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How Cisco Tried to Make Routers Sexy Using Social Media – ReadWriteWeb

In March this year, Cisco launched the ASR 1000 Router Series. No big deal, but for the fact that it was delivered completely via social media. This was apparently Cisco’s fifth most successful campaign, and according to the company it has proved to be a turning point for the way Cisco takes products to market: “virtually, virally, and visually.”

The biggest lesson here is this: Routers aren’t sexy. If Cisco can make a router exciting enough for social media, you too can utilize social media to create a buzz about your product or service.

Social media is all about building an experience – not an event. LaSandra Brill, manager of Web and social media marketing at Cisco discussed the tactics and results of the ASR 1000 launch at the Social Media Marketing Summit this week. I’ve listed the steps taken by Cisco to reach its goals below; you can see Brill’s presentation on SlideShare.

ASR 100 Launch Campaign Steps

How Cisco Tried to Make Routers Sexy Using Social Media – ReadWriteWeb

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Within five years, technology will obliterate the need | Fast Company

WHY is virtual worlds not also considered to cut travel costs – hmmm

“Apart from becoming more and more unpleasant, recently business travel is also becoming far less necessary. With videoconferencing technologies improving and fuel prices rising, more businessmen and women seem to be choosing the option to stay put and use new technology to cut down on travel. Companies too are making an active effort to limit employees’ air travel for the duel-pronged benefits of cutting costs and being environmentally friendly. AT&T has reportedly reduced employee air miles by 15% through video conferencing and Web meetings, while Accenture plans to have 22 video conferencing rooms installed around the world by the end of this year. ” | Fast Company

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