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Invitation – Mix Business with Imagination at the Big-Bit Islands Launch – itsReal

Big-Bit Launches Big-Bit Islands in the Virtual World Second Life an Entertainment, Live Performance, Attractions and Business Services hub to drive Big-Bit’s Business Strategy for 2008 – event starts at 9pm SL time February 9th 2008

Sydney Australia. February 07, 2008 — Big-Bit Australia Pty Ltd, a leading virtual worlds full service solutions provider today announced the exciting launch of Big-Bit Islands in the Virtual World Second Life. Entertainment, live performances, attractions and business services and the Big-Bit team will be on hand to guide you through the evening’s event. The event starts at 9pm SL time February 9th 2008

event arena big-bit
Image: Event Arena Big-Bit Island

Bit-Bit is a leading Virtual Worlds full service solutions provider that offers strategic advice, construction, marketing and events services to companies seeking to establish footholds in virtual worlds such as Second Life and other newly emerging worlds. Comprising a talented International team of virtual world veterans, Big-Bit has in-house building and programming expertise to execute scripting for complex projects in virtual worlds.

What SL Residents can expect ?

• Big-bit Islands Grand Opening Saturday February 9th – 2008
• Dance with our very own funky DJ – Estrelle Fauna
• A Treasure hunt for those seeking to enhance their inworld wardrobe and nab a mystery prize or two
• Grand Prize 10,000$L
• Fireworks will adorn the Big-Bit Islands skyline to welcome in a new era of services & entertainment

Visit PrimAdonna:

What RL People can expect ?

• Considering launching in Second Life? The Big-Bit Team will be on hand to discuss your options
• Previous projects will be highlighted on the Big Bit Island as testament to Big-Bit’s expertise in inworld development
• Bring your Business to Big-Bit Island and let Big-Bit’s imagination work for you

Visit Big-Bit Island:

PrimAdonna Island, part of the Big-Bit island group is home to PrimAdonna designs by Big-Bit’s Jana Gillespie also known in Second Life as Estrelle Fauna. Specialising in fashion, content creation and design, PrimAdonna offers unique style careful attention to detail and great versatility. The PrimAdonna shop offers a variety of women’s clothing from casual to formal and corporate wear for both men and women including shoes. PrimAdonna Island and shop have been magnificently rebuilt and announces it’s reopening.


Image: PrimAdonna on Big-Bit Islands

Big-Bit offers companies an innovative way for getting products launched in Virtual Worlds. For more information please contact Jana Gillespie, Big Bit Australia Pty Ltd, details below.


About Big-Bit Australia
Big-Bit understands that the single most important ingredient that drives humanity is the need to communicate. Without communications we would not be able to achieve even the simplest of tasks. We partner with clients to create the opportunities for them to engage with their communities in the virtual space in ways that are only limited by their desire to drive business and our imagination. In doing so, we commence on a journey with our clients that is destined to take a business into new dimensions of communication, understanding and connectivity.

For more information please contact:

Andrew Peters
The Pacific West Communications
Cell: +65-9451-9012

Jana Gillespie
Big-Bit Australia Pty Ltd
Cell: +61-412-582-233


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Virtual World Marketing Gets Reality Check in 2007 – itsReal

It was a year of ups and downs for virtual worlds, as well as the companies that jumped on the bandwagon of creating virtual advertising and branded worlds. As 2007 began, the virtual world environment Second Life was riding high on a wave of interest from users and advertisers, but as time went on, many marketers and agencies began to question the return on investment of their virtual projects.”2007, especially early 2007, was the year of Second Life,” said Greg Verdino, chief strategy officer for Crayon, a marketing consultancy. “Late ’06 through ’07 was this interesting virtual world rollercoaster ride, where coming into ’07 everybody thought they had to be in Second Life, and they didn’t know why.”

By March, Second Life had over 1.3 million users, and companies ranging from Microsoft to Starwood Hotels to Reuters had launched a presence in the world. But the success of their branding efforts fell into question, as advertisers had difficulty providing the metrics needed to measure success, or simply didn’t approach the environment in the right way to promote a brand, Verdino said.

read more at Big-Bit and jon our facebook Group


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source: The Australian 

ONLINE property classified leader (REA) has commenced a major assault on the Asian online real estate market, using two newly launched websites in Hong Kong and Dubai as a linchpin to expand in the region.


CEO Simon Baker at AGM. Picture: Bob Finlayson

Chief executive Simon Baker told the company’s annual general meeting that its objective was “to become No1 or No2” in every market in which it operated.

The company was now the No1 online real estate player in Australia, Italy and Luxembourg, he said, with strong positions in a number of other markets, including the UK, through However, the prospect of growth in the Asian market is attracting most of Mr Baker’s attention.

In September, REA – majority-owned by News Limited, publisher of The Australian – bought Hong Kong’s leading English language property publication, Square Foot magazine, and last month launched a sister online property brand,

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INTEL’s perspective on the emerging 3D Web – itsReal

This video is LONG and also very much a crystal ball look at what things will be like when computing power… from INTEL will allow for these types of environments… if you have the time and 3D Web is your area of interest check it out… look for QUAQ, ParaVerses and Virtual Surgery…

Video here at Intel Developers Forum


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RoundUp – Second Life – The Office & CSI:NY creates more consumer awareness – itsReal

More Second Life pranks coming to The Office? – Sydney,Australia
By David Cassel Second Life emerged victorious in its first encounter with..

NBC’s The Office. But the episode hinted at more

Second Life cameos to come.

Google News Alert for: “Second Life”

Five Quick Tips to Enhance Your Second-Life Experience – USA
Welcome to The Traveling Avatar’s Quick and Dirty tips for a Better Second Life.

On this show we discuss tips and tricks for the game Second Life,

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MySpace so 2006 – itsReal

MySpace, the website that redefined the meaning of friends in cyberspace, is showing signs of fatigue, with latest figures indicating that Australians – or at least hip ones – are deserting it for rival Facebook.

 Facebook is becoming increasingly trendy, Ms Court said. “It’s where more of the thought leaders and influentials go.”

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Giorgio Armani finds out how to be Immortal with Second Life – itsReal

MILAN (Reuters) – Fashion designer Giorgio Armani has opened up shop in virtual world Second Life, with a store modeled on his flagship location in Milan, his company said in a statement on Wednesday.

The silver-haired Armani will send an avatar of himself to the celebrate the opening of the store.

“Finally, I can really be in two places at once,” the ever-busy stylist who launched a mobile phone on Monday, said in the statement.

Second Life residents will be able to buy items virtually with Linden Dollars — the currency of the virtual world — or they can connect directly from there to his recently-launched online store at for non-virtual vestments.

Armani, known worldwide for his elegant fashions for women, has already diversified into a range of other sectors, including home furnishings and hotels.

He announced on Sunday a joint venture with Samsung Electronics for a sleek, black mobile phone and eventually other home electronics, including a liquid crystal display television designed with the South Korean firm.


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Second Life Roundup – itsReal

Publicity from Traditional Media and the Blogosphere continues to pump out, To jump onto the juggernaut just add “Second Life” to your press releases or posts and the world gets to see what you are doing…if you want a serious virtual worlds strategy…speak to me


Click-Image-to-Call APLINK from Big-Bit

Google News Alert for: “Second Life”

Second Life: Clicks and mortar – United Kingdom
Adam Edwards enters the lucrative world of Second Life This summer,

a part-time administrator at Oxford University, with no publishing experience and a

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Get a Life.. a Second Life Job – itsReal

Next stage of Internet spawns variety of new jobs..

“While small-scale Web 2.0 shops are sprouting up all over, major corporations, nonprofit groups and educational institutions have been scooping up people like Justin Rounds. They end up with exotic sounding job titles such as “director of interactive experience” or “online engagement manager.”
Typically, entry level salaries hover in the $35,000 to $55,000 range, said MITX founder Larry Weber. “

Big-Bit wants to hear from people that are keen to get into this space

I do think that some of the larger companies are very dedicated to having a strong Web presence. There are a lot of opportunities there as well.”

You may have heard of Second Life, the virtual online world that draws millions of aficionados every day. Now imagine a Second Life specifically for business, a world where workers can gather, share files, and communicate securely in a fully animated 3D office environment in cyberspace.

Creating exactly that is what Justin Rounds does for a living. Rounds, 35, is a contractor for Sun Micro Systems in Burlington. He is one of the digital animators behind the MPK20 Project, Sun’s yet-to-be unveiled virtual workplace.

Only a few years ago, a job in new media simply meant Web design. No more. The advent of Web 2.0, the next stage in the Internet’s evolution, has spawned a wide variety of previously nonexistent digital media jobs.

“Technology keeps changing,” said Rounds. “There’s always going to be the next big thing, there’s always going to be a demand for people who are technical minded.”

While small-scale Web 2.0 shops are sprouting up all over, major corporations, nonprofit groups and educational institutions have been scooping up people like Justin Rounds. They end up with exotic sounding job titles such as “director of interactive experience” or “online engagement manager.”

Equally exotic sounding are the technical skills needed for Web 2.0 novices. Software packages like Ajax and Ruby on Rails for website development, or Maya and Blender for 3D animation are all the rage. Many did not exist until only a few years ago. Now they are essential tools.

Still, it takes more than geek credentials to make it in the world of the Web 2.0. Since the work is highly collaborative and only a minority of jobs are posted through traditional channels, social networking skills are just as important.

“There’s just a whole new landscape of jobs,” said Kiki Mills, executive director at the Massachusetts Information and Technology Exchange (MITX), a Cambridge-based digital media trade association. “Now more than ever, you’re able to share information. Obviously, careers are forming around all of this.”

Although purely technical knowledge remains important, a much wider array of skills and attitudes is required for ambitious Web 2.0 novices. The current crop of new media jobs can involve any combination of creating multimedia content, building real-time online communities, and maintaining a presence in the ever-expanding Web search universe.

“Essentially you’re going in as a problem solver for the organization you work for, and you’ve got a variety of tools to work with,” said Bob Daniels, executive director of Boston University’s Center for Digital Imaging Arts in Waltham.

As companies go to great lengths to make sure their names pop up on top of vital Google or Yahoo search result pages, another area that has seen explosive growth, is search engine management.Continued…


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Second Life Builders, Programmers & Scripters Wanted – itsReal

Big-Bit is a Second Life registered developer and we are looking for reliable and experienced people to collaborate with us on Second Life commercial projects and other virtual platforms. This is really serious FUN so if you are interested to hear more please send us your CV via email to info at



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