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Apple spurred police in lost iPhone probe

Reaction from Apple, a company known for it’s uncompromising secrecy policy, after the breaking news about its “lost” iPhone.

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Understanding Facebook’s privacy aftershocks

The social network modified its policies for handling user data once again as part of its F8 conference and release of the Open Graph API, and ever since it became clear that more information is being set as public by default and more is being shared with third parties, concerned Facebook users have been on jittery alert, perhaps prone to overreaction, concerned that something even bigger may be about to change.

More at Understanding Facebook’s privacy aftershocks

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CNN and Facebook strike major deal

By: Matt Eaton, Hong Kong
Published: Jan 09, 2009
Hong Kong – As the power and influence of social media continues to grow, CNN and Facebook have struck a major deal to allow users to connect and engage with each other during the inauguration of the political maestro of social media Barack Obama.

On Tuesday 20 January, users will be able to update their Facebook status directly from the Live portal and view status updates from their friends and other Facebook users on Live site.

AS part of the deal, Facebook will allow the status updates for those using Live to be published in their News Feed section with “via Live” hyperlinked tags allowing other Facebook users to click the tag and join the Live/Facebook feed.

At last count, Facebook Hong Kong boasted in excess of 1 million users.

On top of the Facebook application, CNN will also use Google Maps to track the route of the event and the media group will also have users uploading instant reports to, a user-generated site owned by CNN.

CNN is hoping the event will become the most-watched live web event in history.

The news caps off a big week for social media networks, with the News Corporation-owned MySpace announcing its move into TV.

MySpace has developed a mini-application that complements TV with social networking offerings such as e-mail and photo viewing. TV watchers can exchange messages or browse photos on MySpace by activating a widget sitting at the bottom of the TV screen.

The widget will be launched in conjunction with Toshiba, which is promoting a new line of TV’s with internet capabilities.

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What a win for both wordpress and second life… see image… look for the thin blue line above the normal CNN links

CNN on WordPress reporting about Second Life

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Engine falls off plane whilst in flight – its not virtual antics -itsReal

(CNN) — Brendon Pelser said he saw pure terror in the faces of his fellow passengers after an engine fell from a wing as it took off from Cape Town, South Africa, Wednesday.

Men were sweating profusely, women were crying.

“There was fear on their faces,” Pelser said. “Everyone started panicking.”

But the pilot of Nationwide Airlines’ Boeing 737 Flight CE723 was able to fly long enough to dump fuel and make an emergency landing at Cape Town International Airport.

Including crew, 100 hundred people were on the plane that departed at 3:50 p.m. on an hourlong flight to Johannesburg, South Africa. No one was injured.

The jet had only been in the air about 10 minutes before the engine fell.

“We heard something crash and bang, the plane veering left and right. A person on the right side said the engine was missing — had broken clean off,” said Pelser. Video Watch Pelser describe how the flight crew told passengers to “prepare for the worst” »

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CNN to rely on Second Life Residents for SL News – itsReal

CNN To Launch Bureau in Second Life Virtual World..

In the week of Nov. 5, the news giant is set to open a news-gathering outpost in Second Life. And unlike news service Reuters, which embedded a real reporter in the online virtual world last year, CNN will rely on Second Life “residents” to do all the legwork.

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