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Geek Terminal – Connected and Connecting

Three of BNI Singapore’s Chapters, including my own Raffles, are weekly regulars at Geek Terminal. At our business networking meetings, we Connect to the Internet and Connect with other Business Owners…to know more about what the Geek Terminal offers read on…

SINGAPORE (CNN)Where’s the Geek Terminal in this city?


art.singapore.internet.afp.jpgNot just for geeks: An entrepreneur hopes to make Web browsing an enjoyable experience in Singapore. That’s what a Singapore entrepreneur hopes you’ll be asking on your business travels in a few years. Christopher Lee and his partners got fed up with the difficulty they faced trying to get connected to the Internet — and to electrical outlets — while on business trips.

The frustrations are familiar to many. A cafe or restaurant might offer free Wi-Fi, but then no electrical outlet, or vice versa — and the waitress gives you dirty looks for lingering. Or your hotel charges high connection fees. Or an Internet cafe is essentially an arcade, with loudspeakers blaring screams and explosions from violent online games — and every other customer is a teenage boy.

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Relationship Rules for Salespeople

Improve your relationships with both customers and family members, maintain a balance by sticking to one set of standards – see Raffles BNI Singapore Wiki

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