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Singapore, May 5th 2008,, an award winning tech company that operates a network of trilingual job search engines across Asia Pacific, has launched a new job search function at, Singapore’s leading blogging community site. With the new function, community members are able to search for ten of thousands of jobs through a single click at The job channel allows for users to find tens of thousands of Singapore related jobs from hundreds of websites in a single search through
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Xiaxue has a point! – itsReal

Social Media continues to be on a upward trend with people making their opinions and demands known. The recent XiaXue expose of the iPhone is an example of how a bloggers’ opinion gets noticed. No doubt, Xiaxue is a loud Singapore personality, but by making her opinions known in a recent videocast, she has gotten people across the globe talking.

The community at Gizmodo noted her video and Apple-elitist have jumped all over her video which mocked the iPhone. They spoke of how “Blond” she was, and attacked her bimbo-type personality. However, the point that we are generally missing is that Xiaxue has a point. The iPhone is difficult for long nailed girl to use. And the China fake-iPhone is quite comparable in terms of functionality.

The Media Slut has done a little analysis on this issue. TMS main point here is whether companies should notice the blogosphere. Our opinion is yes! Statistically its still growing, meaning that the community is getting larger. But with loose cannons like Xiaxue or other bloggers, how should corporation engage the social media?

The first thing companies should do is LISTEN. The social community is giving you valuable feedback.

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Singapore almost fine-less for naughty Aussie Pilot – itsReal

Amazing Singapore – Court gives pilot tap in the wrist for flying into Singapore AirSpace

Australian pilot fined for intrusion into Singapore airspace
By Satish Cheney, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 01 April 2008 1852 hrs

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Changi Airport Control Tower


SINGAPORE: An Australian pilot has been fined S$5,000 for flying into Singapore “without a valid certificate of airworthiness”.

59-year-old Rhys Henry Thomas, who had pleaded guilty to the offence which took place on 22 January this year, could have been jailed for a year.

On that day, his Cessna plane entered Singapore’s airspace and caused two Air Force fighter jets to intercept his aircraft, which was eventually escorted to Changi Airport.

The incident caused security fears and delayed flights for 50 minutes.

In passing the sentence, District Judge Danielle Yeow said the experienced pilot should have known better than to fly to Singapore without the right paperwork.

She added that it is important to strike a balance between the interest of the public and the principle that offenders should not be punished beyond what they deserve.

The court also noted that the pilot did not have any malicious intent and that he had fully cooperated with investigations.

Mr Thomas said he has spent some S$60,000 on expenses so far, while being grounded in Singapore, so the sentence came as a huge relief.

He said: “I’m looking forward to flying off to Sydney tonight to see my mother. She’s had a heart attack. I attempted bail a couple of times to go down and see her… but it’s going to be good to get down there. I’ll be down there tomorrow morning.”

Judge Yeow said the safety of air navigation in Singapore should not be taken lightly, especially with Singapore’s limited air space and the dense population here.

She also said that the court, in future, will not hesitate to impose a jail term where appropriate.

– CNA/so

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Innovation – Passion – is Singapore Alone – itsReal

CoSpace Yebber Geek Terminal twinity social media breakfast TheMediaSlut HypoCol Wellness Community  TDM

It is hard to believe that I packed in SO much into the 168 hours I had available last week. Forget about sleep – well almost. There is a buzz in Singapore and the 9 identified keywords – tags above are just a fraction of things that were revolving around APLINK  last week. Is this only happening in Singapore – I doubt it very much.

What is not able to be said here is even more astounding as to the level of opportunities and possibilities that are emerging daily – Singapore being the HUB for all this activity.

As a run down of last week, CoSpace was launched – wow, yebber turned ONE and held a unique and BINGOMATIC event at the Mint Toy Museum – thanks for the WebCam from the lucky draw, Geek Terminal becomes even more of a hub for entrepreneurs, climbs the Alexa Rankings, twinity new T-shirt design launches and gets a public audience – watch out for MEETME when walking around Singapore – books into facebook – the Media Slut – well she just keeps getting more evil, My client Hypocol doubles international online sales through Social Media Programs and takes its first bite of virtual worlds – TDM kicks off events planning – and finally the Social Media Breakfast – we crawled out of bed to reach the venue at around 9am – it was funny as NO agenda was set – we were given a “tagging” kit and the rest was up to us – from the video – you can see that the 40 or so managed to tag and get to know each other – i think i got across my waking and dreaming passion virtual worlds proposition.

Today is an appointment free day – my business partner is packing for New York to see what APLINK might be able to do to  share across the US how Innovative and Passionate Singapore is about social media, virtual worlds and business – hmmm one day in the very near future.

SG Skylinesingapore.gif


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Secret Location – Secret Plans – Virtual Delivery – itsReal

Last evening at 2100hrs a secret meeting took place in a secret location in Second Life.
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Singapore statistics: Rising Wage Costs & 2007 Labour Market Records

Singapore Statistics – Jobs Health Card – is it too good ?

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New Global Conference online site offers – BID FOR YOUR SEAT – itsReal

Would you ever consider making a bid for a seat at a real conference via an online site, the way offers? If not, what stops you from doing so?
With its’ fresh new paint job (website revamp) Conference Bay offers its customers the opportunity to make a bid for a conference seat on its website. You get the opportunity to state the (maximum) price you’re willing to pay and the date by when you want to hear back from Conference Bay. Conference Bay then informs the conference organiser of the bid and brokers the deal. EASY Right !

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are you Lucky ?’s Newest Contest is Live !

Are you Lucky ?

lucky rn

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AirAsia gives away TICKETS at Slingers Game Jan 30th -itsReal

AirAsia is giving away free air tickets* to Kuala Lumpur and Phuket in a ‘Shot from the Wing’ competition to celebrate the launch of their Singapore-Kuala Lumpur route, which starts on 1st February. Successfully netting a shot from designated locations on court will win 10 lucky fans one (1) return ticket each to the two popular Asian travel destinations, courtesy of the award-winning AirAsia, Airline of the Year 2007. AirAsia’s Group Chief Executive Officer, Dato Tony Fernandes, will be present to personally award the prizes.

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Legal Graffiti & Illegal Graffiti in Singapore – itsReal

Singapore 2008 and in the past 4 days I have seen 3 Spots of Graffiti… so how, this is Singapore !

Ok the legal spotting is courtesy of Standard Chartered Bank, The 2 illegal spottings are courtesy of some brave people who have defied all sense and reason and armed with spray cans have given passers by something different to look at….

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