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Google & Random House Publishing is a Compromise Coming….

Random House, the world’s biggest book publisher, is considering joining a book-search project run by Google, once considered an archenemy by the paper publishing industry. The two parties are talking to one another about the less controversial part of Google’s book-scanning project–its partner program–sources with knowledge of the matter told Reuters at this week’s Frankfurt Book Fair.

Google has agreements with more than 10,000 publishers, large and small, who give their books to Google to be scanned in full. Google then makes them partially available–according to agreements with each publisher–for online readers.

It also works with 27 academic and reference library partners to gain access to out-of-print works.

But part of the library project has proved controversial and thrown Google into legal dispute with U.S. publishers as Google also scans works from its U.S. library partners that are still in copyright without asking the publishers first.

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Meet Dean Koontz—in the first ever “Bantam Dell Authors in Second Life” Event!

Thursday, March 15, 2007—6pm PST.

Dean will read an exclusive selection from his forthcoming novel, THE GOOD GUY and answer his fans questions live.

And there is more: Fans who want to join in will be given the chance to learn more about a very special opportunity to create something for Dean!

Want more details?
Click here to visit for more information on how to visit Second Life, or how to experience the simul-webcast of this event at Dean’s own site.

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