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Facebook | Chris Garver & Kirby Lian Guest on Asia Uncut

asiauncut1See Chris Garver of Miami Ink & Kirby Lian, Singapore Tattoo Show talk about the 1st Singapore Tattoo Show on Asia Uncut’s 3rd Episode on air Friday 27th March 2009 at 11.30pm

Be sure to catch the 3rd episode this Friday 11.30pm SE Asia, 10pm Phillipines and 11pm Middle East

Asia Uncut airs exclusively on STAR WORLD every Friday at 11.30pm with an encore on Sun, 10pm

About Asia Uncut

Strictly for people who like to keep it uncut!

Asia uncut; a chat show which mixes the best entertainment traditions of the west and the east. An ensemble of international and Asian celebrities will join zany host Jon Niermann and guests for an hour of high spirits and funfilled entertainment !!

Only on Star World

via Facebook | Chris Garver & Kirby Lian Guest on Asia Uncut Star World.


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tattoo artistry goes global – itsReal

The experience i have had with working with the 1st Singapore Tatto Show 2009 has been amazingly rewarding and i have met hundreds for people from all over the world and via facebook over 4000 have joined our group – amazing.

The paasion, enthusiasm and community spirit is unmatchable compared to other groups that i participate in so i have created another site to allow for more community buidling, jobs, groups and more… the url is


The ning platform is easy to use and if we get big enough I will be able to remove the google ads – jump in and Get Inked at:

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Singapore Tattoo Show & Singapore Tattoo Directory

Positive Blog post by Noel Boyd regarding singapore’s tattoo industry

excerpt below….

In a post last week, I mentioned about the Singapore Tattoo Show that’s gonna happen next year. It’s that just awesome? If the Tattoo Show doesn’t lift the local tattoo scene to a whole new level, I dunno what will.

I told a group of girls that interviewed me last week that the tattoo industry here is booming. It might just be the fastest growing industry in Singapore. It’s a safe bet to assume that anyone who is willing to invest in the tattoo industry now, will make money. It could be a tattoo themed merchandise & apparel shop or a tattoo affiliated pub.

On the Singapore Tattoo Directory that I compiled for this blog, there are 53 shops in Singapore. I added Andrew Skin Tattoo Studio over the weekend after chancing upon it while having supper. I hope to add Jayen’s new tattoo shop at Ang Mo Kio in the next few days. So yeah, the list will read 54 soon.

A Tattooed Blog by Noel Boyd. Tattoos, Life n’ Everything Else!


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Singapore Ink – that’s what the Sunday Times says – itsReal

Singapore’s 1st Tattoo Show is gaining momentum and a public profile with the media embracing our Show ambassador Chris Garver – the latest media coverage was on Sunday – with reporting in the Lifestyle Section of the Sunday Times from Singapore Press Holdings – Sponsors come out where ever you are and take advantage of this Niche opportunity – APLINK

and the message is here… a telephone interview with Chris Garver is coming soon – any media wants to hear from Chris first hand contact me at – APLINK

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