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America’s 200 Largest Charities –

Our 10th annual edition of the 200 largest charities ranks America's largest nonprofits in terms of private donations. Over the last year, these charities received $40 billion in single-year contributions. On average, they had $515 million in annual revenue, up 5% from last year. Donations accounted for $204 million, or 40% of revenue. This ratio has held for a decade.

The rest came from government grants, sales of services or products (think Girl Scout cookies) and investments. Our data include financial efficiency evaluations and trends that provide a starting point for further research on your part.

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Cholesterol Talk! to Donate $5000 to Charity

Cholesterol Talk! aims to donate SGD$5000 to a respectable charity chosen by members, once 5000 members have signed up with the community. (

Cholesterol Talk!, a wellness community sponsored by ASIApharm, the producers of HypoCol ( extends its membership to the public, to anyone who may have or is considering options relating to cholesterol . The Cholesterol Talk! community is open to all, free of charge, and has been set up to allow multiple communication avenues for people to discuss and find solutions to living better lives and reducing their cholesterol in a natural and non invasive manner. Topics discussed in the community include, fitness, nutrition, stress reduction and general wellness.

The Cholesterol Talk! community is running on Ning’s free platform, where members can blog, upload pictures and videos and share with other members how they are managing the cholesterol levels and lives. Members can also build up their personal pages and interact with other members by leaving comments on each other’s profiles, forums or blogs.

Cholesterol Talk! is also playing a part to be socially responsible by hoping to donate SGD$5000 to an associated respectable charity. (short listed charities will be announced shortly) Members can vote and choose their most deserving charity organizations for the proceeds to be donated to.

The community hopes to reach 5000 members, where it will then donate one dollar for every member that has joined the community.

“Cholesterol Talk! is about real people connecting with real people to discuss, share, assist and help each other. If you have a cholesterol issue, habits need to change, lives can be lived better. To achieve this, support from a community that understands is vital. Today the Internet provides the opportunity for this to happen, whether someone is in Sydney, Singapore, London or New York, everyone can connect with each other and offer assistance and advice. We hope to be the conduit for global reduction of Cholesterol Levels amongst those prone to this illness. Giving back to the community that needs our support is paramount, Your Heart is Your Life.”, said Andrew Peters, community manager of Cholesterol Talk!

Community members are also encouraged to visit the community blog at for more ideas and information on Cholesterol and Wellness.

Join the Cholesterol Talk! community today !

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HypoCol Gives Back – Search is on for Worthy Cause – You can suggest Your Cause – itsReal

HypoCol are looking for a worthy cause to support in 2008. The cause may be a project or institution but it has to be related to any cadiovascular or heart health condition.

Hypocol are giving back 1 US Dollar for every pack of HypoCol sold online.

Please send HypoCol your suggestion of a worthy cause to support. HypoCol will pick one based on your reasons why the cause should get HypoCol’s support.

User Name:
Project or Institution:
Why should hypoCol support it?:

Enter your suggestion here: Wellness Community

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Geek Terminal SWOOPS Front Cover & 3 More Pages in The New Paper – itsReal

GEEK Terminal BUZZES but Singaporeans don’t open their POCKETS. APLINK walked in the door and started to read TNP, I had been hypnotised by the KFC ad on the back cover all the way home…then I saw the FRONT PAGE…then 3 more pages and photo’s on Geek Terminal’s Charity Drive Free Lunch ?
400 cheapsters some eating for free and not donating some only paying $2.00, expats coming to the rescue…its a good read if you get a copy… Danny looks good in his HAT….Personally I have been working all week so have not had time to pass by GEEK TERMINAL but from the sounds of things, I am not sure they need an extra mouth to feed…

TNP suggests that Singaporeans give to charities thru NORMAL Channels… where is the imagination in that ?

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1,955 givers so far have raised $62,976.00 to feed a starving child

Since my last post on this internet driven charity drive – 1,955 caring internet people for donated USD 62,976.00. The target is USD 100k by 5pm 2moro Singapore time which is enough to feed a million starving children then please help and make a donation visit

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Feed 1 Million Starving Children…InternetCharityDrive started in Singapore

Internet gurus band together in an attempt to feed 1 million starving children. Visit the site to help drive this charity supported by, yahoo, Success Resources, SkyQuestCom, Stephen Pierce, powerpay, eBay & the World Internet Summit.


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Virtual Worlds – A Positive Report from the Chicago Tribune

Cutting edge tech makes the virtual world your oyster
by Stevenson Swanson
Chicago Tribune (MCT)

31 March 2007


From being a flat presence on a computer screen, the Web is rapidly morphing into a three-dimensional virtual world.

Powered by such popular social-networking sites as Second Life and, where users represent themselves with animated figures called avatars, virtual technology is finding a host of new applications that are likely to prove as revolutionary as the rapid rise of the Internet a decade ago.

From holding virtual training meetings with employees to visiting your doctor for a 3-D check-up or spending time in a virtual Elizabethan world to learn about Shakespeare’s plays, the possibilities for virtual technology are unpredictable but almost limitless, according to business executives, tech-savvy designers, and marketing consultants.

“This is going to be one freaky-deaky 21st century,” said Jerry Paffendorf, the “resident futurist” at the Electric Sheep Co., which designs virtual world projects for businesses. “The amount of technological change in the next 10 years is going to equal the entire last century. We’re not going to use that technology to send e-mail faster. We’re going to use it to build virtual worlds.”

As one measure of the recent explosive growth of these online worlds, Second Life has grown to more than 5 million registered users, up from 1.4 million in November. In that virtual adult playground, avatars chat, attend concerts, buy virtual cars and clothes with virtual money called Linden dollars, and even have simulated sex.

But such activities barely scratch the surface of the three-dimensional Web, according to speakers and some of the 600 attendees at the first-of-its-kind Virtual Worlds Conference, held last week at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in lower Manhattan.

Robert Gehorsam, president of Forterra Systems Inc., said that with improvements in technology, virtual worlds could be used to train new employees and allow them to practice job skills. Nurses need several hundred hours of on-the-job training after they graduate from nursing school, but working such trainees into the hectic operations of a hospital can be difficult, he said.

“If you can train nurses on shift-change communication, or the right drug, you’re going to reduce the number of preventable deaths,” said Gehorsam, whose company adapts commercial game technology for the government and medical and corporate clients.

One nonprofit group that has started to tap the potential of virtual worlds is the American Cancer Society, which has held two “Relay for Life” fundraising events “in world,” as denizens of the 3-D Web refer to events in the virtual world. Second Life users made pledges for their avatars, who took part in the runs. At a cost of only $1,200 to rent space on the site, the cancer society raised more than $46,000. It hopes to realize $75,000 at this year’s relay.

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