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‘Would you burn the Mona Lisa if it was sent?’: Our horror bureaucratic bungle

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It’s a bungle that has floored botanists around the globe and embarrassed the Australian government. How did 105 priceless and irreplaceable historical plant specimens, sent here by the French, end up being destroyed by biosecurity officers?

via The Sydney Morning Herald

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First Light – Live Blog from Study in Australia Event

Prof Peter Quinn, Director International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research – Live from Study in Australia 2009 Suntec City – Singapore

An overview of modern astronomy and our quest to find the dawn of creation…

Intro on Perth by Mike Ryan Executive Director Perth Eduaction City, as the ideal location for choosing Perth as your destination for your education – hey it’s on the same timezone, awesome lifestyle & climate and outstanding educational facilities.

Presenation By Professor Peter Quinn

Telescopes are Big Eyeballs

Born in Australia, Peter has been invovled in  astronomy all his life and has been instrumental and built the largest telescopes in the world, he recently returned to Australia to head the SKA project…

The Journey, hubble space station is now only the beginning,

Galileo took the first steps with the first telescope, Chile today however houses todays telescopes due to the clear nights, which started operation in 2002, wow the numbers for costs and demensions are awesome…,

The Milky Way… via normal sight, infra red and now radio – depending on the type of telescope used we find new beginnings… such as Planets, Stars & Galaxies.

Are we alone, the birth of new planets – astronomers are always seeking to find new planets – finding planets that are black, finding stars the “wobble” (dim) may indicate a new planet.

Jupiter is 1000 times bigger in mass than the earth… Stars are born and die (hmm sounds like hollywood)

Stars die by super nova explosions – but not all the time – oops someone skyped me and am catching up on the Black Holes – movie of the stars in the centre of the galaxy five years wow we have a black hole in our own galaxy – they think ?

Gallaxies collide –

Today we are seeing 4% of the Universe and we are trying to figure out the rest, 23% Cold Dark Matter & 73% Dark Energy

Telescopes as time machines…depending on when you take a picture and your distance it is related to time in the past – therefore what we see in the universe today is history but how to reach the First Light is what astronomers are attempting to do now.

Next big step for astronomy what astronomers have up their sleeves – The Doppler Effect and Red Shift….

The Square Kilometre Array – 3 billion it will cost and it needs to be in a quiet place – western australia and south africa are in the race to build the SKA Project.

Go Aussies Go… there is much riding on the exploration of the Universe and people like Prof Peter Quinn and his team are leading the way… not surprising the SKA Project will require the Largest ever built computer to manage and run the entire project.

See some presentations from Professor Peter Quinn here:

http://www.astro.uwa.edu.au/ Astronomy and Astrophysics – The University of Western Australia

for information on Study in australia in western australia visit:


Study In Asutralia

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Meet Prof Peter Quinn at Study in Australia

… this weekend in Singapore, Study in Australia, Suntec Singapore 21st March Midday

Special Event: Quest to Find the Dawn of Creation

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About Professor Peter Quinn

Prof Quinn’s research focuses on the formation and evolution of galaxies using supercomputer computations and simulations. In particular he is working on the nature of Dark Matter, the formation and evolution of Dark Matter around galaxies and its influences on galaxy formation. Prof-Quinn.jpgHis ultimate aim is to develop a usable theory for galaxy formation based on the insights gained from detailed modelling and state-of-the-art observations in the optical, infrared and radio spectrum.

In addition, Prof Quinn is interested in the challenges associated with large-scale, data-intensive and computational science; in particular the concept of a Virtual Observatory and research using large digital astronomical archives.

Current involvements

Member Western Australia Radio Astronomy Committee

Member of Australian Square Kilometre Array SKA Coordination Committee

Australian representative on the international SKA Science and Engineering Committee

Member of the Australian Gemini Steering Committee

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Importance Of Higher Education Counseling For Study In Australia | Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world | BOOKCOST.NET

Studying in Australia offers international students more than academic achievement and a globally recognized qualification. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience through which a student can develop independence, maturity, an understanding of other cultures, and the ability to see issues from different perspectives.

Study in Australia better prepares a student to work in todays global marketplace. This is why several foreign companies recruit directly from Australian universities and vocational institutes. Many international organizations and companies employ overseas students with Australian qualifications because their exposure to the outside world gives them greater independence and maturity. With international trade barriers disappearing, great opportunities exist for those with the skills, experience and knowledge to seize them.

In Australia, international students can gain this experience in a safe, friendly environment and at an affordable cost.

via Importance Of Higher Education Counseling For Study In Australia | Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world | BOOKCOST.NET.

Special Event: Quest to Find the Dawn of Creation

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In a nut shell Australia is a dynamic and vibrant country with a great deal to offer students looking for international education. Australia has:

  1. Dynamic and progressive education programs with a reputation for excellence
  2. Globally-recognized courses and qualifications
  3. A relaxed, enjoyable and safe lifestyle
  4. Cheaper study and living expenses compared to many other countries
  5. Vibrant, appealing and multicultural cities
  6. Great weather
  7. Amazing and diverse landscapes and scenery
  8. Unique and wonderful flora and fauna.
  9. Great employment opportunities in International Companies after passing out from any Australian University.

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A $3.5 MILLION campaign will target the lucrative overseas higher education market to entice more students to Study in Australia

A $3.5 MILLION campaign will target the lucrative overseas higher education market over the next nine months in an attempt to entice more students to study in Australia.

Educators will spruik the benefits of Australian courses at international events in China, India, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand amid concerns that these markets are under threat from international competitors.

via Campaign dangles study lures to overseas students – National – smh.com.au.

upcoming in Singapore – Study in Australia Exhibition 21 to 22 March 2009 Suntec Singapore

Special Event: Quest to Find the Dawn of Creation

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543,000 international students study in australia – itsReal

upcoming in Malaysia – Study in Australia Exhibition 24 & 25 October 2009 KLCC Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Excerpts from Julia Gillard’s Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and deputy leader of the federal Australian Labor Party (ALP) Speech Address to the DEEWR International Education Roundtable
16 MARCH 2009March 16 2009

Less than three weeks ago, I released new figures which showed that international student enrolments in Australia had increased by just under 21 per cent in 2008, reaching more than 543,000.

At the time I noted that education institutions were reporting continuing strong interest from international students wishing to study in Australia—despite the current global economic downturn.

It’s important to remember that historically we’ve seen international demand for Australian education continue, even during economic slumps.

And on the higher education front, I’ve made it clear the Government is committed to providing more opportunities for students, ensuring academic freedom and autonomy, and encouraging and supporting research—and particularly through international partnerships.
From early childhood, school, vocational education and training, right through to the university sector, this Government is committed to delivering an Education Revolution.
Rest assured, we know how valuable and important the international education industry is to Australia, to other economies and societies, and of course to individual students themselves.
This industry supports an estimated 80 000 Australian jobs.

Having international students on campuses here in Australia—studying alongside local students—creates a better, fairer and more tolerant society, and ensures a wider diversity of programs for both Australian and international students alike.
International education also creates and encourages the knowledge and skills which are crucial to tackling some of the serious global challenges we all face, like climate change, water resource management, food security, global poverty, and international political and social unrest..
Quite simply, the international education industry has tremendous capacity to continue to contribute to both our national and international goals, and this is particularly true in these troubled financial times.

You will all know I’m sure that ‘Live, Learn and Grow’ is the tagline for Australia’s international education brand, Study in Australia. Central to this brand identity is the high quality learning and lifestyle opportunities offered by Australian education.

Above all, I want Australia to be seen by international students as a welcoming place to study for a globally recognised education qualification.

For the full speech floow th link below.

via ALA Blog – A catalyst for lifelong learning: Julia Gillard’s Speech – 16 March.

upcoming in Malaysia – Study in Australia Exhibition 24 & 25 October 2009 KLCC Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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qantas to shed 1500 jobs brings back memories – itsReal

APLINK is Born in Sheep Country 100% New Zealand, however whilst being a kiwi is also special, I became an Australian many years ago – at the time Qantas came out with some moving commercials written by Australian entertainer Peter Allen promoting Australia to its Citizens and those aspiring to travel to Australia’s Unique Land – here are a few – the Kids versions to me being the most impactful –

Kids Television Commercial – Long Version

TVC – Football Theme

Updated 2007 Version – I still Call Australia Home

Australia’s famous Stars Sing – I still Call Australia Home

Pictorial Australia – I still Call Australia Home

Well that was my walk down memory lane makes me homesick – BUT can someone somewhere find and fix the rising fuel costs, as consumers and like the 1500 people at Qantas now without a job – how much more of this needs to happen – all pricing just keeps going up – even Singapore which used to be an affordable destination is faced with rising prices – the latest yesterday being a 0.30 taxi surcharge for fuel – where will that surcharge end up now that it has been introduced ?


If you have cholesterol issues join Cholesterol Talk!


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Singapore almost fine-less for naughty Aussie Pilot – itsReal

Amazing Singapore – Court gives pilot tap in the wrist for flying into Singapore AirSpace

Australian pilot fined for intrusion into Singapore airspace
By Satish Cheney, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 01 April 2008 1852 hrs

Photos 1 of 1

Changi Airport Control Tower


SINGAPORE: An Australian pilot has been fined S$5,000 for flying into Singapore “without a valid certificate of airworthiness”.

59-year-old Rhys Henry Thomas, who had pleaded guilty to the offence which took place on 22 January this year, could have been jailed for a year.

On that day, his Cessna plane entered Singapore’s airspace and caused two Air Force fighter jets to intercept his aircraft, which was eventually escorted to Changi Airport.

The incident caused security fears and delayed flights for 50 minutes.

In passing the sentence, District Judge Danielle Yeow said the experienced pilot should have known better than to fly to Singapore without the right paperwork.

She added that it is important to strike a balance between the interest of the public and the principle that offenders should not be punished beyond what they deserve.

The court also noted that the pilot did not have any malicious intent and that he had fully cooperated with investigations.

Mr Thomas said he has spent some S$60,000 on expenses so far, while being grounded in Singapore, so the sentence came as a huge relief.

He said: “I’m looking forward to flying off to Sydney tonight to see my mother. She’s had a heart attack. I attempted bail a couple of times to go down and see her… but it’s going to be good to get down there. I’ll be down there tomorrow morning.”

Judge Yeow said the safety of air navigation in Singapore should not be taken lightly, especially with Singapore’s limited air space and the dense population here.

She also said that the court, in future, will not hesitate to impose a jail term where appropriate.

– CNA/so

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The Watch – TOP 10 virtual worlds in the news – Courtesy MVJ – itsReal

About MVJ…

The Metaverse Journal is a site devoted to bringing an Australian perspective to virtual worlds. Launched in November 2006, we believe that virtual worlds at the very least may bring a new approach to internet-based interaction, and we want to cover their evolution. Virtual worlds may provide some of society’s biggest opportunities and greatest challenges in coming years – it’s an area worth keeping informed about.

Lowell Cremorne – Editor in Chief

February, 2008

1. The Washington Post – Spies’ Battleground Turns Virtual. “U.S. intelligence officials are cautioning that popular Internet services that enable computer users to adopt cartoon-like personas in three-dimensional online spaces also are creating security vulnerabilities by opening novel ways for terrorists and criminals to move money, organize and conduct corporate espionage”.

2. CNN Money – Pointing The Way To New Web Worlds. “You can sling from one Web to another in business these days. The so-called Web 2.0 technologies that gave birth to consumer blogs, social networks and other ways to offer product advice are weaving their way into the corporate world”.

3. CNET – Teen virtual world goes Hollywood. “Habbo, a virtual world for teens, signed a deal with the William Morris Agency, one of Hollywood’s oldest and largest talent agencies. As part of the deal, WMA will promote its celebrity sports and entertainment clients within the digital world and help Habbo forge new promotional partnerships in Hollywood”.

4. ClickZ – MinyanLand Virtual World Aims to Teach Kids Finance. “Teaching kids financial responsibility can be fun and advertisers should come along for the ride, say the creators of MinyanLand, a virtual world for kids. Launched January 30, MinyanLand is the result of the National Council on Economic Education, financial infotainment company Minyanville and family site network Kaboose, coming together to try and educate children in grades three to six about the importance of financial responsibility and thrifty spending. Unlike several other virtual worlds targeting the kids market, including Disney’s Club Penguin, Minyanland does not require a subscription fee to participate, according to Kevin Wassong, president of Minyanville”.

5. ABC Science (Australia) – Bionic lens spies virtual world. “Engineers say they have combined a flexible contact lens with an imprinted electronic circuit and lights for the first time. The ‘bionic’ lens could give wearers a new look at the world by superimposing computerised images onto their natural view. Such virtual displays could be useful to drivers and pilots, who could have route, weather or vehicle status information overlaid onto their vision. Video game players could immerse themselves in a virtual world without restricting their range of motion”.

6. CNN – For online addicts, relationships float between real, virtual worlds. “Think of online video game addiction and what probably comes to mind is a socially awkward adolescent. But teens are not the only ones who get addicted. Consider Zach Elliott, who lives in the U.S. state of Wisconsin, is in his mid-40s, and plays Final Fantasy XI, an online role-playing game. About three years ago, he says, “there were people in my real life that sort of vanished into this game, and I followed them into it””.

7. FOX Business – Multiverse Unveils Virtual Times Square. “The Multiverse Network, Inc., the company building the leading network of 3D virtual worlds, today unveiled Virtual Times Square, a true-to-life digital recreation of one of the world’s most famous metropolitan environments”.

8. CIO.com – Companies Explore Virtual Worlds As Collaboration Tools. “For emergency responders working along Interstate 95, accidents aren’t a game; they’re a way of life (and death). So it seemed odd to a group of firefighters, cops and medics when researchers from the University of Maryland suggested it use a virtual world to collaborate on training for rollovers, multicar pileups and life-threatening injuries”.

9. TrainingZone.co.uk – View to a Kill: Training in Virtual Worlds. “Learning and training are likely to be the ‘killer application’ for computer-generated 3D worlds such as Second Life, delegates heard at the Learning Technologies event in London last week. Capgemini consultant Marco Tippmer made the claim during a session on the hype and realities of the latest training technology. We have been here before, he admitted, during the ‘virtual reality 1.0′ bust in the early 1990s, when lack of sufficient computing power undermined expectations surrounding touch-sensitive gloves and immersive 3D headsets”.

10. ZDNet UK – Nortel: Virtual worlds may replace the office. “Nortel Networks is looking to the next generation of employees to shape the workplace of tomorrow, and high on its agenda is exploring the role of Web 2.0 technologies and virtual worlds such as Linden Lab’s Second Life”.


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Kylie Minogue gets an OBE and has her own Social Network – itsReal ?

KYLIE Minogue, whose battle with cancer has inspired millions, gets an OBE in the Queen’s New Year Honours List published today.Click Kylie: to join her social Network:

Come, come into Kylie’s world! Kylie Konnect is a social network for Kylie fans around the world and gives you the chance to make friends, upload pictures, send messages and more! So register now, it’s free to sign up and you’ll be first in the know for all things Kylie, plus there are loads of give aways, downloads and competitions too! Read the HOW TO section for help on how to create your own profile.


The Australian performer is joined by Michael Parkinson, the master of the TV chat show, who gets a knighthood.

The Order of the British Empire recognises service to the arts and sciences, public services and work with charitable and welfare organisations.

Others on the OBE List

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