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Velvet Puffin NOT quite there yet…gossip at E27 Event in Sentosa

Yesterday at a gathering in Sentosa of extremely talented people from E27, Velvet Puffin was discussed, if only briefly. It was concurred by all that Velvet Puffin is not quite ready yet for the public. I for one have downloaded the IM software and have no idea what to do with it, rumors were circulated they are getting into bed with a TELCO but nothing happening 2moro. It is Awesome how Velvet Puffin has received excellent media coverage, but what a shame for the user who wants an experience but upon registration (which is a chore on any website) there is nowhere or nothing you can do, was the release a few weeks TOO early. Please anyone correct me if I am missing something with my experience.

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RUMORS: More about and a virtual world game – even if they do create a virtual world GAME, Can it compete with Secondlife’s leading advantage in its COMMERCE driven virtual world ?

I invite your feedback, send me your views !

Sly rumours of a persistent world ‘game’ from Google have been re-ignited this week, with analyst Michael Eisenberg of Benchmark Capital caught ruminating on the prospect of a Google-engineered ‘metaverse’. To the uninitiated, a metaverse is a virtual world, a la Second Life, with the speculation being that Google will use real-world data gathered from their existing enterprises to craft an alternate reality platform online.

Popular web mag Business 2.0 previously implied that Google could be working on a ‘virtual world’, and a social-interaction model. Eisenberg points to an ‘academic source’, as revealing that Google were in the process of buying in-game ad company AdScape, with a view to monetising any virtual world service. A report on tech-culture blog points to sources in China as confirming that a local firm has been employed to craft avatars for users to navigate the world with, while an internal team at the internet giant builds the ‘metaverse’ itself.

Google have in the past refused to comment, but speculation from the blog report hints that a team formerly of the fame, are working on the world presently. is an alternative to Second Life, though lacks the economic clout of Linden Labs’ rival. Finally, one of the key figures behind Google Earth and Maps, John Hanke, is said to have a gaming pedigree, sparking chatter that some kind of online world could be on the cards. The search engine firm’s own SketchUp service already has a product for crafting 3D models for using as layers on Google Earth, though whether this would fit with with overall aim of an engaging persistent-world remains uncertain.

Google are certainly in a position to put a new spin on the whole 2.0 social-interaction phenomenon, and given their existing prowess in the field of context-relevant advertising the company could certainly be looking to new methods for ad delivery, capitalising on the present online ‘zeitgeist’: MMO games and social-networking.

If further proof were needed that Google could be plotting a ‘metaverse’ funded by some clever ad tie-ins, we need look no further than Google’s recent entry into the radio ads market through acquisition, which suggests Google are considering new methods of ad delivery away from their search engine results pages.

All just gossip at present. Source:


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Sweden to set up FIRST embassy in Second Life – itSreal

Sweden to set up embassy in Second Life

Published: 26th January 2007 18:02 CET

Sweden is to become the first country to establish diplomatic representation in the virtual reality world of Second Life, officials said on Friday.

“We are planning to establish a Swedish embassy in Second Life primarily as an information portal for Sweden,” Swedish Institute (SI) director Olle Wästberg told AFP.
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The embassy would not provide passports or visas but would instruct visitors how to obtain such documents in the real world and act as a link to web-based information about the Scandinavian country.

“Second Life allows us to inform people about Sweden and broaden the opportunity for contact with Sweden easily and cheaply,” Wästberg said.

The Swedish Institute is an agency of the Swedish foreign ministry tasked with informing the world about Sweden. The ministry fully backed the initiative, he added.

Second Life — a fantasy world inhabited by computer-generated residents created by San Francisco technology company Linden Lab — has attracted several real-world companies, including car manufacturers and sports clothing makers, which created 3-D stores.

While there were individuals in Second Life calling themselves the “Canadian Ambassador” and “The United States Embassy to Second Life”, the Swedish initiative would however be the first officially sanctioned embassy in Second Life.

Wästberg hoped the embassy would open soon. In the longer term the Swedish Institute envisaged buying an island in the virtual world to create a home for Swedish companies.

On Friday, according to the Second Life website (, there were 2,938,247 inhabitants in its alternative reality, more than one third of them having signed up in the last 60 days.

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RUMORS: Google Earth a Secondlife in the making ?

All this hype about Second Life is resulting in lots more competitors, it seems. There was another rumor today about Google turning Google Earth into a sort of Second Life competitor. This one comes from Michael Eisenberg, a partner at Benchmark Capital, which is one of the investors in Second Life. He says the rumor is “Google is working on turning Google Earth into a virtual world a la SecondLife.”

Last month Business 2.0 speculated on this as well, noting that Google’s SketchUp product has tools to create 3-D models and add them as a layer to Google Earth.

The only missing pieces are avatars and a functioning economy. As EirePreneur pointed out, Google’s already eyeing the right advertising platforms for a virtual world, too.


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