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Coming Soon – Outback Online, An Aussie virtual World ? – itsReal

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Being an Aussie/Kiwi export, I like to see things happening in those parts of the world…especially the idea that Australia will soon be revealing a new virtual world called Outback Online. Though we don’t know exactly what the experience will be, here is their current list of everything which Outback Online is NOT.

* Outback isn’t a game.
* Outback isn’t only chat. *chirp* Don’t all talk at once…
* Outback isn’t just about entertainment.
* Outback isn’t a platform limited to professional developers.
* Outback isn’t your destination to sit and run dance macros. Ouch, that was below the belt.
* Outback isn’t in direct correlation with the Australian Outback. G’day mate!
* Outback isn’t a browser plugin.
* Outback isn’t Second Life 2.0. … err Third Life?
* Outback isn’t a black box.
* Outback isn’t going to be in development for many years prior to release. Go Go Go!!
* Outback isn’t releasing this month.
* Outback isn’t likely to be as complete and polished at release, as you are used to.
* Outback isn’t a very large download.
* Outback isn’t going to cost $$!
* Outback isn’t limiting creation to a single metaphor. … what the heck does that mean?
* Outback isn’t full of kangaroos… 😦 but hey, we have one on our splash screen!

I have given my email address to be one of the first to see this creation, if you would like to also click HERE

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