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APLINK Finds Sporting Heroes Site – itsReal

Visit Sporting Heroes – for, photos and serious data on football (soccer), rugby, athletics, cricket, tennis & golf.

Athletics Heroes Football Heroes Rugby Heroes
Olympic Games Athletics
World Athletics Championships
European Athletics Championships
Commonwealth Games Athletics
Track & Field World Records
Football World Cup
European Football Championship
European Cup Finals
National Football League Tables
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Rugby Union World Cup
Five & Six Nations RU
Tri-Nations RU
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Cricket Heroes Golf Heroes Tennis Heroes
Cricket World Cup
Cricket Test Match
Test Cricketers Records
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The Open Golf Championships
US Open Golf
Golf Money Lists
Ryder Cup
Australian Open Tennis
French Open Tennis
Wimbledon Tennis
US Open Tennis
Davis Cup is a photographic encyclopaedia of athletes, cricketers, footballers, golfers, rugby players and tennis players. You will find thousands of international sportsmen and sportswomen from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s in the six sports selected above.

A superb action photograph is featured on every single page of sporting heroes. Each page also has career highlights and personal details. Our unique search engines make finding them easy. Some are world famous sporting legends, many are national sporting icons, all of them have in their time tasted fame – if only in their local community. Now we have brought them together in this unique encyclopaedia of sporting pictures.

Many of the sports photos were taken at the worlds major sporting events (Olympic Games, World Cups, World Championships). Complete results of these can be found in our historic sports results section. Click on the sport of your choice and begin to enjoy some sporting nostalgia.


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