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Bitropolis in twinity – powered by real life – itsReal

Events staging and supporting studios available in Twinity….watch the bitropolis video to get some ideas…

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Introducing Bitropolis in Twinity – itsReal

Introducing Bitropolis


The countdown has begun for fans of digital film culture. In the next few weeks the virtual film festival site – Bitropolis – will be opening in Twinity and welcoming filmmakers and film aficionados alike.

What is Bitropolis?

Bitropolis is the virtual venue of the Bitfilm Festival and can be found deep underground in the 3D world of Twinity.

Bitropolis_image_0The Bitfilm Festival is a festival of digital film, dedicated to showcasing the best digitally animated films on the planet. This year, for the very first time, the festival is being held in both the real world and the virtual world of Twinity.

The creative hub of Bitropolis is naturally the cinema which will be screening highlights from the Bitfilm Festival program. This is the place to go to watch the latest in innovative animation. After the movie, join fellow cineastes for drinks in the bar or dance the night away in the night club.

Rent your cube!

Bitropolis also gives users the chance to show off their creative talent. The cinema is encircled by an art park of studio cubes. Every beta user of Twinity can rent their own cube free of charge.


A studio cube is your own personal venue in which to host special film screenings or get creative with music, videos, photography, and artwork. Style the interior of your cube and create virtual objects to share with other avatars. Just think of the cube as a showcase for your work

The Bitfilm Festival

The Bitfilm Festival is already in its 9th year and focuses on films that use digital technology in a creative and challenging way. The festival program encompasses a wide spectrum of digital film from 3D animations and internet flash movies to machinimas shot live in computer games, real-time renderings, and short films for handheld devices.

There is an award up for grabs in each of the six festival categories, and you can help pick this year’s most talented filmmakers.

The 2008 Bitfilm Festival runs from 1 May to 12 July. To find out more about the festival or vote for your favorite film, visit www.bitfilm.com/festival

Content Courtesy of Twinity.com

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The First Digital Film Festival on the 3D Internet: Twinity and Bitfilm Open Virtual Art City

Metaversum, the developer and operator of the 3D online world www.twinity.com, is the official partner of the Bitfilm Digital Film Festival.

This year’s Bitfilm Festival for digital film will also be taking place on the three-dimensional internet for the very first time. As official cooperation partner, Metaversum GmbH from Berlin has created the virtual art city ‘Bitropolis’ for Bitfilm within the 3D online world, Twinity.

Bitropolis is the virtual home of the Bitfilm Festival and houses a cinema, art gallery, and bar, where festival fans can gather for a virtual drink after the film. Filmmakers and 3D artists can also rent their own studio cube within Bitropolis and host special film screenings or exploit the space for other creative ideas. The studio cubes, which can also be used as a personal exhibition space for videos, music, or 3D objects, are located all around the Bitropolis cinema, where nominated festival films will be screened.

Bitropolis is a wonderful example of the vision that we are pursuing with the virtual world Twinity. Real events, such as the Bitfilm Festival in Stuttgart and Hamburg, are given a whole new dimension when they are transferred into a virtual world. We thus enable users from all around the world to take part in the festival and experience the best featured films,” comments Dr. Mirko Caspar, CMO of Metaversum GmbH.

The Bitfilm Festival 2008 is running from 01 May to 12 July. Users who wish to visit Bitropolis can register online via the following websites:


http://www.bitfilm.com/ bitropolis

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