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The SLENZ Update – Twinity knowledge in land of the long white cloud New Zealand

Meanwhile Metaversum’s Twinity Beta, which entered public beta a little more than one month ago appears to be moving ahead and now already is claiming 50,000 real users.(

With a virtual Berlin, Twinity already plans to launch a virtual London and Singapore later this year. Metaversum is also working with the government of Singapore on a mirror world project, Co-Space.

via The SLENZ Update – No 20, October 30, 2008 « Second Life Education in New Zealand

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Twinity: The new musical attraction, Indie Tuesday – Digtal Sabrina

Twinity: The new musical attraction, Indie Tuesday

Written on October 28, 2008 – 11:54 am | by Digital Sabrina |

How many months has it been?

Anyway. To kick-start and return to blogging with this old blog of mine, here’s something out of the oven from Twinity! Hurhur.

In conjunction with Motor Digital, with immediate effect, Twinity the driving force behind much of Berlin’s local independent scene, presents to you “Indie Tuesday”.

Celebrating the premier “Indie Tuesday” event in Twinity today, October 28, 2008 at the virtual Motor Club, The Blue Sinners’ guitarist, Florian Hagen, will also be at the party.

Your virtual gift-package: You will receive a t-shirt and a hoodie as well as a radical retro radio for your virtual apartment.

Raffle: You will have the chance to win one of two great Fan-packs at the premier of Indie Tuesday. Simply send the Quiz Master an in-world message with your address, and tell us: How many members are in the band?

At the virtual Motor Club, you will get to see regular showcasing of new and up-and-coming, young independent bands.

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Jailed for killing Virtual Husband – itsReal

Tokyo – A 43 year old woman, a player in a virtual game has been jailed for killing a digital persona of an online HUSBAND after he dumped her – in a virtual divorce. She stole his ID and password and logged in and killed his virtual Character in Maple Story. If convicted she faces five years in prison and US$5000.00 in fines for stealing his ID & Password, she has been detained but yet to be charged – The women did not make any threats to the man’s real life, but the owner of the digital character made a police report which led to her arrest – now is this taking VIRTUAL LIFE just a little too far ?

New Straits Times - Malaysia

New Straits Times - Malaysia

Yet in other instances which involve virtual worlds an LA woman was charged with plotting the real-life abduction of a boyfriend she met thru Second Life and again in Tokyo a 16 year old boy was charged for stealing the ID & password of another player to swindle US$360,000 worth of virtual currency – these ones I do understand.

Who has heard of other breaches of real world law related to incidents from Virtual Worlds ? Could Twinty be exposed to these forms of illegal or undesirable behavior ?

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Twinity charges past 50,000 public Beta Users – itsReal

Twinity, the 3D Online world powered by real life, in only a few short weeks since going public beta is charging past 50,000 users – clearly Twinity is gaining momentum and Real People are seeing the opportunities to enchance their real lives and social networking friends & places by joining Twinity.

Click to visit

Click to visit

Keep a watch out for Virtual London & Virtual Singapore both cities soon to join Virtual Berlin in Twinity

Hey wanna help promote Twinity – Vote for twinity here: you can also join the public beta from this link !

Do you have a killer idea that you think will make you famous, money, happy or a social celebrity in Twinity – we want to know – contact me through comments leaving your email and i will contact you personally – APLINK


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Metaversum Awarded Funding in Co-space™ program in Singapore – itsReal

Metaversum, developer and operator of the 3D online world Twinity, has been awarded funding from the multi-agency IDM R&D Programme Office hosted by the Media Development Authority of Singapore to develop geo-tagging and geo-located media streaming in Twinity. In another part of this project Metaversum will also develop advanced virtual city building tools to facilitate the construction of virtual Singapore in Twinity. Metaversum has already begun signing up local media, content, and brand partners in preparation for next year’s launch of virtual Singapore in Twinity.

Singapore, 21 October 2008 – Metaversum today announced that it has been awarded Singapore Government funding by the IDM R&D Programme Office hosted by the Media Development Authority (MDA) of Singapore to integrate a 3D virtual counterpart to Singapore and to develop geo-tagging and geo-located media streaming in Twinity. Geo-tagging is an innovative framework to incorporate real-world information, with limitless potential from historical reference to current events to image and rich media embedding. Members will be able to place and access this information and share it with other members. This system will create an augmented reality layer, making the Twinity experience more informative and beneficial to Twinity members. Following the recent premiere of virtual Berlin, Singapore will be replicated to scale in Twinity and function as a 3D platform for members to interact with local media, content, and brand partners.

Twinity’s realistic replicas of the world’s most vibrant cities in 3D, offer major cities and local businesses an ideal path for entering the 3D web. Twinity is not only an attractive platform for cities to showcase themselves to the world, it also enables business partners to reach out and communicate with the rest of the world, and market themselves as innovative movers in the global economy. Twinity members can similarly connect with friends, family, and business associates around the globe in a fully immersive and emotive environment, taking social and business networking to a whole new dimension.

Two Singapore-based partners are already on board: The Digital Movement, an emerging, not-for-profit organization seeking to build and connect opinion leaders in the digital space globally, and the Geek Terminal, the world’s first truly technology-centric business café in downtown Singapore.

Metaversum will be coordinating the venture from its recently opened offices in Singapore. The company also helps virtual world novices find their feet in the new world by recommending trusted development partners to assist businesses in realizing a 3D presence or their in-world marketing measures.

“We’re very excited about being awarded funding for launching virtual Singapore, geo-tagging and our other Co-space™ projects. We see it as recognition of the strategic importance of a real context for virtual cities for city authorities and local business alike,” commented Jeremy Snyder, Managing Director of Metaversum Asia Pte Ltd. He continued, “We look forward to helping Singapore transform itself into the virtual information and communication hub for Asia.”

Mr Michael Yap, Executive Director, IDMPO commented, “The  Co-SpaceTM (industry) Call for Proposals adds to Singapore’s drive to be a key player in the next generation Internet, where the web will become even more immersive and integrated into our daily lives. Significantly, we hope to attract more global companies to use Singapore as a test-bed for innovative media services.”

The virtual world Twinity is currently in public Beta. You can register for free Twinity membership and explore the world at

Information on Metaversum and Twinity:
Metaversum develops and operates the 3D online world Twinity. Twinity’s vision is to link the real with the virtual world by building realistic replicas of the world’s most vibrant cities in 3D. Berlin was the first city to launch with other international cities to follow soon. Twinity members can create a personal avatar, explore the virtual city, move into a 3D home, chat with friends, work, get creative, or just have fun together.

Twinity also offers businesses new ways of engaging with real people in real cities. Through virtual shops and branded presences, inworld ad campaigns, product placements, and sponsored events, Twinity lets you enter into a direct, emotional, digital dialog with your target group. Twinity is currently in public Beta. Founded in July 2006 and financed by leading venture capital firms, Metaversum has offices in Berlin, Kiev, and Singapore. More info at and

A digital press kit with logos and screenshots can be downloaded here:
(This link is for editorial department use only)

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Twinity embraces Quantum of Solace in a BIG way – itsReal

Quantum of Solace in Twinity

The wait is almost over: Quantum of Solace will be exploding across a cinema screen near you from 6 November. Twinizens can already get a taste of this hotly anticipated movie in Twinity from 16 October.

New Movie, New Location

The newly opened Sony Center on Potsdamer Platz and the CineStar CUBIX on Alexanderplatz in virtual Berlin are teaming up to feature Quantum of Solace movie highlights, merchandising, and much more.


  • Watch the action-packed trailer and interviews with the cast
  • Play Quantum of Solace arcade games
  • Pit your wits against fellow Twinizens in the official James Bond quiz
  • Snap up a Quantum of Solace poster or standee for your virtual apartment
  • Or dress your avatar Bond-style in tuxedo and bowtie and become the ultimate face of espionage in Twinity
Eqt_take_2Come to the Quantum of Solace launch party at the all-new Sony Center on Thursday, 16 October at 7pm!

Sensational Prizes

From 16 October, you have the chance of winning sensational Quantum of Solace prizes in Twinity. Three prizes are up for grabs each week:

  • 1st prize: Quantum of Solace the Game for PS2 from Activision.
    See more at
  • 2nd prize: Quantum of Solace soundtrack.
    Hear more at
  • 3rd prize: Quantum of Solace fan package, including 007 mug, pen and poster.


To take part in the competition, all you have to do is:

  • Hunt down 5 Quantum of Solace posters at 5 places in Twinity
  • Send the names of the places together with your Twinity name to
  • Competition runs from 16 October to 5 November

The lucky winners will be announced each week at a party in the Sony Center or CUBIX cinema in Twinity. Check out Twinity’s Event Calendar for the exact weekly location!

Shaken, not stirred – enjoy Twinity!

Quantum of Solace © 2008 Danjaq, LLC, United Artists Corporation, Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. 007 Gun Logo and related James Bond Trademarks © 1962-2008 Danjaq, LLC and United Artists Corporation. Quantum of Solace, 007 and related James Bond Trademarks are trademarks of Danjaq, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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Magic, Mirrors and the Slump: Where is the SL Economy? | Rezzable

Thought provoking article definitely worth the time to read…..

Excerpt below

So it really could be that harder economic times might mean more interest in virtual world–or more escapism in general. Virtual worlds are still very cost-effective for the user. But SL in particular has built itself around the economy and the hope of making money is this brave new virtual online world. Let’s take a more serious look at the Second Life economy in sec, but the other issue is the idea of the mirror-world that newcomers like Twinity are offering up. While SL has become rich and sluggish, Twinity is targeting the mainstream people that want to extend their real life experience into the virtual world. But then there is the risk of adding real world constraints up top of the many inworld constraints. Twinity for example doesn’t allow flying (i like to fly). But the battle is not about realistic or creative–it is for the mainstream audiences that are curious about the virtual world, but not interested in Second LIfe.

via Magic, Mirrors and the Slump: Where is the SL Economy? | Rezzable

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BBC NEWS | Technology | Virtual worlds carve out new path

VISIT LINK below for Twinity Video

Twinity is a virtual world from Metaversum with avatars that walk around real cities. Metaversum chief executive Jochen Hummel says people can feel as though they have been to a city.


Hoping to change that is Twinity, one of a growing number of games determined to make a link between the virtual world and the real.

Capturing the twin trends of social networking and fascination with 3D worlds, the Berlin-based firm is creating a backdrop that allows users to hang out in some of the world’s most famous cities.

So far it has launched virtual Berlin – a faithful replica of the real thing – to public trial.

Next year a virtual London will be available with online models of Singapore and New York joining at some point after that.

People can explore their city of choice, visit shops, art galleries and museums and build apartments.

“Fantasy worlds give you freedom and allow you to fly but the fantasy element limits them for the real world,” said Jochen Hummel, the chief executive of Metaversum, the company behind Twinity.

“Teenage boys are the biggest users but for adults there is a need to improve their real lives rather than escape from them,” he said.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Virtual worlds carve out new path.

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Mirko Caspar to Speak at Virtual Worlds Forum London – itsReal

Metaversum’s Mirko Caspar CMO for Twinity will be speaking at the Second VWF, if in London between 6 & 7 October 08 – drop by and catch up with him, he knows all the stuff u want to know about twinity (wink) – his panel are speaking on….

Web 2.0 strategy and virtual worlds

Integrating virtual worlds into your web 2.0 strategy – harnessing social networks, virtual worlds and MMOs to create community

  • Playing to the strengths of social networks and virtual worlds – what are they each good at?
  • How can they be mixed and for what? What role might casual gaming play in their integration?
  • What should a mass market casual virtual world look like?
  • How interested are social network players in adding virtual worlds to their offerings? How is partnering developing?
  • Will virtual worlds grow into social networks themselves? How good are they at supporting them?
  • Looking at the collision of mobile social networks and virtual worlds – where will people consume?

Raph Koster, President, Metaplace
Marco Behrmann, CIO & Entropia Universe Community Director, MindArk PE AB
Mirko Caspar, CMO & Co-founder, Metaversum
Burckhardt Bonello, Founder & CEO, sMeet
Stuart Dredge, Freelance journalist and blogger, covering games, music and technology


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Citizens of the (virtual) world – itsReal

Barrack Obama in his speech in Germany – Heralded – People of the World, we are all citizens of the world he said.

Connecting to people all over the world is becoming more real everyday and technologies that are spawning within and from virtual worlds make these connections tangible and REAL.

The hype that surrounded Second Life has diminished – hype can last for so long, however because of the hype entrepreneurs the life blood of business innovation, have seized the opportunities that Second Life offered and are now delivering platforms, applications and services that lead to global citizens working intimately together across distances that previously were unimaginable.

Fully animated avatars that have been perceived as impostors, pretenders of who they really are, are being replaced with Fully Animated Avatars of who you really are, if in business then who you are on LinkedIn, if more social, then who you are on Facebook. One such platform is Twinity

It is now time for Business, corporates companies all over the world to realize that Virtual World Technology is Real, Virtual Worlds coupled with Web 2.0 social applications and existing technologies are allowing for connectivity that could mean less travel, less cost, less time away from families, less harm to the environment, even less fatigue.

I recently was told of how IBM’s implementation of virtual worlds within IBM had achieved greater collaboration and I can only conclude that this has lead to alot less expenditure by IBM and decisions made faster, without the need to travel away from love ones.

Victor Keegan of The Guardian wrote an article titled We’ll all be citizens of the virtual world he concluded with….

Virtual worlds are only just beginning. During a period of financial collapse and worries about global warming, they could prove an ideal safe haven.

I suggest to you virtual wolds have begun – time is now for business to embrace and not wait.

You can be a real citizen in a Virtual World.


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