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The More You Know – NBC Message To All

Taking over this blog after my best friend passed away, is not an easy choice to make. I have received quite a bit of mixed reactions. Personally, I think it is the right thing to do. I am not out to take over his place in the cyberspace, all I wanted to do is to share information, like I have always done when he was still around. In fact Andrew Peters profile will always be in this blog, in honour of the guy that started it all. This will always be his blog and I am just continuing what he had started.

I’m doing things a little differently nowadays, instead of passing on articles to him to post, I am actually doing the writing and the posting.

For this post, in memory of someone close to me, and coincidentally, NBC has released a newly revised campaign named “The More You Know“. It website of friendly reminder to look after yourselves. Please visit it and think about how it can affect you and your loved ones.

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HypoCol & Web 2.0 – in the News – Singapore’s Digital Life 220108 -itsReal

web 2.0 platforms are ideal for companies that have limited budgets…

HypoCol In the News


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HypoCol Gives Back – Search is on for Worthy Cause – You can suggest Your Cause – itsReal

HypoCol are looking for a worthy cause to support in 2008. The cause may be a project or institution but it has to be related to any cadiovascular or heart health condition.

Hypocol are giving back 1 US Dollar for every pack of HypoCol sold online.

Please send HypoCol your suggestion of a worthy cause to support. HypoCol will pick one based on your reasons why the cause should get HypoCol’s support.

User Name:
Project or Institution:
Why should hypoCol support it?:

Enter your suggestion here: Wellness Community

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Hypocol available in FACEBOOK via a FREE online shopping Mall – itsReal


Hypocol has adopted the FREE Business 3.0 online shopping systems which has developed by a Facebook user with all Facebook users in mind.

To get access to the Hypocol Store in FaceBook follow this Link, to adopt the application. Once in the application search under business name or product for Hypocol.

The good news for all facebook users that represent companies is that the application is FREE you are able to list details about your company, its products or services and also embed your buy buttons from your own payment portal to process the transaction.


The developer is open to any and all suggestions are useful to them in creating an even easier online shopping service ever without ruining the Facebook experience for every Facebook user.


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SpringBoard Research – Asia’s Public Sector Continues to Show Strong IT Growth – itsReal

Regional and state government spending is growing faster than federal spending, creating new IT opportunities and challenges

Singapore – November 13, 2007 – Springboard Research, a leading innovator in the IT Market Research industry, today announced the latest data from its study of public sector IT spending in Asia (including Japan). Study results show that growth was steady in the region. Based on its market analysis, Springboard expects IT spending to be US$51.5 billion in 2007, with the market growing at a compound annual rate of 6.9% from 2006 through 2010.

Springboard’s analysis also showed that Japan, while growing much slower than the rest of Asia, is still by far the largest market in the region, accounting for 45% of public sector IT spending. China and Australia are the next largest markets, accounting for 20%, and 11%, respectively, of public sector technology spending. India is the fastest growing market in the region, and the market is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 19.5% through 2010.

While federal IT spending accounts for 72% of all expenditures, Springboard is seeing increased growth in spending at the next level, comprised of state, regional, provincial and local governments.

“This segment of the market is growing at close to 10% a year across the region and state-level spending is growing twice as fast as federal spending in more mature markets like Japan, Australia, Korea, New Zealand, and Taiwan ,” said Jonathan Silber, Research Manager for Springboard Research. “This is an opportunity, but it also represents more real estate that vendors need to cover as there are a lot more organizations at this level. Also, local government spending has tended to grow slower than state and regional spending; but in India, Indonesia, and the Philippines, we have seen strong local spending growth that is as fast or faster than federal and state spending,” Silber added.

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