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More woes for Peter Lloyd – Australian faces three more drug charges in Singapore – Yahoo! Singapore News

Australian faces three more drug charges in Singapore – Yahoo! Singapore News.

SINGAPORE, July 25 – An Australian journalist already facing drug-related charges in Singapore that could see him caned and jailed, was slapped with three more drug offences on Friday, court documents showed.

Peter Lloyd, a 41-year old senior journalist with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation , looked nervous as he was read the fresh charges relating to drug consumption and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Singapore drug laws are among the world’s toughest and anyone caught carrying more than 15 grams of heroin, 30 grams of cocaine, 500 grams of cannabis or 250 grams of methamphetamines faces a mandatory death sentence by hanging.

Lloyd, who is out on S$60,000 bail, was swamped by journalists as he exited the courtroom. He is to appear in court next week to enter his plea.

“He is feeling great and he thanks all of you for your support,” his lawyer Tan Jee Ming told reporters outside court.

Lloyd already faces the possibility of a 20-year jail term and 15 strokes of the cane for possessing and selling methamphetamine, but new charges were added on Friday.

The additional charge of consumption carries a maximum penalty of a 10-year jail term and a S$20,000 fine, two charges of possessing drug paraphernalia carry a maximum punishment of three years in prison and a fine of S$10,000.

Lloyd was a New Dehli-based correspondent for ABC and on leave in Singapore receiving treatment for a serious eye infection when he was arrested, according to the network’s own reports.

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ABC journalist Peter Lloyd’s $45k bail | NEWS.com.au

ABC journalist Peter Lloyd’s $45k bail | NEWS.com.au.

ABC journalist and accused drug trafficker Peter Lloyd will shortly walk free from Singaporean custody after a judge ordered his release on $45,000 bail.

Lloyd faced court in person this afternoon where he was supported by a local lawyer, ABC news boss John Cameron and a friend.

The well-known journalist wore an orange prison jumpsuit and appeared thin and drawn, with his hands cuffed behind his back.

The judge took brief evidence from Lloyd’s Singaporean friend who said the foreign correspondent would be under his “charge and care” if released.

Mohamed Mazlee Bin Abdul Malik told the judge he had known the 41-year-old since mid-2007, and knew his family, wife and childen.

The judge granted Lloyd’s release with additional conditions that he report to police three times a week, and remain contactable to authorities.

It is understood Lloyd will be released from the Subordintae Court precinct as soon as the paperwork is completed.

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