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Poker Run Singapore 2010

Happening March 14th 2010 be there….

Poker Run is a term derived from organized motorcycle events where riders would travel over a prescribed course and, at designated stopping points, be given randomly-selected playing cards. At the end of the poker run, the person with the Best Poker Hand wins the Top Prize.

When some folks hear the words “Poker Run”, they think of go-fast motorcycles travelling at Break-neck speeds. Lots of noise, big bikes with big engines – you get the picture? They think it requires speed – and lots of money. In fact, POKER RUN is not a race and you might be amazed just how low-key, relaxing, and inexpensive it can be.

The type of Poker Run which I will be introducing requires a fee to enter, which provides a way of getting lots of people to have fun and to win prizes. Bike owners will participate in their own bikes and others can ride along with them and participate in the fun as well. The day will begin with a “check-in” station. At that time, money will change hands on the 1st Checkpoint to cover the costs of any prizes – and other possible food and programmes. I will also be distributing an introduction pamphlet of the Poker Run area with all of the Checkpoints marked and times of key events included.

As the day progresses, the bikes will travel from Checkpoint to Checkpoint, collecting more playing cards at each Checkpoint. At the end of the day, I’ll score everyone’s poker hands and determine a winner with the best poker hand.

Poker Run Singapore 2010.


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HypoCol Gives Back – Search is on for Worthy Cause – You can suggest Your Cause – itsReal

HypoCol are looking for a worthy cause to support in 2008. The cause may be a project or institution but it has to be related to any cadiovascular or heart health condition.

Hypocol are giving back 1 US Dollar for every pack of HypoCol sold online.

Please send HypoCol your suggestion of a worthy cause to support. HypoCol will pick one based on your reasons why the cause should get HypoCol’s support.

User Name:
Project or Institution:
Why should hypoCol support it?:

Enter your suggestion here: Wellness Community

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Geek Terminal SWOOPS Front Cover & 3 More Pages in The New Paper – itsReal

GEEK Terminal BUZZES but Singaporeans don’t open their POCKETS. APLINK walked in the door and started to read TNP, I had been hypnotised by the KFC ad on the back cover all the way home…then I saw the FRONT PAGE…then 3 more pages and photo’s on Geek Terminal’s Charity Drive Free Lunch ?
400 cheapsters some eating for free and not donating some only paying $2.00, expats coming to the rescue…its a good read if you get a copy… Danny looks good in his HAT….Personally I have been working all week so have not had time to pass by GEEK TERMINAL but from the sounds of things, I am not sure they need an extra mouth to feed…

TNP suggests that Singaporeans give to charities thru NORMAL Channels… where is the imagination in that ?

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