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The World’s Best Green Vacations

And here is my favourite topic for the day, vacations. Ecotourism has made its mark worldwide as a popular way to see the sights without leaving a trace. Such tourism could grow to 25% of the global travel market within six years and account for $470 billion a year in revenues, according to The International Ecotourism Society.

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…will we Resort to SL travel instead of a Real Resort – hmmm

Security is getting beyond ridiculous when we travel… but i guess we are stretching our imaginations if we think a virtual holiday can compete with a real holiday… The article below suggests it may…

CYBERSPACE could be the next big holiday destination. No more worrying about excess baggage, now to get away from it all, all you need is broadband.

Dream holidays are now within the reach of millions more people – at least in the virtual online world of Second Life, where a burgeoning tourism sector has sprung up.

Second Life is one of the most famous virtual worlds on offer. It has attracted 7.5 million members since first developed by San Francisco-based developers Linden Lab in 2003. A cross between a computer game and a chat room, these digital worlds let visitors explore 3D virtual environments and interact with one another in cyberspace.

Linden Lab take a very hands-off approach in Second Life so what you see there is created by and for its ‘residents’, and it is a very entrepreneurial world.

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Ban on Carrying your Notebook onboard…

Has SIA seen a BAN from the US coming…

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STA Travel unveils Second Life presence – itsReal

Further to my post :

Singapore Girl (SIA) gets WED to TBWA – itsReal

it appears STA Travel… are seeing the light and are venturing into second life, read more

Source: Travolution

STA Travel is to test the possibilities of the virtual world with consumers with the opening a travel centre in Second Life.

The company has developed the centre after signing a partnership with the Electric Sheep Company and ElectricArtists.

The centre will include virtual dorms that members will be able to customise and use for meeting other Second Life residents.

statravel.jpgSTA and a selected number of travel partners will also host weekly events and tours of other areas in Second Life.

UK managing director John Constable said: “Our intention is not to try to exactly replicate what we do in the real world in the virtual world.

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Singapore Girl (SIA) gets WED to TBWA – itsReal

Congrats to the team at TBWA Singapore. It is an inspiring win for me, as only 10 years ago TBWA started in Singapore with only 2 staff. My team at the moment at TPWC is 5 strong, with only one year under our wings, who knows what might be around the corner for us.

I wonder if TBWA have seen the potential of virtual worlds like second life to increase SIA’s brand in this unique 3D Real Life global marketing platform…will some of that $50 million a year budget be earmarked to launch in virtual worlds ? I hope to see SIA as the first airline to open a ticketing office and passenger lounge in second life, just imagine the SIA and TBWA official wedding could be held in second life covered by the Reuters in-world reporter.

For more details on this spectacular engagement visit: TODAYonline

Just as a side note: Recently when I was checking out office space in second life for our SL office…i took a short helicopter flight to have a look at the property…hmmm during the flight i was unfortunately dumped out of the helicopter and fell to the ground as I did not have security clearance. I was rescued and cleared with security, on we went and landed directly at the front door of what is now our office at Silicon City. Maybe SIA could operate SIA branded helicopters in SL…have not seen the airline use them in real life yet !!!


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