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wikipedia in second life & how to create objects – itsReal

Awesum helper in second life if you don’t know everything, call up wikipedia…

Philip Rosedale tells how to create objects in second life

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Smallest PC coming soon to a wall socket near you…itsReal

Geek Terminal may have to rethink their new power distribution system….U.K. firm Jade Integration has unveiled a computer so small, it fits into a wall socket and is powered via Ethernet. The Jack PC, a rival to the smallest PC in the world, can hook up to a standard monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and runs Windows CE, the stripped-down version of Windows often used in portable devices. It comes with up to 64 MB of flash memory and 128 megs of RAM, so don’t expect to play second life or Half-Life 2 on it, but it should be able to handle basic Internet functions decently.



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SLOz starts OZ Second Life Traffic Index – itsReal

 Source: SLOz

SLOz launches Their first SLOZ Traffic Index (STI) for June. Being their first one it’s a fairly modest list. To be included in the index the SL presence needs to be owned / operated by Australians. Yippee when my SL programs get underway I will be seeking their kind inclusion…. cause as you know I am a Proud Australian cum KIWI…

A few important notes on their methodology as well as a couple of disclaimers:

1. The number linked to each presence is a standard average based on dwell statistics provided to all SL users via the Search Places option.
2. For large presences we’ve chosen the most popular area rather than add up total dwell – this means larger presences may have overall larger numbers but that’s not what we’re measuring (see also point 5).
3. Each presence, unless an addition since the start of the reporting period, has had their traffic stats measured at least ten times with each instance at least 24 hours apart.
4. The individual times and statistics can be found here
5. The STI is indicative only – yes we know there are much more detailed methodologies and that ours is a rough guide only for the SL community – we think of it as a ‘what’s hot’ measure. Discussion / criticism on the STI here.

Onto the STI:

stijune.jpgTelstra’s Billabong Bar and the ABC Island Sandbox are no surprises as popular haunts. Armory Island by its very nature has a wide international popularity hence its number one position. The Australia Sim is garnering a lot of traffic for a new build and Lord Coalcliff’s Skyhome Resort is a stayer. Another relatively new presence is Sofia’s furniture and its popularity isn’t to be sneezed at either.

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This week in Virtual Worlds Weekly – it’sReal

Virtual Worlds Weekly – Volume 1, Issue 16 – June 15, 2007
Need to know what’s going on daily? Visit

This Week’s News

Doppelganger Partners with Kitson and Rocawear
Two VCs Invest in Indian Virtual World Game Developer
Second Life to Have Standardized Voice Within Months
Playboy Opens Up in Second Life (includes exclusive interviews)
Faketown talks Fighting Carbon Emissions and Marketing in 2D (includes exclusive interviews)
MindArk Discusses China’s Upcoming World in Entropia (includes exclusive interviews)
Metabirds and Centric Discuss Second Life and HiPiHi (includes exclusive interviews)
Eduserv Invests £333,000 into Virtual Worlds Eduction Research
Children’s MMOs in the New York Times
Korea Establishing User-Created Content Censorship Rules
Open source Second Life add-ons still months away
Windlight Goes Open Source
Areae Picking Up Steam Prior To Launch

New Product News

Forterra’s New SDK Signals Shift from Service Company to Software Company
MEGACITY Creating Business-Friendly Virtual Tokyos
Empire of Sports, First Sports-Based Virtual World to Launch
Sony Announces Free Realms: Free-to-Play Virtual World
Update: Japan based Co-Core to launch Tokyo Reproduction Virtual World
MTV Launches Virtual Lower East Side: 5th Virtual World in 9 Months
Lego Universe Virtual World To Have Community Features?


Virtual Worlds Fall Conference and Expo – October 10-11, 2007 – San Jose – Early Registration is now open –
VW Fall – Official Hotel Discount Set – book your room now.

Market Research

82 Percent of IT Leaders See Opportunity in Virtual Worlds
Analysts Predict Political Pullout From Virtual Worlds
Canadians Warming Up to Social Networking, Not Virtual Worlds
30 Percent of Top 100 Dutch Companies Involved in Virtual Worlds
Most Second Life Users Likely to Buy Virtual Goods
20 Percent of Interactive Agencies Look to Virtual Worlds

Briefly Noted

Virtual Worlds As Data Center Organizers?
Search for Missing Girl to Enter Second Life
Interview: Sparter Talks Virtual Gold Trade, Farming, and Property Rights

Who’s New to Second Life this Week (13 firms referenced)

Virtual Worlds Weekly Contact Information

Contact us

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Vibrant SL Dialogue U decide…APLINK still believes in SL – itsReal

A pro & con conversation of Second Life’s ultimate future… This conversation proves that Second Life has rocked our perception of what IS the Internet and what the Internet IS becoming. I predict that what most see as an adventure into a reality whereby most people can not attain things they desire in the so called “real world” is purely folly, and that the reality of unimaginable commercial applications for virtual worlds is just around the corner – enJoy

Using Second Life for Architectural Collaboration…wishful thinking perhaps. 


Aplink has a new blog which is going to focus more on Second Life and Virtual Worlds, please do subscribe to I will be maintaining this current wordpress blog for more varied real & some virtual marketing and public relations topics.

Also within Second Life I have created a Group, surprisingly called APLINK, please do join my group as I will be announcing some initiatives & events in-world that you may be interested to know about before the masses do. – itsReal

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APLINK starts Group in Second Life – itsReal

To join the group: once in Second Life hit the search button then the Groups button, enter APLINK and then JOIN.

Joining the group is free and I intend to build a community where we can share SL experiences, ideas & opportunities. I have just established some unique relationships with some primary developers and content providers within SL. APLINK will be privy to a vast amount of in-world and real world activities that will continue to drive the growth of Second Life.

For myself I have several projects being launched in Second Life, as these can be made public I will report on the opportunities that these open up to primarily SL residents in Singapore and Asia Pacific in general.

If you would like to know more than the ordinary person about Second Life…Join APLINK in-world.


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coke vs pepsi – virtual vs real and the winner is ? – itsReal

source: The Social Media Marketing Blog

the new marketing company crayon announced a revolutionary campaign undertaken on behalf of their client, The Coca-Cola Company. It’s called Virtual Thirst and it invites users to participate in the Coke experience by generating ideas for creating their own vending machines that can do absolutely anything. The winner will see their creation become reality in Second Life.

The folks at crayon have developed a number of social media components to the campaign, including concerts and gatherings at the Coca-Cola Pavillion in Second Life, YouTube videos inviting response/entry videos, the landing page and a panel of celebrity judges to choose the winner. Undoubtedly a creative campaign that is designed to spark user-generated ideas to make the Coke brand come to life. More information is available at

But you have to wonder when Coke’s #1 competitor Pepsi launches a campaign the same month that features…ads on bus shelters? Yes, bus shelters.

It seems a step down from the uber-cool Second Life approach from crayon. Or so I thought when I read the headline. But as I got a little further into the MediaPost piece, my interest grew.

Evidently, the ads feature a technology called LumiGraphics that lights up the ad and the shelter. This is the first time LumiGraphics have been used in the United States; the ads are currently being run in Boston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Denver, New York and Washington.

But what makes this illuminated outdoor ad stand apart from others is that it also brings Bluetooth technology to the mix. Passersby who are Bluetooth-enabled can download content such as a rap by New York Yankee Johnny Damon (!) or hip-hop artists, if you’re a rap purist. The creative also encourages viewers to go to for more music – a site that is driven by Yahoo! Music.

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Singapore’s blogOUT! – it’s all about Community

the digital movement have organised this event following their hugely successful Nexus 2007 event held earlier this year. TDM events and the supportive TDM community is rich with passion and ideas… it is no wonder Singapore is producing some incredible new Web 2.0 applications, social networks, products and services…many of which are receiving local and international media (in all forms) truly supportive coverage. These include; BAK2u, SharedCopy, Velvet Puffin, geek terminal, STOMP, sgentrepreneurs, muvee,,, IconnectE, bookjetty, harro, blurbme and Lion City, Second Life – the list goes on….
If you would like to feel the energy, share in the creativity and passion of this community, register to attend at the TDM wiki

For my international readers do keep an eye on the wiki and if you know of those considering investing in startups do look at what is happening in Singapore, surpises are around every corner.

Back to blogOUT! I am sure one of my favorite topic’s Second Life and Virtual Worlds developments will be vibrantly discussed also …


blogOUT! : Program Details

Date: 24th May, 2007, Thursday – Time: 6.30 pm – 10.00 pm – Venue: The Geek Terminal @ 55, Market Street

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Coming Soon – Outback Online, An Aussie virtual World ? – itsReal

Source: OutbackOnline

Being an Aussie/Kiwi export, I like to see things happening in those parts of the world…especially the idea that Australia will soon be revealing a new virtual world called Outback Online. Though we don’t know exactly what the experience will be, here is their current list of everything which Outback Online is NOT.

* Outback isn’t a game.
* Outback isn’t only chat. *chirp* Don’t all talk at once…
* Outback isn’t just about entertainment.
* Outback isn’t a platform limited to professional developers.
* Outback isn’t your destination to sit and run dance macros. Ouch, that was below the belt.
* Outback isn’t in direct correlation with the Australian Outback. G’day mate!
* Outback isn’t a browser plugin.
* Outback isn’t Second Life 2.0. … err Third Life?
* Outback isn’t a black box.
* Outback isn’t going to be in development for many years prior to release. Go Go Go!!
* Outback isn’t releasing this month.
* Outback isn’t likely to be as complete and polished at release, as you are used to.
* Outback isn’t a very large download.
* Outback isn’t going to cost $$!
* Outback isn’t limiting creation to a single metaphor. … what the heck does that mean?
* Outback isn’t full of kangaroos… 😦 but hey, we have one on our splash screen!

I have given my email address to be one of the first to see this creation, if you would like to also click HERE

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APLINK recommends – Blogger & Podcaster Magazine…itsFree

One of my mates sent me this LINK many of you may have seen this magazine already, but just incase here it is…helpsponsor.jpg

I strongly suugest you give this magazine a look over, alot of work has gone it its production !!!



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