySpace announcing its move into TV.

MySpace has developed a mini-application that complements TV with social networking offerings such as e-mail and photo viewing. TV watchers can exchange messages or browse photos on MySpace by activating a widget sitting at the bottom of the TV screen.

The widget will be launched in conjunction with Toshiba, which is promoting a new line of TV’s with internet capabilities.

Courtesy Marketing Interactive http://www.marketing-interactive.com/news/10365

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