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Top 10 predictions for virtual worlds 2009 -itsReal

From: The Metaverse Journal – Australia’s Leading Virtual World News Service

Now that we’ve reviewed our 2008 predictions, it’s on to 2009. For the coming year, we’re going to get a little bit more specific in our predictions. It may lower our chances of success but will be more fun. So here we go:

1. OpenSim grids will bleed Second Life users – this may seem a very obvious prediction given the growth of OpenSim grids, but what I mean here is that the exodus will be obvious. It won’t be a migration that will affect Second Life’s viability (other issues may achieve that), but there will be a solid, committed population of OpenSim users choosing those grids over Second Life’s one. Put another way, new users will see OpenSim grids as an equal option to signing up to Second Life.

2. Virtual worlds will appear as normal daily life in TV / Movies – To date, most appearances of virtual worlds in TV and film are either documentaries or as a central part of an action / geek film. US comedy The Office and CSI have both featured Second Life but essentially in a sensationalistic way. 2009 will see more insertions of virtual worlds into daily life scenes in shows. A disclosure here: I’m particularly confident on this one as I’ve had the pleasure of helping out on a film project that features a virtual world in a day-to-day context. More on that in the first few months of next year.

3. There will be a net increase in Australian business in virtual worlds – Second Life won’t see any significant growth in Australian businesses entering Second Life and there may actually be a decrease. The gains will come in worlds like Twinity, customised worlds created on platforms like VastPark and possibly even some entry into enterprise worlds offered by entities like IBM and Forterra. Any increase will be driven by the increasing awareness of virtual worlds as a cost-effective business collaboration tool.

click to join twinity - powered by real life

click to join twinity - powered by real life

4. Virtual worlds will remain a political no-go zone – Australian political parties have had zero presence to date and it’s extremely unlikely to change in 2009. Any planning being done by the major parties for the 2010 Federal Election is unlikely to extend beyond services like YouTube and Twitter. Things may stretch to sites like Barack Obama’s Change site, but forget anything 3D.

5. Metaplace will be a game-changer – Metaplace’s simple, web-based interface combined with some impressive content creation tools will ensure a launch with impact and significant growth. There’ll be some obvious poaching of users from services like Habbo Hotel but also from content-creation havens like Second Life.

6. Virtual sex will lead to legislation – Linden Lab’s gambling, ageplay and banking clamp-downs were an early start to the reality of increased regulation and governments worldwide are increasingly scrutinising virtual world activities. Sexual exploits (aside from ageplay) have remained unregulated. For better or worse, this won’t remain.

Read the remaining predictions at Metaverse Journal

via Ten virtual worlds predictions for 2009 : The Metaverse Journal – Australia’s Virtual World News Service.


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Top 10 Tattoo Conventions 2009

Join the new tattoo micro-blogg network: Tattoo Artistry

Bring on the 2009 circuses of INK! Whether you are hoping to see, be seen, or rub inked elbows with the most coveted professionals in the tattoo industry, we’ve picked the top 10 tattoo conventions of 2009 to keep you covered all year long.

Singapore Tattoo Show: January 9-11, 2009

Location: Singapore Expo Exhibition

Contact Information:


The first annual Singapore Tattoo Show will gather famed tattoo artists from around the world, including show ambassador Chris Garver of “Miami Ink.” The show is sponsored by the Singapore Tourism board and will feature tattoo contests, trade seminars and live performances. Event Partner is Utopia Studio owned by Kirby Lian who is also the shows mentor.

logo-tag Click logo to visit the show site

The Organizers of the 1st Singapore Tattoo Show also run a lively facebook group: Tattoo Artistry which is open for all to join, visit

Miami Tattoo Expo: January 9-11, 2009

Location: Miami Beach Convention Center

Contact Information:


The 2009 Miami Tattoo Expo, formerly the Gold Coast Tattoo Expo, will include world-renowned tattoo artists, live tattooing and piercing demonstrations, seminars, custom cars and choppers, special guests and much more.

23rd Annual New York AM-JAM Tattoo Expo: January 23 – 25, 2009

Location: Holiday Inn – Syracuse/Liverpool (Exit 37) New York

Contact Information: 518.893.2273


Imagine three epic days of all things Ink. Expo features live music, special guest the “Lizard Man,” over 75 working artists and piercers, tattoo competitions including “Tattoo of the Day” awards, leather and jewelry vendors.

14th Annual Motor City Tattoo Expo: February 27-March 1, 2009

Location: Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center, Detroit, Michigan

Contact Information: 517.540.6055


Award-winning tattoo artists, tattoo competitions, trade seminars and vendors from throughout the nation will help celebrate the 14th year of this famous Expo in Detroit.

Sydney Tattoo & Body Art Expo: March 6-8, 2009

Location: Sydney Showground, Australia

Contact Information:


The first annual Sydney Tattoo & Body Art Expo will feature over 100 international artists and body piercers, tattoo supplies, merchandise, 8 live bands, tattoo contests and a tattoo art-fusion project.

via Top Ten Tattoo Conventions in 2009.

To see the remaining 5 events follow the link above -)


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Top-10 Economic predictions for 2008 – Courtesy Global Insights – itsReal

Top-10 Economic Predictions for 2008….

From APLINK – Whilst China is mentioned sadly Global Insights is of the mindset that the economy is driven by the US, who agree’s with this, if you disagree

– Let me know why… add your comments below ?….is there room for a virtual economy ?

The U.S. economy is now in the danger zone. GDP growth in the fourth quarter of 2007 (0.0%) and first half of 2008 (0.8% in the first quarter and 1.8% in the second quarter) is expected to be very weak. This will make the United States extremely vulnerable to another shock. Furthermore, it is unlikely that the rest of the world will be able to shrug off the expected sharp deceleration in spending by American households. Global Insight currently predicts that world growth will be 3.3% in 2008, compared with 3.7% this year. With the potential for housing crunches in some European economies and a post-Olympics slowdown (or even bust) in China, the risks for the global economy are now overwhelmingly on the downside.

see all Top-10 Economic Predictions for 2008

From APLINK – Whilst China is mentioned sadly Global Insights is of the mindset that the economy is driven by the US, who agree’s with this, if you disagree

– Let me know why… add your comments below ?….is there room for a virtual economy ?



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