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TV Guide Adds a 3D Twist to Golden Globe Coverage

The TV Guide Network will be bringing red carpet coverage to fans both on TV and online, and this year, they’re adding a 3D twist.

TV Guide’s red carpet show will debut something they are calling the “Hologram Glam Cam,” which, if it works, sounds pretty cool. The idea is that it will generate virtual 3D images of the stars in previous red carpet looks, so fans can compare and contrast fashion hits and misses. The Glam Cam’s use of 3D isn’t quite as advanced as, say, Avatar’s, but the use of this technology during such a huge awards show adds further weight to the idea that 3D is on its way to becoming more and more mainstream (Discovery and ESPN are already on the bandwagon). It’s becoming clear that 3D will be less of a novelty concept in 2010, extending beyond the techie-oriented realm of CES into your living room.

via TV Guide Adds a 3D Twist to Golden Globe Coverage.

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