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Local StartUp – PRINTEET Opens Online in Singapore – itsReal


APLINK here’s some goodies are coming to celebrate the opening…. also check out how you save if you bulk order with family and friends !!!

Make your photo prints work for you. Print them out, make them into mugs, use them on photo scrap books, make them into gifts all from Singapore’s online photo finishing lab. Our prints start from 24c only.

Join today and receive 250mb photo sharing space and become one of the pioneer users of Printeet!

Sign Up now!

Free Delivery

Ever got frustrated because of the high shipping and handling fees from shopping online? Here at Printeet, we recognize that it is important to have a delivery service that does not charge an arm or a leg just to get your items to you. Hence that’s why we came up with our free delivery service for you.

Get 400 photo prints at any one go, mix and match with any print sizes or prepaid 4R prints. As long as it’s 400 pictures, we waive the delivery charges for you and only charge $1.50 for handling fees.

Or for an even better deal, if you spend more than $100 in an order, you get shipping and handling free!
Combine your orders with your friends, get all your prints at one go, make a few mugs for your loved ones. Save on shipping for the more important stuff! Smile

Sign in now and grab your free shipping today! For those who haven’t registered yet, you can sign up easily here.


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