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Time to BLINK 12 months worth…

eEye Digital Security Launches Free Trial Download of Blink Personal Edition for Asia-Pacific

eEye Digital Security, a leading developer of unified client security and vulnerability management tools, today announced that its award winning Blink® Personal Edition will be available for download.
Consumers in the Asia-Pacific region can now download a 365-Day free trial version of Blink Personal Edition to experience the power of eEye’s anti-vulnerability solution.

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IBM Big Foots into Web 2.0

EXPECT a huge price tag for IBM web 2.0…hmm Web 2.0 applications are primarily for free with upgrade options so how will IBM market these solutions to corporates, interesting to see how this evolves…

IBM recently announced three major collaboration and social networking applications under the heading of a Web 2.0 Goes to Work Initiative. The three applications are IBM Quickr 8.0, IBM Lotus Connections, and IBM Info 2.0.

IBM has been using the concept of collaboration and information sharing internally for the better part of a decade, according to Jeff Schick, vice president of social software at Big Blue. Schick tells me that seven years ago the company built employee profile capability within IBM — called Blue Pages — that support connecting people to people, people to information, and people to the extraprise.

With 6 million lookups per day, Blue Pages gives IBM employees access to co-worker’s phone numbers, IM presence, and profiles — which help them locate colleagues with a particular expertise.

This week IBM officially launches the commercial version of all this under Lotus Quickr, Lotus Connections, and Info 2.0. While the concept may have been around for 10 years, I’m certain the technologies IBM is using today are far different.

Quickr is team collaboration software, and Connections is a social-networking application in the vein of MySpace and FaceBook, but with an enterprise focus. The apps have a lot in common in terms of the technologies underneath.

Quickr allows users to share and organize content libraries, create online collaboration sites, and access libraries through plug-ins on their desktop applications.

Connections offers five capabilities, including profiles to find people with expertise in particular fields, communities to build team sharing sites, wikis, blogs, and something called Dogear, which is essentially a way to share bookmarks. Another feature called Activities allows users to monitor their work with a dashboard, share tasks, and establish best practices.

Finally, Info 2.0 is a mashup technology that gives users the ability to mix and match components from various applications to make new applications. The example IBM offers is a store manager tracking inventory shipments against weather reports from national weather advisories and then mapping that with Google for inventory management.

IBM tipped its hand about all this in January and this summer will be under a full head of Web 2.0 steam, shipping these applications by the end of June.

All of this could potentially have an impact on network traffic, bandwidth, and storage, but that is not the largest issue IT faces, according to David Cearley, lead analyst at Gartner.

The main challenge for IT will be delivering a set of end-user computing capabilities that best enable Web 2.0 for the enterprise.

Up until now, IT in the main has been focused on delivering e-mail and Microsoft Word to the desktop. But new tools will now be needed to seed the environment with the ability to build community. Yes, end-users will create, maintain, and drive those communities forward, but according to Cearley, IT will need to deliver a new set of capabilities to make that happen.

For example, there are a lot of tools for blogs and wikis. Differentiating the functionalities each offers will be vital as enterprise demand for these tools proliferates.

“Simply giving someone wiki capability doesn’t mean anything,” Cearley says. Rather, IT will have to identify how employees will use the functionality, paying particular attention to the types of communities they will want to build. IT will then have to examine a range of social software to determine the best fit.

Choosing a solution is one thing; getting end-users up to speed is quite another. If you recall back in the ’80s companies actually had end-user computing departments that worked with people to show them how to use word processors and how to create applications with spreadsheets. Over time, the need for that kind of end-user support diminished.

Giving end-users the ability to create applications and mashups will likely mean a resurgence in the importance of having an adequate end-user support plan in place.

“It raises a whole new era of support requirements,” Cearley tells me.

I have to confess I was part of the community that first ignored social networking, then laughed at it, then attacked it, and now, I guess I have to say I was wrong. It wins.

My advice is to skip a few stages and figure out how to accommodate social networking and collaboration into your IT architecture now. And if you can’t, well, now that Big Blue is in the game, get out your checkbook; there’s always IBM Global Technology Services.


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iPhone Mania & Microsoft Sour Grapes? – itsReal

At the Microsoft Premix 2007 event at Geek Terminal on Thursday night it was encouraging to see the new developments coming our way with Silverlight. I just downloaded the package and my brand new MacBook can not install it o well…quite funny because the reason is I need Mac OS X 10.4.8 or higher hmmm I have Mac OS X 10.4.10…never mind…what was more disappointing however was the bashing of APPLE iPhone on the night. Tuning into CNN Dial “P” for Phenzy news report and seeing the crowds lining up to purchase the iPhone for USD600 this morning however makes me believe it is just sour grapes from Microsoft that they have not got an iPhone of their own.

Please bring the iPhone to ASIA quickly. I wonder if someone has created a “Virtual iPhone” for Second Life or


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EVENT Second Life: Silicon Island ITE2007 – April 20 – 22 – itsReal


Silicon Island announces International Technology Expo 2007


“Honoring Excellence in SL Technology”

The International Technology Expo (ITE) on Silicon Island is dedicated to showcasing over 40 of the finest business related SL products that either improve RL business operations, or improve a RL company’s access to a target market in SL. Products include Telecommunications, Construction Tools, Web-Based Interactive Linking Systems, Content Management Tools, Marketing & Advertising Systems, and 3rd Party Innovations.

ITE’07 is dedicated to showcasing the most innovative in technology products and services created by its residents for your business and personal needs.”

As well as extensive exhibition halls, to satisfy your Tshirt-grabbing needs, you can expect a full programme of lectures, product launches, demos and discussions. But if you find that thought too earnest and worthy, you might be more interested in the concerts and parties. The programme is not yet finalised but is set to include:

• Friday April 20 noon to 6:00 pm SLT 7:00 PM EXPO CONCERT – John Legend
• Saturday April 21 noon to 6:00 pm SLT 7:00 PM EXPO CONCERT – Black Eyed Peas

Full Agenda Click HERE

Exhibitor List Click HERE

Press Release: ITE 2007

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who Believes in the FUTURE of Virtual Worlds ? Opportunity to collabrate… itsReal

What has Second Life, and WhyVille started ?

What is your perception of the reality which this LEAP in technology offers ?

I invite you to contact me as together, like minded people can create their own realities. You must be passionate for a collaboration to evolve.

Email me apglobal at gmail dot com

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BioLife Marketing Launches New Healthy Tea’s, Cat Whiskers Herb, Roselle Flower and Ginger, purchase online with BuyButtonz

BioLife’s New Range of Tea

Consumers in Singapore are the first to savour the three new types of Good Image Tea™ at the Food & Beverage Fair 2007. Online purchases of Good Image Tea products now available via online payment portal

Singapore. March, 2007 BioLife Marketing, the sole distributor of the Good Image Tea™ today releases three new types of tea during the Food & Beverage Fair 2007 in Singapore. Like the classic Good Image Tea™ , the Good Image Cat Whiskers Tea, Good Image Roselle Tea and Good Image Ginger Tea are uniquely formulated under the guidance of Dr. Aoyama Kanahiro from the University of Tokyo and Professor of ShengYang Medicine University of China. Each is produced from traditional herbs and is manufactured by BioLife Marketing’s associated GMP-certified herbal manufacturing plant in Malaysia.

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Google Earth Gets 3D Berlin…When will Google Earth Get Avatars… itsReal


Click Your Way through the Brandenburg Gate

By Holger Dambeck and Christian Stöcker BridgeLink

As though one Berlin were not enough. A virtual 3D tour of the German capital at Google Earth is the first of its kind. Soon, the site hopes to add a historical tour as well.


Berlin has gone virtual. As of Thursday morning, the German capital – from the gigantic Alexanderplatz TV tower right down to the potholes in the side streets — can be seen in Google Earth. The virtual visitor can even enter the new Berlin Central Station and marvel at the Reichstag. Other landmarks are likewise on offer.


Photo Gallery: Berlin Goes Virtual



For now, the pixelated metropolis is largely unpopulated. There are no virtual politicians wandering the government quarter and no virtual shoppers strolling Unter den Linden. It will be a few years yet before online cities like Berlin get mashed up with computer worlds like Second Life.But 3D Berlin is more than just a pretty computer project. Already, there are those dreaming of online shops occupying the same address in the virtual world that their real-world sisters occupy in real life — and with the same wares on display. Indeed, it seems that the virtual parliament buildings, embassies and election campaigns on Second Life are little more than a test run for the digital version of the real world that Google, Microsoft and others are in the process of building.

In order to see Berlin 3D, you need to have the newest version of Google Earth and must access it through this link.

Berlin has proven a willing partner, having supplied the site with content free of charge. Represented by the Business Location Center Berlin-Brandenburg, the German capital commissioned a 3D model of itself from 3D Geo — which it then made available to Google.

“It’s a new dimension to innovative location marketing and investor incentive,” says Harald Wolf, Berlin’s Senator for Economics, Technology and Women’s Issues.


Berliners are taking particular delight in having beaten their rival Hamburgers to the chase. On January 17, Hamburg announced it would be the first city in the world to present itself in 3D on Google Earth. The press conference featured a virtual helicopter flight over the city; viewers floated over Hamburg’s city hall and its famous historic port.Google spokesman Stefan Keuchel praised the realistic textures of the facades, obtained using aerial shots of the buildings. He promised that Hamburg 3D would be going online “in a few days or weeks.” Evidently he promised too much — the program is still not online. Data protection issues have delayed the project indefinitely.

The result for Berlin is impressive. Some 44,000 buildings in Berlin’s city center can be seen in the simple view, though the facades are not the real ones. But a complete virtual city tour, coupled with historic narration, is soon to come. Some 550 buildings of particular significance have been singled out with photos of their facades.

A further 50 buildings and building complexes are represented in greater detail. Most novel of all, however, is the attempt to bring virtual visitors inside. Users can wander through the Reichstag, check out the new Berlin Central Station, marvel at the stunning interior of Frank Gehry’s building next to the Brandenburg Gate, and visit the Sony Center and Olympic Stadium.

Five especially prominent buildings be entered virtually and viewed from the inside: the Reichstag (German parliament), the central train station, the DZ Bank on Pariser Platz, the Sony Center and the Olympic Stadium.

Further improvements are sure to come. The race is on for the best 3D city in the world.

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SOMETHING new on the web…

I read about recently in a CFO Magazine (truth) and I think it has potential, huge potential…

below are details about what the site offers you… is the first true visual search engine, where the contents of photos are used to search and retrieve similar items.

We believe that there are literally millions of items that are difficult to describe via text-based search and where individual tastes are all over the map — think of your favorite pair of earrings or shoes and what an ordeal it can be to find something new but in a similar style.

We created to solve the challenge of finding “the perfect you” for a broad range of aesthetic and soft goods. utilizes our Likeness Technology™ to create a digital signature that describes the photo’s contents and enables a more accurate search for similar looking items and products.
Our initial launch focuses on handbags, jewelry, shoes, and watches – allowing users to search and purchase items from thousands of leading and boutique brands. We will very quickly add clothing and a number of other aesthetically oriented product categories.

Key features of include:

* Likeness Search™ – the ability to search by image instead of text;
* Like Detail™ – finds items that have a specific feature you like (such as a buckle, straps, bezel, etc);
* Like Color™ – find color variants of the item you desire;
* Like Celebrity™ – find clothing, shoes and accessories similar to those worn by your favorite celebrities;
* Like Upload™ – the ability to upload your own photo of your favorite item and find the same or similar products, coming soon.
* To learn more about and the great ways to use the product make sure to visit our blog . Happy shopping!

About Riya
Riya was founded in August 2004 and has assembled one of the largest visual computing research teams in the world. Its mission is to simplify search and ecommerce by harnessing the latest breakthroughs in visual computing. It has almost one dozen patents pending in the areas of visual recognition and search. Riya has raised $19.5 million from venture and private equity investors, including Bay Partners, BlueRun Ventures, and Leapfrog Ventures.

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