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Cholesterol Management Product Hypocol Available for Global Online Purchase

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Hypocol used for Cholesterol Management adds Online Purchase & Delivery Services to

HypoCol are pleased to announce that they have added the ability for you to purchase HypoCol online if you visit the website Delivery will be direct to your door via DHL Global Mail Services.

HypoCol is a natural way to regulate your cholesterol with cost effectiveness and safety.

  • HypoCol is an all-natural preparation derived from a well-documented traditional remedy that has been used in China for over 1000 years for circulatory health and as a food preservative.
  • HypoCol contains 100% proprietary Red Yeast Rice (known as “Hong Qu” in China) produced HypoCol is an all-natural preparation derived from a well-documented traditional remedy that has been used in China for over 1000 years for circulatory health and as a food preservative on premium rice.
  • HypoCol reduces your bad cholesterol and increase your good cholesterol. The proprietary ingredient of HypoCol™ capsules has been clinically proven for safety and efficacy in well-designed clinical studies involving thousands of subjects in the USA, Norway, Singapore, Taiwan and China.
  • HypoCol is recommended as part of your cholesterol management program that should include a healthy diet, regular exercise and stress reduction regime.
  • HypoCol is specially recommended for use by healthy adult men and post-menopausal women concerned about maintaining desirable healthy cholesterol levels naturally. It is suitable for individuals whose total serum cholesterol levels fall within the borderline risk bracket.

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This week in Virtual Worlds Weekly – it’sReal

Virtual Worlds Weekly – Volume 1, Issue 16 – June 15, 2007
Need to know what’s going on daily? Visit

This Week’s News

Doppelganger Partners with Kitson and Rocawear
Two VCs Invest in Indian Virtual World Game Developer
Second Life to Have Standardized Voice Within Months
Playboy Opens Up in Second Life (includes exclusive interviews)
Faketown talks Fighting Carbon Emissions and Marketing in 2D (includes exclusive interviews)
MindArk Discusses China’s Upcoming World in Entropia (includes exclusive interviews)
Metabirds and Centric Discuss Second Life and HiPiHi (includes exclusive interviews)
Eduserv Invests £333,000 into Virtual Worlds Eduction Research
Children’s MMOs in the New York Times
Korea Establishing User-Created Content Censorship Rules
Open source Second Life add-ons still months away
Windlight Goes Open Source
Areae Picking Up Steam Prior To Launch

New Product News

Forterra’s New SDK Signals Shift from Service Company to Software Company
MEGACITY Creating Business-Friendly Virtual Tokyos
Empire of Sports, First Sports-Based Virtual World to Launch
Sony Announces Free Realms: Free-to-Play Virtual World
Update: Japan based Co-Core to launch Tokyo Reproduction Virtual World
MTV Launches Virtual Lower East Side: 5th Virtual World in 9 Months
Lego Universe Virtual World To Have Community Features?


Virtual Worlds Fall Conference and Expo – October 10-11, 2007 – San Jose – Early Registration is now open –
VW Fall – Official Hotel Discount Set – book your room now.

Market Research

82 Percent of IT Leaders See Opportunity in Virtual Worlds
Analysts Predict Political Pullout From Virtual Worlds
Canadians Warming Up to Social Networking, Not Virtual Worlds
30 Percent of Top 100 Dutch Companies Involved in Virtual Worlds
Most Second Life Users Likely to Buy Virtual Goods
20 Percent of Interactive Agencies Look to Virtual Worlds

Briefly Noted

Virtual Worlds As Data Center Organizers?
Search for Missing Girl to Enter Second Life
Interview: Sparter Talks Virtual Gold Trade, Farming, and Property Rights

Who’s New to Second Life this Week (13 firms referenced)

Virtual Worlds Weekly Contact Information

Contact us

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What is Second Life – Philip Rosedale & Cory Onedrejka – itsReal

I came across this video (runs smoothly on my new MacBook) which runs for One Hour so sit back and relax and See what Second Life is all about !

Since its recording, Second Life now runs on 4400 + servers (250,000 sq kilometers) and the economy generates about USD 40 Million + per month.

TIPS on Creating a business in Second Life are a plenty.

I think Cory only wears Stripped Shirts…

The Video contains alot of GEEK talk, sorry but the audience is responsible for the Questions. Search in SL has always been a problem, even today at the latest Nexus 2007 Event (which was awesum) Cory is still looking for a talented search expert, applications are still open for a SEARCH guru, contact Cory direct.

You can be Killed in Second Life…Only virtually…and unlike the Real world you don’t loose everything, now that sounds Awesum. Second Life has stringent Parental Controls, so breath EASY parents. Also try to stay away from the CORNFIELD, it’s SL’s penal colony where u get sent if you misbehave in SL.

For budding singers, Live Music is available in SL every night…via shoutcast technology, singers collect tips and sell CD’s…a homeless person (with friends that have broadband) raised money to get a new apartment…

Final Comment: After viewing the video, any doubts you have about whether SL is here to stay will be completely erased…Second Life is an emerging new WORLD which is setting the landscape for unimaginable opportunities and freedom – itsReal

Video Source: Google Video

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Are you MANLY Enough to DETOX ?

Author: Ang Ah Sin – General Manager – Biolife Marketing

Body detoxification is for men too !

Every person needs to be enlightened in different aspect and at different stage of their lives.

Having spent many years in detoxifying computers and preaching about anti-virus / Trojans / spyware / ransomware / phishing, anti-spam and what-have-you in the IT content security world, I stepped into the “different” yet the “same” industry. Different in the sense of human beings vs computers but yet the same as it is about health. Until 2 months ago, it had never occurred to me that it is not just about another business but about the real need to detoxify our body.

Like most if not all “unenlightened” men, the sheer mention of “detox” or “detoxification” will raise my eyebrows followed by a frown and ended with a quick switch of subject to something else. The basic reason is that this ritual or obsession is for the female population. It is all about skin beauty that the “rugged” men do not have to be concerned about.

As marketing professional which loves Alvin Toffler’s quotation that “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn”, I set on “unlearning” the previous (IT) products and immediately dive into learning the new product which is the Good Image Tea, which is formulated, manufactured and distributed by our company and group’s herbal manufacturing plant.

It is through the course of understanding the overall Good Image Tea, the characteristics and benefits of each of the ingredients such as green tea, licorice, peppermint and ginseng; as well as talking and learning from people in the same industry, customers and associates that I “relearn” that detoxification is for men too, especially those that are entering the middle age and beyond.

Detoxification is not about maintaining skin beauty, it is about health maintenance.

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Second Life: A Place to Make Lives – itsReal

Imagine…….. being suddenly able to walk, to communicate, to work and to socialize, not only locally but globally. That is how life has become for a new friend of mine through the Reality of Second Life.

Below is Niels first English article, the full entry can be found at the link below
There is more than just the ability to walk

Written by Niels Schuddeboom
Monday, 02 April 2007


Technology has changed my life and it still does. Without my computer, I wouldn’t have been able to write or work. The machine gives me the ability to communicate and let my creative juices flow. It is making it possible to function on the same level as others and to get equally rewarded for it.

Since mid-2006 I’m walking around in the virtual world of Second Life. Literally being able to walk is a very strange experience for someone using a wheelchair in real life for more than 20 years now. Though I won’t let SL jeopardize my real-life social life, I really have to say it is beneficial to walk. In real life, many people tend to think that I’m mentally retarded, in second life I can’t be judged by my wheels, as long as I don’t use a wheelchair. As soon as I do, mechanisms of social interaction work exactly the same.

Before I will explain what I find most interesting about Second Life, I would like to take the opportunity to react to some of the criticism of the past months, which is in my opinion mainly based on ignorance. Many people say Second Life is a dull and slow experience, with bad graphics and such. They call it an unhealthy hype. Well, in some ways, they are right. But every hype comes with unhealthy side effects and we all tend to forget that the system is in its infancy just like the Internet of today once was. There once was a time without images and video-sharing services, and there once was a time that we all called people using the Web ‘nerds without social habits’. M

More…. click HERE


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BioLife Marketing Launches New Healthy Tea’s, Cat Whiskers Herb, Roselle Flower and Ginger, purchase online with BuyButtonz

BioLife’s New Range of Tea

Consumers in Singapore are the first to savour the three new types of Good Image Tea™ at the Food & Beverage Fair 2007. Online purchases of Good Image Tea products now available via online payment portal

Singapore. March, 2007 BioLife Marketing, the sole distributor of the Good Image Tea™ today releases three new types of tea during the Food & Beverage Fair 2007 in Singapore. Like the classic Good Image Tea™ , the Good Image Cat Whiskers Tea, Good Image Roselle Tea and Good Image Ginger Tea are uniquely formulated under the guidance of Dr. Aoyama Kanahiro from the University of Tokyo and Professor of ShengYang Medicine University of China. Each is produced from traditional herbs and is manufactured by BioLife Marketing’s associated GMP-certified herbal manufacturing plant in Malaysia.

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Introducing… – itSreal

It is amazing how a simple question can uncover so much…

…after being speed around Senotosa on Todd Murray’s (founder of pride and joy BOAT I asked someone what they did, and proudly the revealed they are behind the website.

Upon arriving home I checked out and what an awesum site. Upon registering you are able to login and review a restaurant, nitelife venue or spa & beauty salon. Currently only available for Singapore but wow how it makes life easier deciding where you want to go and live it up a little. The reviews are done by you or me so they are REAL reviews. I did a quick test and found a restaurant which I think is a cool idea but falls badly on service and most important of all – the food. As with my opinion the reviewer also thinks the place should take a close look at what they are offering. Can you guess which restaurant I am bloggin about, check out and send me your answer. (Hint, I am an Australian)

Well Done to the founders of BLURBME …you have an awesum site !!!

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New SINGAPORE Portal: Want to KNOW anything about Singapore ?

Yesterday I picked up a Zocard, they often advertise GEMS of information not easily sourced elsewhere, enough plugging of ZOCARD‘s awesum services, anyway if you check out – there you will find anything that you might need to know about this small but massively commerce and technology driven island called SINGAPORE.

Do check out if you need to find something out that might help you as they have business, visitor and event happenings and listings.

The information is FREE

BTW – Nowhere else in the world have a found like SINGAPORE for Best Buy Branded Technology and Gadgets that you can TRUST when you arrive home will be supported by international warranties.

SINGAPORE is the place for SHOPPING

The current IT Show here at Suntec City (see an earlier post) is proof of my advice above.

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Virtual CDC spreads like FLU in SecondLife & Whyville – itSreal

Agency enters Web’s cyberspace universes to attract Internet users, market health messages to new audience.

Source : By Alison Young
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

There’s a virtual world where the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently helped give flu shots to more than 10,000 virtual children before a virtual flu virus was unleashed, sending the virtually sneezing to virtual clinics for treatment.

In another Internet world for adults, the CDC has a virtual headquarters and a virtual CDC employee holding health fairs.

What is one of the most respected agencies of the federal government doing dabbling in Web-based virtual worlds that are more like video games than a science symposium?

Officials at the Atlanta-based agency say they’re exploring innovative ways to educate Net-savvy people about important health issues.

The CDC has joined corporate powerhouses Toyota, IBM and American Apparel in setting up shop in these virtual worlds. The federal space agency NASA is there. So are a few members of Congress. And most importantly, millions of people are there, part of a growing audience for a new breed of marketing messages.

“We can’t always expect people to come to our Web site or use our tools directly,” Janice Nall, director of the CDC’s Division of e-Health Marketing, said this week. The CDC is one of a handful of government agencies staking a place in Web-based virtual worlds such as Second Life ( and Whyville (

“People are congregating on different spots on the Internet,” Nall said. “And we need to take our messages out there to see how they’re received.”

Virtual worlds, sometimes called “metaverses,” are sites on the Internet where a growing community of people gather, socialize, play and even participate in a virtual economy of virtual malls, real estate sales and casino gaming. Unlike the Web that you surf in a detached fashion, participants in virtual worlds create a virtual self, a computer-generated 3-D character called an avatar to interact with the world and its residents.

Such Internet worlds and interactive online games have been around for years. But as the number of people participating in some worlds has grown into the millions, businesses and others have started exploring them as a new forum for mass advertising and communication.

“Wells Fargo Bank was one of the first corporations to have its own bank in Second Life,” said Celia Pearce, a professor in Georgia Tech’s School of Literature, Communication and Culture who studies virtual worlds. “MTV has its own island there now where it stages concerts with streaming video or interviews with music stars. IBM has started to develop a Second Life world headquarters, as has Reuters.”

Beyond the static banner ads Web users are accustomed to seeing —- or ignoring —- virtual worlds allow for a form of interactive marketing and advertising, she said. Instead of seeing an ad about a car, in a virtual world car companies allow your avatar to build or use a brand-name car, she said.

The communication potential has also prompted a handful of federal agencies to establish pilot projects in virtual worlds such as Second Life and Whyville.

Second Life, launched in 2003, has more than 3.9 million avatar residents from around the world —- and more than 400,000 logged in within the past week, according to Linden Lab, the San Francisco-based creator of Second Life.

The average age of participants is 33, and they must have a high-speed Internet connection and a powerful computer capable of handling intensive graphics.

Corporations are being joined in the virtual world by nonprofit, government and activist groups. Sweden is building a virtual embassy. A Spanish charity has created a virtual homeless boy in Second Life. The Genocide Intervention Network has created a virtual Camp Darfur.

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has a whole island where visitors can ride through a hurricane on an airplane, stand on a beach and experience a tsunami.

“Think of it as Disney World meets science education,” said Eric Hackathorn, the lead architect for the Second Life project at NOAA’s Earth System Research Lab. “It provides so much more immersion than traditional Web sites do.”

NOAA spent $1,000 to purchase its island in Second Life, about $15,000 for a computer graphics contractor to develop the experience and about $150 a month in maintenance fees, Hackathorn said. “We’re not spending a lot considering the potential return,” he said. About 1,000 people visited during two weeks in January.

A year ago John Anderton, one of CDC’s associate directors of communication science, saw a video about Second Life and got hooked.

“I thought what a great opportunity for CDC to put some of its health information into a different tool to get it out to people who are participating there,” he said Wednesday.

Last year Anderton created a virtual CDC employee, naming her Hygeia Philo. Hygeia is the Greek goddess of health, whose statue is on the CDC campus. Second Life requires participants to pick from a list of last names, and Anderton chose Philo because it gave the agency’s avatar a name that means “lover of health.”

A striking cyberwoman with long, auburn hair, the CDC’s virtual employee needed more professional attire than the clothing that came with the free, standard-issue avatar.

So Anderton had Hygeia go to a virtual mall in this virtual world and purchase a tailored pinstriped business suit. The cost: about 33 cents of real money, he said. He later spent $72 to buy some virtual land in Second Life.

Anderton said he has spent less than 5 percent of his time on the Second Life project and about $75 of CDC’s money.

The virtual CDC, in place since last fall, is a modest outpost in Second Life. It’s mostly a series of wall displays that links visitors to the CDC’s real-life Web site (

A visit to the virtual CDC on Wednesday by a virtual reporter found the site empty of other visitors.

The virtual CDC averages only about 100 visitors a month, Anderton said. In contrast, the CDC’s real-world Web site receives 8 million visits a month.

In November, Hygeia staffed a virtual CDC booth at a health expo within Second Life that drew more than 250 virtual people.

CDC’s flu-shot campaign in the virtual world of Whyville, however, caught the attention of thousands.

Whyville, launched in 1999, is a popular virtual world targeting 8- to 15-year-olds. It has 1.7 million registered “citizens” who log in to play games, learn about science and other topics, and socialize.

Last fall, CDC worked with Whyville creator Numedeon Inc. to conduct a campaign for kids’ avatars to be vaccinated against the “Why-Flu.” The effort cost CDC $2,000, said Nall, the agency’s e-Health Marketing director.

“It was an opportunity to talk with kids about science and get across the concept of vaccination as a good thing,” she said.

CDC officials said their recent exploration of health education in these virtual worlds is just part of an overall strategy to get information to the public.

While most health information is still communicated through more traditional means —- from brochures to the Web site —- the agency is seeking to use emerging technologies to reach new audiences, Nall said.

The agency is discussing its experiences with these initial projects and how its presence in virtual worlds can be expanded to have a greater impact.

“We have to be mindful of what’s happening in the marketplace so we can be there,” said Nall. “We’re supposed to be leading in public health. Not following.”


What do you need?

> To participate in Second Life, you need a high-speed Internet connection and a computer that’s able to handle the world’s rich graphics. The better and faster the computer, the smoother your experience. Go to for specific system requirements and to download a free program that lets you create a basic avatar and access the virtual world.

> Whyville, which is targeted toward teens and preteens, is more accommodating of lesser computers. Just go to and fill out a registration form. Parental permission is required.

What does it cost?

It’s free for basic access in both sites. But if you want to buy things —- like clothing or a new hairstyle for your avatar or a plot of land in Second Life, you need to deposit real-life cash with a credit card into a virtual world account.

Where can I learn more about federal agencies’ virtual activities?

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has a real-world Web site devoted to its island in Second Life. Go to to read more and take a video tour.


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