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Web Ink Now: How the Obama campaign worked with bloggers

On Election Day 2008, an amazing 25 percent of Barack Obama voters were already directly linked to him through social media, including blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites according to The Nation.

Putting aside politics and just considering the election from a marketing standpoint, I am absolutely convinced that Obama won the U.S. presidential election because he was the candidate who most strongly embraced new marketing. Way back before he even declared himself a candidate, Obama and his staff and volunteers jumped into the online world.

via David Meerman Scott’s blog Web Ink Now: How the Obama campaign worked with bloggers.

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Obama DUMPS Hillary Clinton – itsReal

Obama dumps Hillary Clinton and gos for Joe Biden – Joe who ?

The former first lady was considered one of the top VP contenders shortly after she ended her White House run in June, but rumors of lingering tension between the former rivals and word that her name would be placed in nomination at the convention are partially to blame for political observers kicking her out of the top tier.

Campaign: Obama’s VP choice to be announced Saturday – CNN.com


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Barack Obama in Berlin – itsReal

History making speech…

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