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google not immune to financial fallout – itsReal

The most colourful and envied company today seems to not be immune to the financial fallout that the economy has placed the world in – or are they ?

If projects aren’t working you need t0 take a position to move on – is this all they are doing – are they just being smart ?

Yesterday Google announced plans to cut 100 jobs. Cuts include recruitment staff, as well as the redundancy of three engineering offices and the shutdown of a handful of projects.

Services most affected by the cutbacks include Dodgeball, a mobile social network (to be discontinued entirely); messaging site Jaiku, where further development will cease; Google Video, which in a few months will no longer accept uploads; and Notebook, a web bookmarking service, which will stop accepting new users.

Details of how these and other services will be affected are on TechCrunch.

Offices in Texas, Norway and Sweden will also be impacted. Back at the Googleplex in California, HR will suffer the brunt of cutbacks, says the Guardian.

At the time of its 2004 debut on the New York Stock Exchange, Google employed about 3000 people. Its current labor force totals around 20,000, not including 4300 interns, contractors and temps. Last week it was revealed that the search and ad giant laid off a “substantial number” of the latter.

Location: Mountain View, California, United States
Founded: September 7, 1998
IPO: August 19, 2004

Google primarily provides search and advertising services, which together aim to organize and monetize the world’s information. In addition to its dominant search engine, it offers a plethora of tools and platforms including its more popular… Learn More

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What is Second Life – Philip Rosedale & Cory Onedrejka – itsReal

I came across this video (runs smoothly on my new MacBook) which runs for One Hour so sit back and relax and See what Second Life is all about !

Since its recording, Second Life now runs on 4400 + servers (250,000 sq kilometers) and the economy generates about USD 40 Million + per month.

TIPS on Creating a business in Second Life are a plenty.

I think Cory only wears Stripped Shirts…

The Video contains alot of GEEK talk, sorry but the audience is responsible for the Questions. Search in SL has always been a problem, even today at the latest Nexus 2007 Event (which was awesum) Cory is still looking for a talented search expert, applications are still open for a SEARCH guru, contact Cory direct.

You can be Killed in Second Life…Only virtually…and unlike the Real world you don’t loose everything, now that sounds Awesum. Second Life has stringent Parental Controls, so breath EASY parents. Also try to stay away from the CORNFIELD, it’s SL’s penal colony where u get sent if you misbehave in SL.

For budding singers, Live Music is available in SL every night…via shoutcast technology, singers collect tips and sell CD’s…a homeless person (with friends that have broadband) raised money to get a new apartment…

Final Comment: After viewing the video, any doubts you have about whether SL is here to stay will be completely erased…Second Life is an emerging new WORLD which is setting the landscape for unimaginable opportunities and freedom – itsReal

Video Source: Google Video

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