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Charmaine’s Blog Diary – after today the girls will be competing for final 3….

Things are sizzling up and I can sense the models are becoming mindful of the battle ahead.

In my experience, walking into work in the morning and observing your reception gives you a rough gauge of how the day will turn out. Right before Geoff Ang, Marcus AC and I gave the models the brief for the photo shoot, there was an odd silence in the makeup room. Game On.

As nonchalant as they tried to act when told about their challenge involved squid and partial water submersion… each girl was plotting their own impression and execution of the shoot.From start to finish.I could see, as a model, how well they ALL dealt with the situation and performed as best as they could.

Evelyn started, got into the mood immediately and slammed the picture looking hot. Kathlene squirmed and resisted a bit but worked well with her expressions. Even Geoff Ang commented on how she had improved. Fiona is so consistent, it works against her and she appears boring with only one look and Christabel still couldn’t get her face angles right although her body looked incredible in most of the pictures. Anna transformed into a sea goddess and made the whole task look effortless.So as challenging as the task was, each girl knew, even before they were told, which areas they had neglected.

Compared to the usual banter in the changing room, and the giggling that use to be hushed silent regularly, there was a sleepy, contemplative mood.

I sense alliances forming and I can almost see the girls plotting in their heads how to work their assets to their best advantage.

There are only 5 girls left and after today…. The girls will be competing for final 3….


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