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Cellphone Payments Offer Alternative To Cash

This is a very good reason NOT to lose your cellphone. Several of the companies have developed small credit card scanners that plug into a cellphone and for a small fee enable any individual or small business to turn a phone into a credit card processing terminal. PayPal’s cellphone app calls for only a simple bump of two cellphones to transfer money. Apple has submitted a patent application for a cellphone payment system.

Now if only I can receive money the same way, wouldn’t it be great? hmmm…..

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New SINGAPORE Portal: Want to KNOW anything about Singapore ?

Yesterday I picked up a Zocard, they often advertise GEMS of information not easily sourced elsewhere, enough plugging of ZOCARD‘s awesum services, anyway if you check out – there you will find anything that you might need to know about this small but massively commerce and technology driven island called SINGAPORE.

Do check out if you need to find something out that might help you as they have business, visitor and event happenings and listings.

The information is FREE

BTW – Nowhere else in the world have a found like SINGAPORE for Best Buy Branded Technology and Gadgets that you can TRUST when you arrive home will be supported by international warranties.

SINGAPORE is the place for SHOPPING

The current IT Show here at Suntec City (see an earlier post) is proof of my advice above.

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Mobiles to FUEL Internet growth…itSreal

I read today that Mobiles are making a return to the market as a new driver for Internet growth.

Surprisingly this came as a surprise to me especially with all my concentration of late being on SecondLife.

The simple mobile phone in fact could be the Internet’s greatest hero. As reported in Bangalore, Google vice-president and chief Internet evangelist Vinton G Cerf, at a vintage age of 63 appears to see what is clearly in front of everyone’s eyes and ears. The growth of mobile purchases in countries like China and India is growing rapidly and mobile manusfacturers are building in cute applications like BILL paying and the like so billions of mobile users can connect to the NET.

Hmmm, billions is far greater than millions, so where should all our efforts be placed ?

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Yours truely appears on friends BLOG – itSreal

My very good friend is reviewing the SAMSUNG Z560 and during his travels I manage to sneak in, however I am deep in thought !

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