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FaceBook Addiction is Growing vs Being a Business Drone in LinkedIn

Something freaky is happening to APLINK…an addiction is slowly creeping up on me… for the social networking platform called Facebook…why is this happening.

I think primarily it is because no one can feel threatened by a facebook profile …its friendly, it’s free, it’s easy, it’s interactive hehe dare i say — itsReal.

The more I get to be in facebook the more i discover things that can be done, I have a linkedin profile and also plaxo, Zing & others but of all these I think facebook allows me to mix my social lifestyle with my business style. In other words you can be yourself in facebook NOT some business drone that you seem to need to be in the others….

When i happened on the link to include this blog into my facebook profile and then seeing how easy it was to do, i think this is the turning point…still when will someone integrate second life into facebook, i would love to have a doorway from my facebook profile to my office in second life…then the addiction would engulf me completely –itsReal


Image: APLINK at The Pacific West Communications Second Life Office


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