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Why Join E.Factor?

About E.Factor


“E.Factor” stands for “The Entrepreneur Factor” and represents a vibrant online community and virtual marketplace designed for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs love because it’s a place where they can focus exclusively on making business connections, negotiating deals, exchanging information, and advertising their products and services.

Comprised of businesspeople and investors across an array of industries around the globe, the E.Factor community is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to increase their brand exposure, establish a network of high quality contacts, and acquire the funding needed to take their enterprise to the next level.

Why Join E.Factor?

Powerful tools at your fingertips. Everything you need for professional business networking is right here!
A dynamic and interactive platform. Ask questions, make referrals, form discussion groups and more.
Basic Membership is FREE. Start networking on E.Factor as soon as today!

Live networking events. E.Factor offers exclusive group discounts and special rates for our members.

Company behind E.Factor

E.Factor was formed in 2007 by Roeland Reinders, Adrie Reinders, and Marion Freijsen – all highly skilled and well-connected entrepreneurs serving Fortune 2000 companies with innovative IT business solutions.

The trio had started work on their second book about Entrepreneurship (Adrie and Marion’s first book, The N Factor, was published earlier in 2007). The website began as a small virtual community where the authors could share info and ask for feedback by other entrepreneurs. It proved to be the beginning of something wonderful: the E.Factor. In time, the group was joined by “serial social networker” Rodney Sampson, and they went on to broaden the scope and function of the site to attract entrepreneurs globally.

With all three founders hailing from OHM, Inc., a global enterprise dedicated to assisting emerging technology companies in selling their products to Fortune 2000 corporations throughout Europe and the United States, E.Factor was founded in the idea that strategic business networking can vastly impact the future of global business and your company’s role in it.

Click here to become an instant member of!

Click here to learn more about the E.Team

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what is smarta – itsReal

Industry believes this social network may give LinkedIn a run for its money – hmmm ???? But Smarta’s backers are impressive !!!!
Smarta is a new support platform for anyone starting or running a small business

By entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, Smarta provides a one-stop-shop where you can access the business advice you need, when you need it.

Our network of entrepreneurs and experts, videos, guides and tools are here to inspire and support you at every stage of your business journey, from business planning to raising finance and growth strategies.

Smarta aims to shake-up the business support landscape. Innovative, intuitive and practical, Smarta will be where the UK does business.

More about us

Founding Partners

  • Natwest
  • Vodafone
  • RBS

Why register?

  • Connect with people like you
  • Create profiles, groups, events
  • Ask questions, get answers
  • Access free expert advice
  • It’s FREE!


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it’s hard to stand out – not so at AVW – go platinum

it’s hard to stand out ? not so at AVW – go platinum on AVW – Association of Virtual Worlds and enjoy international virtual & real recognition that will drive your busines development strategies immediately.
You don’t need to be Linden Labs or or facebook or even war of warcraft to make your mark on what is still an emerging yet strong and progressive industry !
The AVW is where virtual worlds, games, social networks, and those who wish to explore the technology, come together.
AVW is everything Virtual – let us help you drive your exposure and business development strategies


What is Platinum Membership

AVW Platinum is a new high visibility premium membership package that offers members the opportunity to showcase their companies, products and services in order to build both sales and brand awareness. This is an exciting way to stand out on the main AVW site, on the active and growing AVW business and social network and inside the AVW Global Virtual Headquarters.

AVW Platinum Membership includes:

1.     Logo on front page of the Business & Social Network (rotating basis) with link to member site. (

2.    Logo on the Main site’s Home Page (rotating basis) with link to member site. (

3.    Poster in the AVW’s Global Headquarters containing an embedded image of that member’s choosing and a click through to a website

4.    10% discount on sponsorship opportunities (such as upcoming discussion forums and conferences).

BONUS: AVW Platinum Members also have the opportunity to present their products and services in a Platinum Showcase presentation to be held inside the AVW Virtual Headquarters. In addition, the AVW will send out an email invitation to the entire membership of over 2,700 members—and counting!

AVW Platinum is offered at the introductory membership fee of USD99 per month.

Contact me: To Secure Your Premium Membership & Privileges – apglobal @

Check out the new AVW facebook group at

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Alt Search Engines » Blog Archive » The first search engine for Martians!

The first search engine for Martians!

What is ExpatFinder? A search engine which helps you find relevant information from hundreds of websites focusing on life and work abroad. How can ExpatFinder help you? The search for information is critical to a successful relocation and to life abroad. Expatfinder helps you find accurate and relevant information regarding your move or life abroad. You can do a search by keywords and refine your search by country. Their mission is to answer the needs of people searching for information and services while preparing to move or

via Alt Search Engines » Blog Archive » The first search engine for Martians!

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Citizens of the (virtual) world – itsReal

Barrack Obama in his speech in Germany – Heralded – People of the World, we are all citizens of the world he said.

Connecting to people all over the world is becoming more real everyday and technologies that are spawning within and from virtual worlds make these connections tangible and REAL.

The hype that surrounded Second Life has diminished – hype can last for so long, however because of the hype entrepreneurs the life blood of business innovation, have seized the opportunities that Second Life offered and are now delivering platforms, applications and services that lead to global citizens working intimately together across distances that previously were unimaginable.

Fully animated avatars that have been perceived as impostors, pretenders of who they really are, are being replaced with Fully Animated Avatars of who you really are, if in business then who you are on LinkedIn, if more social, then who you are on Facebook. One such platform is Twinity

It is now time for Business, corporates companies all over the world to realize that Virtual World Technology is Real, Virtual Worlds coupled with Web 2.0 social applications and existing technologies are allowing for connectivity that could mean less travel, less cost, less time away from families, less harm to the environment, even less fatigue.

I recently was told of how IBM’s implementation of virtual worlds within IBM had achieved greater collaboration and I can only conclude that this has lead to alot less expenditure by IBM and decisions made faster, without the need to travel away from love ones.

Victor Keegan of The Guardian wrote an article titled We’ll all be citizens of the virtual world he concluded with….

Virtual worlds are only just beginning. During a period of financial collapse and worries about global warming, they could prove an ideal safe haven.

I suggest to you virtual wolds have begun – time is now for business to embrace and not wait.

You can be a real citizen in a Virtual World.


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We’re All Entrepreneurs – itsReal

• It is tough out there, and it’s only going to get tougher.

• Forget about security.

• Like it or not, even if you start out with a large corporation, you are going to be an entrepreneur.

• Make peace with this reality, and your life is going to be a lot better.

We’re All Entrepreneurs.

Suggest you read this short article by Marshall Goldsmith – it might help you in times of need.

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Top 10 tips on how to be an isolated Entrepreneur anywhere – itsReal

Until recently the only tools for those remote from the centre were telephone, e-mail, virtual offices and easyJet. The explosion in forms of communication has changed this fundamentally, but you still need to follow some rules. Here are my top ten tips for using them:

# People still work with people – so concentrate on building contacts, and sustaining them when they are made.

# Do this by being visible – publish yourself via a blog, Twitter, IM, LinkedIn and other appropriate sites. Facebook and Bebo don’t count. Make sure you post comments on other people’s blogs to draw attention back to yourself and show off your knowledge and wit.

# Ensure you are using the right channels – Twitter is great for letting people know you are around, blogs are great for showing your thinking skills, but nothing beats a phone call for direct contact.


TechCrunch UK » Blog Archive » Startup in the sticks – Top 10 tips on how to be an isolated Entrepreneur in the UK.

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Review: IDC Web 2.0 Digital Marketplace Conference Singapore

I was running late but not as late as usual and I arrived at IDC’s Web 2.0 Digital Marketplace Conference about 10 minutes late. I walked thru the doors of the meeting room and was taken aback as the room was totally packed and only standing room was available at the back – we are talking 3 persons deep. I estimate more than 250 people were jammed into the small room. Efficient staff quietly moved in more chairs and i was able to sneak into one and start to concentrate on the first speaker.

Mr Patrick Chan, Chief Technology Advisor, Emerging Technologies, IDC Asia/Pacifc (wow fancy telling someone your job title.) Patrick did an excellent presentation on the future of web 2.0 and I was very pleased to see that he included “Virtual Worlds” in his predictions, somehow people don’t align vitrual worlds with web 2.0 yet however it appears IDC is taking a stab at bringing virtual worlds into more minds, and noted that virtual worlds are COMING UP and that people like to have a separate online personality – this is good as long as the online personality is real too. The billions of dollars as is always fore told by IDC in these emerging markets were presented to the audience – no cheers hip hip hoorays – except maybe the silent ones in my head as i sit in the back of the room. CHINA & INDIA were singled out as the leading forces in web 2.0 is Asia, the take away message from IDC is web 2.0 is here to stay and will only get massively bigger for consumers and enterprises alike.

Regarding the Audience, when i walked in I was truly in awe at how IDC had filled the room to overflow but even though i could only see the backs of heads I could tell this was a web 2.0 event like no other that I regularly attend. The event attendees were mature, i don’t think i saw a spiky hairstyle anyway, no fashion victims, these were regular everyday mature technologies managers from enterprises – more later.

Next up was Brad Garlinghouse SVP Communications & Community, Yahoo – Yahoo were the diamond sponsor for the event and Brad discussed the over whelming noise that social media presents (don’t i know it) Of course the solution is YAHOO and how Yahoo is redefining email and services to allow for trusted communications – yes it was a BIG pitch for Yahoo – but they were the diamond sponsors 🙂

Coffee break – food ran out – coffee ran out

Part Two – Along comes a slice of fresh air and i think was the winner of the most popular presenter of the day. Justin Lee Executive Director of E27 Singapore appeared on stage which to my knowledge must be his first major public speaking appointment. After declaring to this very mature audience how young he was (in comparison to those listening to him) he ummmed and arrghed into his entertaining and information packed presentation of how he got to be on stage talking about what he DOES know best Web 2.0. His journeys in Silicon Valley, bringing facebook to Singapore (he did introduce me to facebook and yes i am addicted now) thru to a video on web 2.0 where he bopped his head to the music as the video played and enjoyed the humour the video presented. Many a time the audience giggled as Justin relayed a funny situation. The presentation slides even were fun – but they held immense understanding and value of the web 2.0 scene in Asia – well done Justin except you neglected the Virtual World scene – maybe next time when social media members start moving over to virtual worlds like Twinity it will be in your next speaking engagement 🙂 Local web 2.0 companies like ZOPIM,, SGentreprenuers, yebber, NuffNang and others were presented as was the Hong Kong’s web 2.0 scene which highlighted Malaysia’s web 2.0 vibrant scene heralded, advertlets which is the most well known blogging advertising network in Malaysia as well as Singapore.

The final presenter is one of Singapore’s Legends Michael Neztley, Practice assistant Professor of Corporate communication, Singapore Management University – Topic Digital Natives, I have previously posted about Digital Natives here and I agree whole heartedly with Micheal on how the world of web 2.0 has changed the youth of today. In a decade or two we will be asking “what are textbooks?” Whilst i listened intently my mind kept interrupting me because I am a marketing person at heart and could not stop thinking how Yahoo the diamond sponsor must be fretting at how many times Micheal said GOOGLE. The other intersting think i noticed is that Michael is getting his students to use the Wetpaint wiki platform – good choice Michael.

Q&A followed and again I give marks to IDC for introducing a concept of the audience being able to write their questions instead of having to get up and ask (which we know is hard) BTW at TDM events we most often provide wireless internet so questions can be sent via notebooks to the event team, its a bit more modern than paper 🙂 Also to be applauded is the man from IE Singapore who is trying to implement blogging and web 2.0 within IE Singapore and asked for an ON THE SPOT solution of how to get it done 🙂 Mr Popular (Justin) seemed to get most of the questions.

Back to the audience, during lunch I spoke with two guests on my table and as i suspected one was an IT Manager from a major print company the other was an IT Consultant. They were both at the event to LEARN more about this WEB 2.0 world. BUT also as expected they weren’t there to find ways of getting millions of people connected (as social media allows) they were there finding out how THEIR circle of influences could collaborate better with web 2.0. I think in this regard the event did not deliver this information. The focus as to be expected was more on the massive communication opportunities that web 2.0 has created. Enterprises on the other hand need to first connect their employees and then their customers and then maybe more.

My overall view of the IDC Web 2.0 Digital Marketplace event is WELL DONE IDC. Enterprise adoption of web 2.0 is critical and this event i am sure sent attendees away with fresh ideas and a percentage of the audience will be searching for solutions and opportunities to embrace the technology.

– Rating 4/5

Andrew Peters a.k.a. APLINK


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Secret Location – Secret Plans – Virtual Delivery – itsReal

Last evening at 2100hrs a secret meeting took place in a secret location in Second Life.
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Top-10 Economic predictions for 2008 – Courtesy Global Insights – itsReal

Top-10 Economic Predictions for 2008….

From APLINK – Whilst China is mentioned sadly Global Insights is of the mindset that the economy is driven by the US, who agree’s with this, if you disagree

– Let me know why… add your comments below ?….is there room for a virtual economy ?

The U.S. economy is now in the danger zone. GDP growth in the fourth quarter of 2007 (0.0%) and first half of 2008 (0.8% in the first quarter and 1.8% in the second quarter) is expected to be very weak. This will make the United States extremely vulnerable to another shock. Furthermore, it is unlikely that the rest of the world will be able to shrug off the expected sharp deceleration in spending by American households. Global Insight currently predicts that world growth will be 3.3% in 2008, compared with 3.7% this year. With the potential for housing crunches in some European economies and a post-Olympics slowdown (or even bust) in China, the risks for the global economy are now overwhelmingly on the downside.

see all Top-10 Economic Predictions for 2008

From APLINK – Whilst China is mentioned sadly Global Insights is of the mindset that the economy is driven by the US, who agree’s with this, if you disagree

– Let me know why… add your comments below ?….is there room for a virtual economy ?



twinity open for beta applicationstwinity-logo.jpg

Click twinity logo to apply




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