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ExpatFinder Blog » Expat Culture Shock: feels like living on another planet?

Here is the first of our funny videos series!

This video is to highlight some of the challenges faced when moving or living abroad. Culture shock can be a difficult experience affecting the whole family… This video is a funny mashup of a 1964 comedy movie taken from the fantastic Prelinger archives. Video editing was done by Peter Du and the music editing by Karmaleon.

Remember that you can use ExpatFinder search engine to learn more about Culture shock, cultural etiquette, local customs, intercultural experience and more so that you will be in the know before you go!

via ExpatFinder Blog » Expat Culture Shock: feels like living on another planet?

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twinity debuts on adhysteria – itsReal

One of my great online mates has started a free video classifieds and social network called adhysteria visit

If you have not seen the twinity trailer visit adhysteria here and check it out and get a free account at the same time – the site owner is looking for awesome ORIGINAL content – so get creative all of you. If you have some not so original content but think it will dazzle the community members at adhysteria get busy and upload.

About Adhysteria opens the door to the new generation of classified websites, the world’s first Web 2.0 Social video classifieds. While video classifieds may not sound groundbreaking in the age of YouTube, applying personal video to classifieds is going to be the wave of the future. Also integrated tightly into the site is a complete community feel. All this for free.

APLINK – itsReal

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OPRAH Channel arrives on YOUTUBE…next stop Second Life – itsReal

The buzz is contagious… APLINK  signs into YOUTUBE and discovers OPRAH has her own Channel on YOUTUBE

Already the Queen of Talkshows has almost a million views of her debut video in YOUTUBE… Imagine what a real life OPRAH AVARTAR would do for Second Life

oprah on youtube

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3 Min Video: What tech skills are needed in Asia? How do people find jobs?

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Bloppers from the Next Episode of Princessa and DJLamb

Watch the bloppers for the funny antics of the two hosts…

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