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would it be the same at starbucks, NO

I checked in at the Geek Terminal this morning at around 11am, this is kinda not unusal as most of you will know – people think it is my office, well a guess a travelling social media guy like me needs to have somewhere…

But as i was havin a break it suddenly dawned on me why I choose to take up space at Geek Terminal and not anywhere else…

so in order of importance here are my reasons:

  1. other like minded and clever entrepreneurs come here (already 5 of these people have chatted to me in 2.6 hrs of being here)
  2. Word of Mouth – the potential of other people hearing about mine and their projects in each of our social circles is immense
  3. the potential business opportunites that may materialise from taking up a spot at Geek Terminal on a near daily basis is up to you as everyone is friendly
  4. the FREE access to internet, power (everywhere) and smiles from the service team can’t be beat elsewhere
  5. it’s more fun than being in my isolated office 🙂

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