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Engine falls off plane whilst in flight – its not virtual antics -itsReal

(CNN) — Brendon Pelser said he saw pure terror in the faces of his fellow passengers after an engine fell from a wing as it took off from Cape Town, South Africa, Wednesday.

Men were sweating profusely, women were crying.

“There was fear on their faces,” Pelser said. “Everyone started panicking.”

But the pilot of Nationwide Airlines’ Boeing 737 Flight CE723 was able to fly long enough to dump fuel and make an emergency landing at Cape Town International Airport.

Including crew, 100 hundred people were on the plane that departed at 3:50 p.m. on an hourlong flight to Johannesburg, South Africa. No one was injured.

The jet had only been in the air about 10 minutes before the engine fell.

“We heard something crash and bang, the plane veering left and right. A person on the right side said the engine was missing — had broken clean off,” said Pelser. Video Watch Pelser describe how the flight crew told passengers to “prepare for the worst” »

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Blogosphere a treasure trove for Journalists – itsReal

B2B Journalists: Blogs Increasingly Make Legit Primary, Secondary Sources..

Tomorrow’s Lois Lane, today..

More than eight in 10 business journalists (84 percent) say they have used or would use blogs as primary or secondary sources for articles, according to the 2007 Arketi Web Watch Survey: Inside B-to-B Media Usage of Web 2.0 by Arketi Group, reports MarketingCharts. Continue reading

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Bhutto Responsible for death and injuries – what was she thinking

Homecoming Benazir Bhutto survives bomb attack

By staff writers and wires

Article from:

  • Car bombs detonate near Bhutto’s motorcade
  • 126 reported dead as body parts litter the scene
  • Bhutto unharmed by the terrorist blasts

FORMER Pakistan prime minister Benazir Bhutto has survived an apparent assassination attempt which has left at least 126 people dead after two bombs exploded near the motorcade carrying her through the crowded streets of Karachi today.

The bombs exploded as a modified truck carrying Ms Bhutto inched along Airport Rd in Karachi where hundreds of thousands of supporters had turned out to welcome her back to Pakistan after eight years of self-imposed exile.

“There were two massive explosions near Ms Bhutto’s vehicle. We have 78 people who have been killed and 151 injured so far,” senior Karachi police officer Javed Ali said earlier today.

“At least 20 of the dead were policemen who were in three police vans that were completely destroyed by the attack. Many of the injured are still in a critical condition,” he said.

Hospital officials said at least 126 people were killed and more than 240 wounded.

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