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HP and Dell slug it out in Second Life – itsReal

Source: SMH

The fierce competition between PC makers HP and Dell has transcended the real world.

Evidenced by a surprisingly candid exchange through their official blogs, the pair are now at loggerheads over the merits of marketing their brands in online worlds such as Second Life.

A stampede of companies, including Dell, IBM, Toyota, Sony BMG, Telstra, the ABC, adidas and the US retailer American Apparel have rushed to buy land in Second Life since it was launched in 2003, hoping to market their wares to its rapidly expanding user base.

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Hitwise – Wisely acquired by Experian – itsBreakingNews

Experian Group Limited Acquisition of Hitwise

Experian, the global information solutions company, announces that it has acquired Hitwise, a leading Internet marketing intelligence company, which helps clients monitor the performance of their websites and target their online advertising spend more effectively. The purchase price is approximately $240m and will be funded from Experian’s existing cash resources. The transaction is subject to regulatory approval.

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Coke Infects Second Life – itsReal

Coke infecting SL?

Coke, one of the biggest of big names in world marketing has officially launched itself into SL. The title comes after the number of times Mickey Douhet (Coca-Cola’s Director of Global Interactive Marketing and SL resident for the last six months or so) mentioned “viral” in the presentation.

For the rest of the story visit: second life insider

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Singapore Girl (SIA) gets WED to TBWA – itsReal

Congrats to the team at TBWA Singapore. It is an inspiring win for me, as only 10 years ago TBWA started in Singapore with only 2 staff. My team at the moment at TPWC is 5 strong, with only one year under our wings, who knows what might be around the corner for us.

I wonder if TBWA have seen the potential of virtual worlds like second life to increase SIA’s brand in this unique 3D Real Life global marketing platform…will some of that $50 million a year budget be earmarked to launch in virtual worlds ? I hope to see SIA as the first airline to open a ticketing office and passenger lounge in second life, just imagine the SIA and TBWA official wedding could be held in second life covered by the Reuters in-world reporter.

For more details on this spectacular engagement visit: TODAYonline

Just as a side note: Recently when I was checking out office space in second life for our SL office…i took a short helicopter flight to have a look at the property…hmmm during the flight i was unfortunately dumped out of the helicopter and fell to the ground as I did not have security clearance. I was rescued and cleared with security, on we went and landed directly at the front door of what is now our office at Silicon City. Maybe SIA could operate SIA branded helicopters in SL…have not seen the airline use them in real life yet !!!


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Second Life: A Place to Make Lives – itsReal

Imagine…….. being suddenly able to walk, to communicate, to work and to socialize, not only locally but globally. That is how life has become for a new friend of mine through the Reality of Second Life.

Below is Niels first English article, the full entry can be found at the link below
There is more than just the ability to walk

Written by Niels Schuddeboom
Monday, 02 April 2007


Technology has changed my life and it still does. Without my computer, I wouldn’t have been able to write or work. The machine gives me the ability to communicate and let my creative juices flow. It is making it possible to function on the same level as others and to get equally rewarded for it.

Since mid-2006 I’m walking around in the virtual world of Second Life. Literally being able to walk is a very strange experience for someone using a wheelchair in real life for more than 20 years now. Though I won’t let SL jeopardize my real-life social life, I really have to say it is beneficial to walk. In real life, many people tend to think that I’m mentally retarded, in second life I can’t be judged by my wheels, as long as I don’t use a wheelchair. As soon as I do, mechanisms of social interaction work exactly the same.

Before I will explain what I find most interesting about Second Life, I would like to take the opportunity to react to some of the criticism of the past months, which is in my opinion mainly based on ignorance. Many people say Second Life is a dull and slow experience, with bad graphics and such. They call it an unhealthy hype. Well, in some ways, they are right. But every hype comes with unhealthy side effects and we all tend to forget that the system is in its infancy just like the Internet of today once was. There once was a time without images and video-sharing services, and there once was a time that we all called people using the Web ‘nerds without social habits’. M

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Singapore Event: BuyButtonz eCom Fair & Bloggers Flea Market – Stall Applications Open Now

FREE Stalls available Hurry Limited Space Available !

The BuyButtonz Fair & Flea Market, Far East Plaza (date to be confirmed), will be one of its kind as it will bring e-commerce technology to the traditional flea market. Visitors to the fair will get a chance to interact with Blog-Commerce providers who traditionally do not sell at bricks-and-mortar outlets. Blog-commerce sellers at this fair will be given a free booth where they will be able to display their wares and take orders through their websites via provided laptops.

To apply for a FREE Stall please contact the organiser The Pacific West Communications on 6563 7391 or visit this link to register

Members of the Public welcome to attend FREE on at this inaugural event. Prizes and Giveaways throughout the Day.


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Death Threats Against Bloggers – itsReal

This piece of news, that is unfolding now, is yet another example of the effectiveness of blogging however it also demonstrates the incredible position bloggers can put themselves in if people out there in blog world do not agree with what you are saying.

In this part of the world we are fairly mindful of what we pen however this example shows how easy it is for our personal identity and lives can be targeted for the worst possible of outcomes.

Posts on Death Threats

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who Believes in the FUTURE of Virtual Worlds ? Opportunity to collabrate… itsReal

What has Second Life, and WhyVille started ?

What is your perception of the reality which this LEAP in technology offers ?

I invite you to contact me as together, like minded people can create their own realities. You must be passionate for a collaboration to evolve.

Email me apglobal at gmail dot com

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Xin Pa Sat (New Market) Arrives in Second Life from Singapore Creator…

BridgeLink to Original Content: Kopi Creations

Xin Pa Sat literaly means New Market and has been created after the Lau Pa Sat (Old Market) in downtown Singapore, Xin Pa Sat aims to be the virtual cousin of the vibrant Lau Pa Sat. A selection of images below.

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Google Earth Gets 3D Berlin…When will Google Earth Get Avatars… itsReal


Click Your Way through the Brandenburg Gate

By Holger Dambeck and Christian Stöcker BridgeLink

As though one Berlin were not enough. A virtual 3D tour of the German capital at Google Earth is the first of its kind. Soon, the site hopes to add a historical tour as well.


Berlin has gone virtual. As of Thursday morning, the German capital – from the gigantic Alexanderplatz TV tower right down to the potholes in the side streets — can be seen in Google Earth. The virtual visitor can even enter the new Berlin Central Station and marvel at the Reichstag. Other landmarks are likewise on offer.


Photo Gallery: Berlin Goes Virtual



For now, the pixelated metropolis is largely unpopulated. There are no virtual politicians wandering the government quarter and no virtual shoppers strolling Unter den Linden. It will be a few years yet before online cities like Berlin get mashed up with computer worlds like Second Life.But 3D Berlin is more than just a pretty computer project. Already, there are those dreaming of online shops occupying the same address in the virtual world that their real-world sisters occupy in real life — and with the same wares on display. Indeed, it seems that the virtual parliament buildings, embassies and election campaigns on Second Life are little more than a test run for the digital version of the real world that Google, Microsoft and others are in the process of building.

In order to see Berlin 3D, you need to have the newest version of Google Earth and must access it through this link.

Berlin has proven a willing partner, having supplied the site with content free of charge. Represented by the Business Location Center Berlin-Brandenburg, the German capital commissioned a 3D model of itself from 3D Geo — which it then made available to Google.

“It’s a new dimension to innovative location marketing and investor incentive,” says Harald Wolf, Berlin’s Senator for Economics, Technology and Women’s Issues.


Berliners are taking particular delight in having beaten their rival Hamburgers to the chase. On January 17, Hamburg announced it would be the first city in the world to present itself in 3D on Google Earth. The press conference featured a virtual helicopter flight over the city; viewers floated over Hamburg’s city hall and its famous historic port.Google spokesman Stefan Keuchel praised the realistic textures of the facades, obtained using aerial shots of the buildings. He promised that Hamburg 3D would be going online “in a few days or weeks.” Evidently he promised too much — the program is still not online. Data protection issues have delayed the project indefinitely.

The result for Berlin is impressive. Some 44,000 buildings in Berlin’s city center can be seen in the simple view, though the facades are not the real ones. But a complete virtual city tour, coupled with historic narration, is soon to come. Some 550 buildings of particular significance have been singled out with photos of their facades.

A further 50 buildings and building complexes are represented in greater detail. Most novel of all, however, is the attempt to bring virtual visitors inside. Users can wander through the Reichstag, check out the new Berlin Central Station, marvel at the stunning interior of Frank Gehry’s building next to the Brandenburg Gate, and visit the Sony Center and Olympic Stadium.

Five especially prominent buildings be entered virtually and viewed from the inside: the Reichstag (German parliament), the central train station, the DZ Bank on Pariser Platz, the Sony Center and the Olympic Stadium.

Further improvements are sure to come. The race is on for the best 3D city in the world.

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