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Sex Beds in Second Life.. Lie down and get….itsReal

Immersed in Second Life…

Seems APLINK’s imagination went into overdrive…

Inside a miniature Second Life pod.

Image: Inside a miniature Second Life pod….

The Second Life pod, from the outside.….Image: The Second Life pod, from the outside….

Here is me thinking that once inside the POD all sorts of virtual things might happen, haha … but just imagine the sex bed Continue reading


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Virtual Worlds we will physically walk into…and how the NET Revolution began – itsReal

Many of us have short memories on the evolution of the Internet…what it is today had to have started somewhere…virtual worlds have begun…and despite the current media attacks based the media’s own create hype… I still wonder how explosive will Virtual Worlds be in changing human behavior and interaction…i read a brief item today how a company has developed a pod which projects onto walls so that you and I can walk into a virtual 3d world…awesum !!

Second Life: Now in Pod Form

At an Obscura Digital event last night, the company showed off, among other things, a pod that immerses the occupant in Second Life. Teaming up with Phreak Interactive, a company dedicated to blurring the boundary between virtual and real, Obscura created an egg-like structure that projects the virtual world on its walls.””Traditional media is square, flat and 2D,” said Patrick Connolly, CEO of Obscura. “People should be immersed into it the virtual world. (They) can step into it instead of watching it.” [via]

Watch this video and be amazed how people talked about the internet that had a REVOLUTION population of 15million

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