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Free iPhone from – 1st entry has been pinged to – itsReal

come on Singapore Bloggers get creative and join in..

Suggestions for – from The Young Businessman

…Call me shameless to break my blogging hatus to blog about standing a chance to win a free apple iphone. I’m putting all my expertise towards this challenge to help make the MOST appropriate online recruitment portal in Singapore.

Everyone have heard on an old cliche which is still being related everywhere and used by everyone:

Time is Money.

Any time spent doing unproductive things could mean a potential loss of income or earnings. I have decided to focus on the efficiency of by implementing AJAX technology and some other stuffs.


Read more at The Young Businessman



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LAWSUIT Case could smother web chat, says Whirlpool founder -itsReal

  • Founder of Whirpool forum being sued by 2Clix..
  • Stoush over “malicious” comments on products..
  • Software company wants $150,000 in damages..

THE founder of one of the nation’s (Australia’s) most popular online discussion forums says a lawsuit brought by a software company threatens freedom of speech on the net.

Whirlpool forums founder Simon Wright, who is being sued by accounting software maker 2Clix Australia for publishing comments the company alleges are “false and malicious”, says the legal action affects all online discussion and even film reviews.

More at


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First came the ads, and now we have the Video ADS see this very humorous Farinelli Commercial. What blows me away is how Ping’s community… Continue reading

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Geek Terminal – Connected and Connecting

Three of BNI Singapore’s Chapters, including my own Raffles, are weekly regulars at Geek Terminal. At our business networking meetings, we Connect to the Internet and Connect with other Business Owners…to know more about what the Geek Terminal offers read on…

SINGAPORE (CNN)Where’s the Geek Terminal in this city?


art.singapore.internet.afp.jpgNot just for geeks: An entrepreneur hopes to make Web browsing an enjoyable experience in Singapore. That’s what a Singapore entrepreneur hopes you’ll be asking on your business travels in a few years. Christopher Lee and his partners got fed up with the difficulty they faced trying to get connected to the Internet — and to electrical outlets — while on business trips.

The frustrations are familiar to many. A cafe or restaurant might offer free Wi-Fi, but then no electrical outlet, or vice versa — and the waitress gives you dirty looks for lingering. Or your hotel charges high connection fees. Or an Internet cafe is essentially an arcade, with loudspeakers blaring screams and explosions from violent online games — and every other customer is a teenage boy.

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Think Before you Post – itsReal

Yesterday I attended 1st Birthday Party, it was awesum to see such a young and enthusiastic crowd, however we all know bloggers can be shy.. me included at times haha… yesterdays bloggers covered, photo sites, gossip, social issues, young entrepreneurs, business, political and even cakes

Here in Singapore we are fairly sheltered from the BIG bad world of the Internet to a large degree, surprisingly however like anything in this world we need to be mindful of our environment. Yesterday before heading to the awards i was watching STC on cable and happened to see the below video which I thought I would bring to y’all attention. From being political to being enticing, remember to Think Before You Post.

Congrats to all yesterday’s winners – Cheers APLINK


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Live online streaming with

The world of Web 2.0 is abuzz with exciting new start-ups and new techniques to harness the power of social media that sprout up on a daily basis. As the humble servants of our clients, all we do is to be on the constant lookout for the ‘edge’, from which we can push the frontiers of application of newly emerging social media tools. The aim: to bring value for everyone involved, from our clients, to our partners and our employees, our Communities.

Read more HERE

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celebrations @

the count down has started, and its community of bloggers are excited, rapturous in fact, about the looming celebrations and AWARDS…who will be awarded and recognized for their contributions to ping’s new community medium of free speech… that’s right with it’s no moderating policy is in a class of its own..

.nominations.jpg Click on the banner to Nominate

The Nomination Categories are:

  1. Most Entertaining Blog

    (7 nominations received)

  2. Most Interactive Blog

    (6 nominations received)

  3. Most Insightful Blog

    (4 nominations received)

  4. Best Photoblog

    (8 nominations received)

  5. Best Blog Design

    (5 nominations received)

  1. Most Controversial Post

    (3 nominations received)

  2. Most Entertaining Post

    (3 nominations received)

  3. Most Insightful Post

    (1 nominations received)

  4. Best Citizen Journalism Post

    (2 nominations received)

  5. Blog of the Year

    (not open for nomination)

  6. Post of the Year

    (not open for nomination)

Just as u thought APLINK is doing a post without a mention of Second Life, hmm sorry I can’t hehe, did you  know there is a group in Second Life you can join after of course you have joined my new group APLINK…congrats

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Singapore’s blogOUT! – it’s all about Community

the digital movement have organised this event following their hugely successful Nexus 2007 event held earlier this year. TDM events and the supportive TDM community is rich with passion and ideas… it is no wonder Singapore is producing some incredible new Web 2.0 applications, social networks, products and services…many of which are receiving local and international media (in all forms) truly supportive coverage. These include; BAK2u, SharedCopy, Velvet Puffin, geek terminal, STOMP, sgentrepreneurs, muvee,,, IconnectE, bookjetty, harro, blurbme and Lion City, Second Life – the list goes on….
If you would like to feel the energy, share in the creativity and passion of this community, register to attend at the TDM wiki

For my international readers do keep an eye on the wiki and if you know of those considering investing in startups do look at what is happening in Singapore, surpises are around every corner.

Back to blogOUT! I am sure one of my favorite topic’s Second Life and Virtual Worlds developments will be vibrantly discussed also …


blogOUT! : Program Details

Date: 24th May, 2007, Thursday – Time: 6.30 pm – 10.00 pm – Venue: The Geek Terminal @ 55, Market Street

Continue reading


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BuyButtonz Photo’s on Flickr

120 photos of the Event Visit Here: BUYBUTTONZ

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I’m Back….

…sorry for intruption.. things happen…new post coming soon….


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