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The World’s Best Green Vacations

And here is my favourite topic for the day, vacations. Ecotourism has made its mark worldwide as a popular way to see the sights without leaving a trace. Such tourism could grow to 25% of the global travel market within six years and account for $470 billion a year in revenues, according to The International Ecotourism Society.

More at The World’s Best Green Vacations

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So What Have You Done For Earth Day 2010

Ok, maybe I am a little late for the official Earth Day but we are still living on this planet and we should still be looking after this only home that we have. I am watching CNN’s “Eco Solution” as I am typing this article and I found some interesting articles about saving the earth.

One question that still baffles me is why organic food products are pricier? They are generally locally produced (less transport cost), uses no insect/pesticides, organic fertilizers (something we can produce) etc. Anyone can give a logical explanation?

Now let’s talk about cars, so far these are the cool electric ones that I would like to get my hands on. Tesla and Zenn.

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Virtual Hype Will Lead to Immersive Internet – Direct2Dell

Awesome article on Virtual Worlds and 3D online Worlds – they report that their are now 173.6m registered users of virtual places. The increasing awareness of environmental issues will also generate greater opportunities to collaborate online in an immersive environment  – itsReal

Exert “As the users of these worlds mature, they will come to expect to interact with friends, brands, employers and coworkers in immersive 3D environments. And, even before they are old enough to purchase real goods through virtual worlds, they will have spent an enormous amount of real money on virtual goods.

The conference was not all about kid-focused worlds, however. Collaboration was a word heard over and over from panelists, speakers and in hallway conversations. With the rising costs of business travel and a desire for corporations to reduce their impact on the environment, the promise of collaboration within virtual worlds will entice more users. With a Digital Nomad workforce, successful companies will need to find new ways to motivate and coordinate their employees”

Virtual Hype Will Lead to Immersive Internet – Direct2Dell.


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Greening IT – Smoke & Mirrors or FACT – itsReal

As a PR practitioner with a difference I found myself last week recommending that a client come out of the closet about their corporate GREEN policies that are being implemented in Europe BUT have yet to reach the shores of Singapore – To be honest Singapore lags behind other developed countries in it’s Green Policies but signs are around that this will be remedied soon… However there are companies who have jumped onto the Green Bandwagon who have no intentions of adopting due to costs…

Well it seems a Standard that has been around for some time, ISO 14001, will help us all comply…voluntarily ?

Jose Allan Tan reports for Enterprise Innovation

No one can be quite certain about the date of the “sustainable” revolution but it can be argued that the turning point came after Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize for 2007 for his work on Climate Change. Of course I am referring to the documentary film (docufilm): “An Inconvenient Truth”.

These days it is almost uncharacteristic of any company – big or small – not to have a program that addresses (or claims to) the issue of sustainable best practices or environmental friendly processes.

Within the IT community, I’ve seen my fair share of announcements among IT vendors of their “green” plans. I’ve spoken to a few senior executives who are more than happy to share their view as to what their companies are doing in terms of green. And you know what? I am still a skeptic because I’ve seen enough vaporware-type initiatives that get announced with a lot of publicity but no substance to back it up.

So it’s refreshing to know that there are a few companies that have embodied a green initiative quietly, internally, long before the Al Gore docufilm.

The Fujitsu-Way…

Read more at Enterprise Innovation

Green IT Tip: Virtual Worlds can provide an international meeting platform which reduces the need for meeting participates to travel – now that’s a COOL Green IT Tip

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Wall Street Journal to Host First Annual Environmental Capital Conference

Green People

Executive ECO:nomics Conference to Focus on the Fast-Growing World of Green Business
Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger Added to the List of Confirmed Speakers

NEW YORK ( Oct. 9, 2007) — The Wall Street Journal today announced it will launch ECO:nomics-Creating Environmental Capital, a CEO-level conference that will focus on the strategic relationship between the environment and the bottom line. The conference will be held March 12-14 in Santa Barbara, Calif. at the Bacara Resort & Spa.

ECO:nomics will focus on the impact of environmental issues on the CEO, bring together key industry luminaries, political and thought leaders who are shaping environmental regulations, policies, and business strategies, uncover the most compelling new opportunities, and cut through the hype to deliver the bottom line on business and the environment.

The conference will be hosted by Wall Street Journal experts Alan Murray, executive editor of Wall Street Journal Online; Kimberley Strassel, editorial board member of The Wall Street Journal; and Jeffrey Ball, environment news editor of The Wall Street Journal. The journalists will interview the top thinkers, innovators and trend-setters in the fast-growing world of green business.

“In the last year, there has been a sea change in the way the environment is viewed in the C-suites of large corporations,” said Mr. Murray. “We created this conference to bring the Journal’s level of thinking and analysis to this issue, and help companies understand how to both maximize the economic opportunities created by this heightened environmental consciousness, and minimize any economic pain.”

Confirmed speakers to date include: Continue reading

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