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Singapore: MDA pumps $7.6m into new media

Courtesy : Marketing Interactive

Singapore – The Media Development Authority (MDA) has awarded S$7.6 million worth of funding to five New Media projects following its call for digital media applications and service projects in June last year.

The list of projects being funded includes Fresbo, BotsLIFE, Personal e-Motion, Popular e-Learning Holdings and Glocal, while the MDA expects the initiatives to create as much as 300 new jobs in the local media sector.

“The selected projects strengthen Singapore’s goal to be a leader in the New Media sector,” Michael Yap, deputy CEO of MDA, said in a statement.

“Our support will help the companies scale up their international exposure significantly. These projects will in turn support some 200 companies to help build the New Media ecosystem.

“This funding initiative complements MDA’s ongoing effort to support innovative content development and research and development in Interactive Digital Media (IDM),” he added.

The five projects were selected from 26 proposals submitted in response to the inaugural Call For New Media Applications and Services Projects which closed in September 2008.

Popular’s inclusion into the list (Popular e-Learning Holdings) will please the integrated media group giant as it has openly stated before, its intention to exploit new media platforms and technologies to expand its sales avenues and product salability.

“In light of the present economic climate, the funding from MDA will help Popular defray some of the business risks associated with these New Media initiatives and allow POPULAR to be more ambitious in our development and marketing regionally,” Eric Berthier, CEO of Popular e-Learning Holdings, said.

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