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Do you want to work for Microsoft, eBay, HP ?

Check out JOBSBLOG

For your unique opportunity to be interviewed by Microsoft, courtesy of the in-world Virtual Careers Fair in Second Life – May 15th to May 17th 2007.

Hurry, if Microsoft is your dream employer, submit your resume to Microsoft now as they close applications on May 14th.

About the Event 

Job seekers from all over the world are gathering to meet recruiters and hiring managers from some of the world’s top companies.

  • The event takes place in the Second Life™ 3-D virtual world
  • Chat in private
  • Ask your most important questions
  • Discuss your most critical issues

Virtual reality means incredible experiences and mind-blowing adventure. Buckle your virtual seatbelts and get ready for some outrageous in World fun…

…..Hmmm FUN while being interviewed now that’s worth signing up for.


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HP and Dell slug it out in Second Life – itsReal

Source: SMH

The fierce competition between PC makers HP and Dell has transcended the real world.

Evidenced by a surprisingly candid exchange through their official blogs, the pair are now at loggerheads over the merits of marketing their brands in online worlds such as Second Life.

A stampede of companies, including Dell, IBM, Toyota, Sony BMG, Telstra, the ABC, adidas and the US retailer American Apparel have rushed to buy land in Second Life since it was launched in 2003, hoping to market their wares to its rapidly expanding user base.

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Singapore Contest: HP dangles $70,000 IT Carrot

Hewlett Packard and its partners, StarHub and Symantec this week announced the launch of its inaugural (yes there will be more) HP Total Care Challenge. Singapore Small and Medium Businesses (SMB’s) are invited to submit their ideas on how technology could be used to enhance their company’s growth

To enter Click Here,

The $70,000 not available in cash, which could be very useful for an SMB, is made up of HP services, products and partner offerings. Applicants need to submit an essay of not more than 400 words (not alot so don’t think a novel is required) by April 30 2007.

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