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CTO Cory Ondrejka Leaves Second Life – itsReal

Ondrejka was one of the two most indispensable employees of Linden Lab, writes a well-known Second Life resident who goes by the SL name Tateru Nino (like many in the SL community, she keeps her RL identity secret). The other, says Nino, is Robin Harper, vice-president, marketing & community development for Linden Lab.

“That’s not to say neither of them can be replaced, but those two individuals form the fundamental direction of Linden Lab,” Nino wrote. “I’m not going to tell you that Ondrejka’s departure is necessarily a bad one or a good one. Two highly creative and motivated people may produce brilliant work, but simply be unable to do so together. So it seems, with Ondrejka and [Linden Lab founder and CEO Philip] Rosedale.”

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