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CGAT 08 The Annual International Conference & Symposium on Computer Games & Allied Technology


Conference Update:

The evidently expanding Global & Asian Gaming industry defines the need for the Computer Games & Allied Technology 08 conference at Singapore. The conference provides a platform for the international gaming community experts to discuss and deliberate with their Eastern counterparts on the state-of-the-art, new research results, perspectives of future developments, and innovative applications relevant to games development and related areas. The conference shall strive to shed light on the inherent sociological and design differences between the East and the West while exploring the challenges faced by the Asian Gaming industry. The conference also provides an opportunity to the international and regional Gaming studios, Game production companies and Allied technology and service providers to showcase their technology, products and services at the concurrent industry symposium.

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Call for Papers –

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Computer Games; Animation, Multimedia, IPTV, Edutainment and Security
International Conference and Symposium on
28th-30th April 2008
Authors should submit a complete paper in English of up to 8 A4 pages, using the submission procedure indicated below. The program committee will review all papers and the contact author of each paper will be notified of the result, by email. Each paper should clearly indicate the nature of its technical/scientific contribution, and the problems, domains or environments to which it is applicable. Authors must also indicate the conference track to which the paper is submitted. The paper must be carefully checked for correct grammar and spelling.
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parents are clueless…


cyper savvy parents

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Google & Random House Publishing is a Compromise Coming….

Random House, the world’s biggest book publisher, is considering joining a book-search project run by Google, once considered an archenemy by the paper publishing industry. The two parties are talking to one another about the less controversial part of Google’s book-scanning project–its partner program–sources with knowledge of the matter told Reuters at this week’s Frankfurt Book Fair.

Google has agreements with more than 10,000 publishers, large and small, who give their books to Google to be scanned in full. Google then makes them partially available–according to agreements with each publisher–for online readers.

It also works with 27 academic and reference library partners to gain access to out-of-print works.

But part of the library project has proved controversial and thrown Google into legal dispute with U.S. publishers as Google also scans works from its U.S. library partners that are still in copyright without asking the publishers first.

Read More at ZDNET

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You thought your Parents did not know…That’s all about to change… itsReal

A seminar is coming to teach your parents all about what you get up to online…

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Stopping Piracy – buy a CD – what rubbish! – itsReal

How PR and Advertising companies can spread the wrong message…

“A recent advertisement I heard on radio was informing people to buy CDs and stop “downloading” over the Internet in an effort to stop piracy.It seemed innocuous enough. A well intentioned community announcement followed by the eloquent words of an international artiste who offered that downloading over the Internet was killing creativity and instead we should buy a CD, ostensibly so we could “read the cover and really feel it”.What a load of rubbish! Well the sentiment was there. But just a little lacking in educational benefit for a community announcement. The PR guys writing the script for the artists need to step up to the plate before they get whacked out the park themselves.”

Read More at TheCellCity

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It’s World IP Day … How does it affect YOU

World Intellectual Property (IP) Day is a chance to reflect on the importance of human innovation and recognise the important role that IP plays in our daily lives…. Did you know, How does it affect you, do you care, is it important to society…Let me know your thoughts, post your comments …

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