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eBay’s new NEIGHBOURHOOD launches – itsReal


In an effort to create a greater sense of community, eBay on Wednesday plans to add a social-networking environment intended to bring together buyers and sellers with similar interests.

eBay Neighborhoods will allow users to post photos and reviews and offer tips and feedback in a beefed-up version of its text-based discussion forums. As of late Tuesday, there were more than 600 groups, with topics ranging from the Dallas Cowboys to crocheting to comic books. Users can also suggest new neighborhoods for creation.

Once users join a neighborhood, a My Neighborhoods function is added to the My eBay section.

The new neighborhoods are part of a redesign the online auction giant is rolling out over the next few months. Other changes include streamlined checkout, a real-time auction monitor and one-click bidding.

Source: C|Net News

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Singapore Event: eBay, Yahoo, Google, MSN – free Lunch/Dinner to learn how to make money on the Internet

The heavy-weights of the Internet, eBay, Yahoo, Google and MSN are coming togther to enlighten the Masses in Singapore on how other entrepreneurs in Singapore apply their “Secret Formula” for CASHING in on the Internet ! WOW

I say WOW because this event (there are 8 sessions in total) has been advertised heavily in our local newspapers here, 1/4 page mono ads in prime spots running daily during the week. On top of this they claim each attendee will recieve SGD200.00 per attendee in the form of gifts and dining for attending. (Singaporeans love a free anything) Three successful entrepreneurs will be speaking at the events, looking at their pics they don’t look Singaporean.

At a glance here is what you will get at the free Event:

  • A free lunch or dinner, business organizer (who users these today ?) MP3 gift
  • Secrets & Shortcuts Internet entrepreneurs use to generate more income with their small and home-based businesses
  • Details that are sparking growth in a home-based businesses owned by so many people worldwide
  • Strategies some small home-based business owners use to find additional “trendy” products to sell boosting revenues way beyond the average entrepreneur and without the headache of inventory or shipping
  • New ways to create extra revenue without compromising your highest priorities
  • Key Internet strategies that can expand cash flow and change the quality of your life

To register for the event call 1800 1204231 or visit you will need a registration ID use: 10060

Event dates are Feb 28 and March 1 & 2. Surprisingly PayPal is not mentioned even though they just opened their regional headquarters here last week. When I called the call was routed to the US, my GOD how many countries are they running these events in and more importantly what are they expecting will be their Return on Investment (ROI)

Singapore is Unique so they may influence many punters here, and then again they may not. See you at the event !


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