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Call for Papers –

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Computer Games; Animation, Multimedia, IPTV, Edutainment and Security
International Conference and Symposium on
28th-30th April 2008
Authors should submit a complete paper in English of up to 8 A4 pages, using the submission procedure indicated below. The program committee will review all papers and the contact author of each paper will be notified of the result, by email. Each paper should clearly indicate the nature of its technical/scientific contribution, and the problems, domains or environments to which it is applicable. Authors must also indicate the conference track to which the paper is submitted. The paper must be carefully checked for correct grammar and spelling.
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Over 30,000 New Zealand Jobs from Hundreds of Websites in a Single Search:
New Zealand joins the Asia Pacific network, which lists over 3million jobs
Auckland, New Zealand December 10, 2007 – announced today the launch of a new search engine for New Zealand jobs. In one simple search, the service gives job seekers free access to over 30,000 job opportunities from numerous websites in New Zealand.
Launched in 2006, is the leading search engine for jobs in Asia Pacific, with over 3 million job listings from across the region, including Singapore, Malaysia Japan, India, Australia, China and now New Zealand.
Applauding the announcement on the expansion into the New Zealand market, leading search consultant and HR blogger Mr Steven Kempton stated, “I believe adds a real difference to the NZ job board marketplace. The ability to truly search from one site provides several valuable tools for candidates. “It’s a real winner for candidates but it’s also very positive for employers who can now be confident that it doesn’t matter which board they advertise on it’s possible for candidates to find that job through You’ll automatically have more coverage for your job without doing a thing or paying a cent.” iphone contest uses proprietary technology to provide the most comprehensive, relevant and fresh job search site in New Zealand that includes job listings from numerous websites, newspapers, recruitment agencies, associations, and companies directly.

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source: The Australian 

ONLINE property classified leader (REA) has commenced a major assault on the Asian online real estate market, using two newly launched websites in Hong Kong and Dubai as a linchpin to expand in the region.


CEO Simon Baker at AGM. Picture: Bob Finlayson

Chief executive Simon Baker told the company’s annual general meeting that its objective was “to become No1 or No2” in every market in which it operated.

The company was now the No1 online real estate player in Australia, Italy and Luxembourg, he said, with strong positions in a number of other markets, including the UK, through However, the prospect of growth in the Asian market is attracting most of Mr Baker’s attention.

In September, REA – majority-owned by News Limited, publisher of The Australian – bought Hong Kong’s leading English language property publication, Square Foot magazine, and last month launched a sister online property brand,

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Hypocol available in FACEBOOK via a FREE online shopping Mall – itsReal


Hypocol has adopted the FREE Business 3.0 online shopping systems which has developed by a Facebook user with all Facebook users in mind.

To get access to the Hypocol Store in FaceBook follow this Link, to adopt the application. Once in the application search under business name or product for Hypocol.

The good news for all facebook users that represent companies is that the application is FREE you are able to list details about your company, its products or services and also embed your buy buttons from your own payment portal to process the transaction.


The developer is open to any and all suggestions are useful to them in creating an even easier online shopping service ever without ruining the Facebook experience for every Facebook user.


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3 Min Video: What tech skills are needed in Asia? How do people find jobs?

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APLINK Finds Sporting Heroes Site – itsReal

Visit Sporting Heroes – for, photos and serious data on football (soccer), rugby, athletics, cricket, tennis & golf.

Athletics Heroes Football Heroes Rugby Heroes
Olympic Games Athletics
World Athletics Championships
European Athletics Championships
Commonwealth Games Athletics
Track & Field World Records
Football World Cup
European Football Championship
European Cup Finals
National Football League Tables
<!– Football Players Records –>
Rugby Union World Cup
Five & Six Nations RU
Tri-Nations RU
<!–National League Tables RU + RL–>
<!–Rugby League World Cup –>
Cricket Heroes Golf Heroes Tennis Heroes
Cricket World Cup
Cricket Test Match
Test Cricketers Records
<!–National Cricket League Tables–>
<!–National Cricket Cups–>
The Open Golf Championships
US Open Golf
Golf Money Lists
Ryder Cup
Australian Open Tennis
French Open Tennis
Wimbledon Tennis
US Open Tennis
Davis Cup is a photographic encyclopaedia of athletes, cricketers, footballers, golfers, rugby players and tennis players. You will find thousands of international sportsmen and sportswomen from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s in the six sports selected above.

A superb action photograph is featured on every single page of sporting heroes. Each page also has career highlights and personal details. Our unique search engines make finding them easy. Some are world famous sporting legends, many are national sporting icons, all of them have in their time tasted fame – if only in their local community. Now we have brought them together in this unique encyclopaedia of sporting pictures.

Many of the sports photos were taken at the worlds major sporting events (Olympic Games, World Cups, World Championships). Complete results of these can be found in our historic sports results section. Click on the sport of your choice and begin to enjoy some sporting nostalgia.


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Let’s have a Conversation – Conversational Marketing – itsReal

Spending on social media and “conversational marketing” – albeit still in their nascent stage – will surpass traditional marketing spend by the end of 2012, according to a study conducted by TWI Surveys, Inc., the New Communications Review writes.

The survey of 260 senior PR and marcomms professionals was conducted on behalf of the Society of New Communications Research (SNCR) and Joseph Jaffe for his book Join the Conversation.

Although social-media adoption has just begun – 70% of respondents are spending 2.5% or less of their communications budgets on conversational marketing – those surveyed foresee significant adoption and spending within five years: Some 81% of survey respondents said they will spend at least as much on conversational marketing as traditional marketing by 2012.

Among other findings of the study:

  • Two-thirds of respondents plan to increase their spending on coversational marketing in the next 12 months.
  • 57% say they think that in five years they will be spending more on conversational marketing than traditional marketing
  • Nearly 24% say they think conversational marketing spend will equal traditional marketing spend in five years

More at Marketing Charts

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Rabbits heckle Australian Prime Minister John Howard – itsReal

Apparently Johnnie can’t pull a rabbit out of his hat to save the Liberal Party in its quest to win the Next Australian Election… some life size Rabbits (see photo) joined him on his morning walk to remind him of his inappropriate words spoken to his cabinet recently….Johnnie, can’t you remember what your mother told you about thinking before SPEAKING

John Howard and rabbits

Full Story at TodayOnline

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Get a Life.. a Second Life Job – itsReal

Next stage of Internet spawns variety of new jobs..

“While small-scale Web 2.0 shops are sprouting up all over, major corporations, nonprofit groups and educational institutions have been scooping up people like Justin Rounds. They end up with exotic sounding job titles such as “director of interactive experience” or “online engagement manager.”
Typically, entry level salaries hover in the $35,000 to $55,000 range, said MITX founder Larry Weber. “

Big-Bit wants to hear from people that are keen to get into this space

I do think that some of the larger companies are very dedicated to having a strong Web presence. There are a lot of opportunities there as well.”

You may have heard of Second Life, the virtual online world that draws millions of aficionados every day. Now imagine a Second Life specifically for business, a world where workers can gather, share files, and communicate securely in a fully animated 3D office environment in cyberspace.

Creating exactly that is what Justin Rounds does for a living. Rounds, 35, is a contractor for Sun Micro Systems in Burlington. He is one of the digital animators behind the MPK20 Project, Sun’s yet-to-be unveiled virtual workplace.

Only a few years ago, a job in new media simply meant Web design. No more. The advent of Web 2.0, the next stage in the Internet’s evolution, has spawned a wide variety of previously nonexistent digital media jobs.

“Technology keeps changing,” said Rounds. “There’s always going to be the next big thing, there’s always going to be a demand for people who are technical minded.”

While small-scale Web 2.0 shops are sprouting up all over, major corporations, nonprofit groups and educational institutions have been scooping up people like Justin Rounds. They end up with exotic sounding job titles such as “director of interactive experience” or “online engagement manager.”

Equally exotic sounding are the technical skills needed for Web 2.0 novices. Software packages like Ajax and Ruby on Rails for website development, or Maya and Blender for 3D animation are all the rage. Many did not exist until only a few years ago. Now they are essential tools.

Still, it takes more than geek credentials to make it in the world of the Web 2.0. Since the work is highly collaborative and only a minority of jobs are posted through traditional channels, social networking skills are just as important.

“There’s just a whole new landscape of jobs,” said Kiki Mills, executive director at the Massachusetts Information and Technology Exchange (MITX), a Cambridge-based digital media trade association. “Now more than ever, you’re able to share information. Obviously, careers are forming around all of this.”

Although purely technical knowledge remains important, a much wider array of skills and attitudes is required for ambitious Web 2.0 novices. The current crop of new media jobs can involve any combination of creating multimedia content, building real-time online communities, and maintaining a presence in the ever-expanding Web search universe.

“Essentially you’re going in as a problem solver for the organization you work for, and you’ve got a variety of tools to work with,” said Bob Daniels, executive director of Boston University’s Center for Digital Imaging Arts in Waltham.

As companies go to great lengths to make sure their names pop up on top of vital Google or Yahoo search result pages, another area that has seen explosive growth, is search engine management.Continued…


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Second Life Builders, Programmers & Scripters Wanted – itsReal

Big-Bit is a Second Life registered developer and we are looking for reliable and experienced people to collaborate with us on Second Life commercial projects and other virtual platforms. This is really serious FUN so if you are interested to hear more please send us your CV via email to info at



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