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Top 100 – Rumour has it Red Herring is on the Prowl Again – itsReal

Seems it is that time of the year again when Red Herring is searching for it’s Top 100 Asia Pacific Startups… if you have something REALLY interesting I suggest you contact Red Herring Now…. Here is last years list which includes Recruit.net from Hong Kong congrats Maneck Mohan CEO of recruit.net

A Jewel in the making for this years list might be Adhysteria – free video classifieds and auctions check them out at htpp://adhysteria.com

Last years winners below !


For 10 years, the Red Herring’s editorial team has diligently surveyed entrepreneurship around the globe. Technology industry executives, investors, and observers have regarded the Red Herring 100 lists as an invaluable instrument to discover and advocate the promising startups that will lead the next wave of disruption and innovation. We are now searching for the Red Herring 100 Asia list for 2008: click here to nominate a company.

Award Finalists

The 200 finalists will be announced by Red Herring two weeks prior to the event. The Top 100 award winners will be announced at the Red Herring 100 Asia Award Ceremony.

004U www.004u.com China
3Alogics www.3alogics.com South Korea
3G Portal www.wap.3g.cn China
A8 Music Group www.a8.com China
ACANETTV www.acanettv.com South Korea
AcuLearn www.aculearn.com Singapore
Amethon Solutions www.amethon.com Australia
Aogos Network www.aogos.com Malaysia
Armorize Technologies www.armorize.com Taiwan
Ascent Networks www.ascentnet.co.jp Japan
Automotive Exchange www.CarWale.com India
Aware Electronic www.aware.com.tw Taiwan
Beijing Chemclin Biotech www.chemclin.com China
Beijing Kaitone Information Technology www.mobilemedia.cn China
Beijing Wireless China Network Tech www.wichina.cn China
Beken www.bekencorp.com China
Boro Networks www.boronetworks.com.cn China
CALUMO Labs (SPF) www.CALUMO.com Australia
Chinese All www.ChineseAll.com China
C-motech www.cmotech.com South Korea
ComiAsia www.comiasia.com South Korea
Cosmic Circuits www.cosmiccircuits.com India
CTS Media Information Technology www.clicktosee.com China
Digifriends www.digifriends.net South Korea
Digital Check www.digitalcheck.co.jp Japan
Downjoy.com www.downjoy.com China
ENT Quest www.fifthmedia.biz Malaysia
First Meta www.firstmeta.com Singapore
Fugumobile www.fugumobile.com China
Funshion Online Technologies www.funshion.com China
Gameshastra www.gameshastra.com India
Green Tomato www.gtomato.com Hong Kong
Honest Technology www.honestech.com South Korea
Hoodong.com www.hoodong.com China
Horizon InfoVentures www.realacres.com India
iGene www.infovalley.net.my Malaysia
Incesoft www.xiaoi.com China
iPart www.ipart.cn China
IPEVO www.ipevo.com Taiwan
i-Vision China www.ivisionchina.com China
iVolta www.ivolta.com South Korea
iWOW Technology www.iwow.com.sg Singapore
Kanghui www.kanghui-international.com China
Maxscend Technologies www.maxscend.com China
MeritTrac Services www.merittrac.com India
mGine www.mgine.com South Korea
Miaxis Biometrics www.miaxis.com China
MNBT www.mnbt.co.kr South Korea
Mobile Healthcare www.lifewatcher.com Japan
Mobile Leader www.mobileleader.com South Korea
Mobile Multimedia www.mm2u.com.cn China
Mobile Solution Services Joint Stock Co. www.mss.com.vn Vietnam
Mocre www.1d.com China
Mosh Century Technology www.mosh.cn China
MTRON www.mtron.net South Korea
National Grid www.ngridcorp.com South Korea
NetAlter Software www.netalter.com India
Netian Concierge Group www.netian.com South Korea
New Digital Noise www.ndn.com.hk Hong Kong
NVLsoft www.nvlsoft.com South Korea
Ohanae www.ohanae.com Singapore
Pandora TV www.pandora.tv South Korea
PayMate India www.paymate.co.in India
PCT Filer www.pctfiler.com Australia
PeaceSoft Solutions www.peacesoft.net Vietnam
Peering Portal www.peeringportal.com South Korea
Phoenix Microelectronics www.phoenixme.com.cn China
PPStream www.ppstream.com China
Qunar.com www.qunar.com China
RadioPulse www.radiopulse.co.kr South Korea
Recruit.net www.recruit.net Hong Kong
Red Oxygen www.redoxygen.com Australia
Regalix www.regalix.com India
RF Window www.rfwindow.com South Korea
Roboo www.roboo.com China
Saora www.saora.com Japan
SatNav Technologies www.satnavtechnologies.com India
Shanghai Jietu Software www.city8.com China
Shenzhen Botian Technology Development www.botian.cn China
SM Onyomo Infotech www.onyomo.com India
SoftRun www.softrun.com South Korea
Somode Holding www.somode.com China
Summit Life Sciences www.summitbio.com China
Synamatix www.synamatix.com Malaysia
Team and Concepts www.editgrid.com Hong Kong
Theta Networks www.thetanetworks.com China
Thin Multimedia www.thinmultimedia.co.kr South Korea
TNC www.tnccompany.com South Korea
TOBESOFT www.TOBESOFT.com South Korea
UCC Community www.uccc.co.kr South Korea
Vembu www.vembu.com India
Vinapay www.vinapay.com.vn Vietnam
vJive www.vjive.net India
WhereScape www.wherescape.com New Zealand
Worldviewer Dot Com India www.kerala.com India
Xcome Technology www.xcome.com China
Youku.com www.youku.com China
Zero Global www.zeroglobal.com China
Zhanzuo www.zhanzuo.com China
Zhejiang Flyasia Electronic Business www.5fad.com China


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Adhysteria.com – Free Web 2.0 Video Classifieds with Auctions – itsReal

Latest Update from the Guys at Adhysteria bought to you by APLINK – itsReal

Adhysteria has had a very busy and productive summer!  As we get ready for an even busier fall we wanted to bring you up to date on our most exciting new features.  W plan to update you on a monthly basis beginning with this newsletter. Also we want to hear back from you!  Please send us ideas or comments at contact@adhysteria.com or by replying to this email. Adhysteria video auction is now online.


Thanks for your help in supporting Adhysteria.com for Video and Photo Classifieds. We appreciate your long term commitment to our site. Adhysteria.com has been slowly climbing the charts and statistics show that the audience is pretty much coming from all over the globe. That’s a good sign to advertisers and users displaying their products and services.

Please upload you video and photos in higher resolution if required. We have now moved on to become a pure video and image classifieds site , image classifieds also allowed in photo section. No more text classifieds. PLEASE NO POSTS FOR MAKING MONEY ONLINE, DATA ENTRY or BULK MOBILE PHONE and ADULT content will be not entertained.

We are looking for awesome ORIGINAL Videos and Photos  – so get creative all of you.

If you have some not so original content but think it will dazzle the community members at Adhysteria get busy and upload. Upload your photos in our Photo Section

Videos can now be imported from youtube via url import feature ,when uploading video please scroll and zoom in location map to get your exact location. When uploading photos you can also add photos via url. Please click the link to view the video of the week.

Seamless YouTube Support : View

Please click the to view the original video of the week

Site News

We have now introduced a very advanced Banner management system enabling advertisers to manage their ads more effectively. Adhysteria Video Auction is now online.

We have noticed not many users are using the invite feature if you have any success with the site use the invite feature to invite your friends and family to the site.

Please go to http://www.hotteststartups.in/viewandvote.do?method=fetch&businessFn=viewandvote&startupId=33 to vote for your site Adhysteria.com to become the hottest startup, more important to place some comments regarding the site, it will help the cause.

We are offering the first 50 auctions free of cost no commissions at all so please come over and place your auctions.


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Adhysteria.com adds Citizen Journalism to video sharing site – itsReal

Introducing – Citizen Journalism on Adhysteria.com

Citizen journalism, also known as public or participatory journalism or democratic journalism, is the act of citizens “playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing and disseminating news and information.”

Some have called it networked journalism, open source journalism, and citizen media. Communication has changed greatly with the advent of the Internet. The Internet has enabled citizens to contribute to journalism, without professional training.

The idea behind citizen journalism is that people without professional journalism training can use the tools of modern technology and the global distribution of the Internet to create, augment or fact-check media on their own or in collaboration with others. For example, you might write about a city council meeting on your blog or in an online forum. Or you could fact-check a newspaper article from the mainstream media and point out factual errors or bias on your blog. Or you might snap a digital photo of a newsworthy event happening in your town and post it online. Or you might videotape a similar event and post it on a site such as Adhysteria.

Site News
Now you can make Adhysteria.com your home for citizen journalism. New features allow CJ’s to discuss and comment on  the  videos , blogs, forums etc In addition to this photos can be added of stories along with embeding of pictures and videos from other site. Check out the new social media options available.

Adhysteria.com have redesigned to include video classifieds with video advertising options and Advanced Map support. Also they have added support for many social networking features. Support for longer videos and numerous formats has been made available.

Video of the Week
Adhysteria.com love awesome ORIGINAL content – so they encourage you to get creative. When uploading you can scroll and zoom in location map to get your exact location.  Click the link to view the video of the week.

Check out the APLINK – Twinity videos already there..

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twinity debuts on adhysteria – itsReal

One of my great online mates has started a free video classifieds and social network called adhysteria visit www.adhysteria.com

If you have not seen the twinity trailer visit adhysteria here and check it out and get a free account at the same time – the site owner is looking for awesome ORIGINAL content – so get creative all of you. If you have some not so original content but think it will dazzle the community members at adhysteria get busy and upload.

About Adhysteria

Adhysteria.com opens the door to the new generation of classified websites, the world’s first Web 2.0 Social video classifieds. While video classifieds may not sound groundbreaking in the age of YouTube, applying personal video to classifieds is going to be the wave of the future. Also integrated tightly into the site is a complete community feel. All this for free.

APLINK – itsReal

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