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Xiaxue has a point! – itsReal

Social Media continues to be on a upward trend with people making their opinions and demands known. The recent XiaXue expose of the iPhone is an example of how a bloggers’ opinion gets noticed. No doubt, Xiaxue is a loud Singapore personality, but by making her opinions known in a recent videocast, she has gotten people across the globe talking.

The community at Gizmodo noted her video and Apple-elitist have jumped all over her video which mocked the iPhone. They spoke of how “Blond” she was, and attacked her bimbo-type personality. However, the point that we are generally missing is that Xiaxue has a point. The iPhone is difficult for long nailed girl to use. And the China fake-iPhone is quite comparable in terms of functionality.

The Media Slut has done a little analysis on this issue. TMS main point here is whether companies should notice the blogosphere. Our opinion is yes! Statistically its still growing, meaning that the community is getting larger. But with loose cannons like Xiaxue or other bloggers, how should corporation engage the social media?

The first thing companies should do is LISTEN. The social community is giving you valuable feedback.

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NEW 32GB iPod Touch – it looks SEXY but why BUY without a phone – itsReal

APLINK still wants an iPhone my birthday is coming in 15 days …

ipod touch

See the fancy image of the iPod Touch – it looks like an iPhone but…


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The social revolution that conquered the internet – itsReal

DELUGED BY billboards, television advertisements and an apparently limitless arsenal of marketing hype, you might imagine that the launch of Apple’s iPhone, pictured, stands head and shoulders above the rest as the most significant technology event of 2007, but you’d be wrong. The iconic mobile handset may well have been a runaway consumer success, but the undoubted heavyweight champion of the year has been web 2.0.
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Apple’s Piping Hot Innovation for the iPhone & handheld wireless devices – itsReal

Apple (nasdaq: AAPL news people ) Chief Executive Steve Jobs wants to patent a process that will save customers the hassle of waiting to order a cup of coffee at a local Starbucks (nasdaq: SBUX news people ) or a fresh burger at the nearest fast food restaurant. Even better: The technology would let you jump the line of those ordering in person


The patent puts Apple’s partnership with Starbucks in a new light. The technology promises to morph Apple from the business of simply selling gadgets and music and movies that can be played on those devices into an intermediary in all kinds of exchanges.

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APLINK still wants an iPhone for Christmas – maybe next year !

recruit.net iphone contest

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24-hour Online Apple Video Network Launches – powered by Mogulus

24-hour Online Apple Video Network Launches – powered by Mogulus
The Digital Lifestyle (www.thedigitallifestyle.tv or http://www.mogulus.com/tdl) mixes original programs along with popular Apple/tech-related podcasts, and YouTube material, as well as daily news updates and live coverage of breaking tech news events.
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