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FREE wiki’s from – itsReal

Some time earlier this year I found, since then i have 3 wetpaint wiki’s and am a member of at least 5 others…read what TIME has to say about Wetpaint and how they are ranked in Times TOP 50 Websites.

HypoCol Wiki on Wetpaint

…HypoCol Community wiki..

TIME Awards Wetpaint Top 50 Websites Award 

Sure, your pals can post comments about your blog, YouTube videos and Flickr photos, but if you want a true collaborative exchange, consider creating a wiki—a site where anyone can add and edit any of the site’s content. Wetpaint, a Seattle startup, makes it super easy for non-techie people to create a wiki or contribute to one. Even companies are using it: Food & Wine magazine has a Wetpaint wiki; CBS started one for CSI fans and T-Mobile created one for the Sidekick.

The process for adding text, Web links, photos and video to a Wetpaint wiki is highly intuitive, but there are video tutorials just in case. If you’re feeling protective or want a little more control, Wetpaint lets you set different levels of access for different users. You can also restrict access altogether to only those you’ve specifically invited, though anybody will still be able to visit the site. As your wiki evolves and grows, there are tools that track the changes in detail, so you can see who did what and when—and then call them on it before changing it back.

Source: Time

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PINGters be Inspired – These 42 Entrepreneurs are like U and I

It is rare that ordinary citizens get the opportunity to be honoureed for doing what they like…

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TPWC starts work with a Red Herring favorite –

It’s always great to shake hands with a company and bring them on was TPWC’s first day working with and we sent our first of many releases to the media today…bloggers are media too right so here courtesy of is our maiden release. Do keep an eye on news from as there will be some interesting news soon besides the possibility of finding that elusive position you may be dreaming of.

Red Herring selects amongst the most-promising technology ventures in Asia

Red Herring Releases List of Finalists for the “Red Herring 100 Asia” Awards 2007

Singapore, August 13, 2007 Red Herring Magazine announced today that the job search engine, has been named finalist in the Red Herring 100 Asia 2007 awards. The 100 winners will be announced at the Red Herring 100 Asia event in Hong Kong, on August 29-31.

“The 200 finalists we selected from across 16 countries and regions are all excellent contenders,” said Joel Dreyfuss, Editor-in-Chief of Red Herring. “They are exceptional companies who thrive on innovation and strongly define the important role of technology in Asia’s economy and throughout the world.”
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Spirit of Enterprise Opens Online Voting for SOE Awards 2007

Public Voting Opens from July 2007 for Honorees of Spirit Of Enterprise Awards 2007, now in its fifth year of promoting Singapore Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship with a Difference – Hope Through Entrepreneurship


Spirit of Enterprise awards focuses on honoring and inspiring a wider cross section of entrepreneurs in Singapore. Instead of only honoring highly established entrepreneurs, the Spirit of Enterprise award seeks to recognize budding entrepreneurs who have exhibited much enterprise and spirit in their entrepreneurial pursuits.

Programs covers educating students in entrepreneurship through projects in school and through the interview process with would be honorees of their entrepreneurship journey, thereby inspiring the young minds to think about entrepreneurship.

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APICTA 2007 Nominations OPEN

You need to see full post as only have image file of details Visit HERE for more details. It is your opportunity if you have developed a Product/Application/Service or Solution to be recognized for your achievements and is also your opportunity to gain some invaluable PR & marketing for FREE


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