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Body art for the average Joe – itsReal

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SINGAPORE : Tattoos have come a long way from being just a badge of pride for bikers and gangsters. Today, tattooing has grown more prevalent in modern culture with an increasing number of people crazy for them.

In Singapore for the first-ever Singapore Tattoo Show which kicks off on Friday, celebrity tattooist Chris Garver from popular reality TV series “Miami Ink” said, “Most people that I tattoo are pretty much just ordinary people who are a little more adventurous than the Average Joe.

“A lot of celebrities are tattooed now so I think that makes people realise that we’re not that different, we’re just like everybody else. We just happen to like something that the general public is a little bit scared of sometimes.”

Tattooing has grown more prevalent in modern culture with an increasing number of people in today’s generation crazy for them.

Garver got his first tattoo at six years old after he was accidentally stabbed in the finger with a pencil. He got his start in tattooing at 17, using himself as his canvas.

“I did my first tattoo on myself because I wanted to be able to show people my work so if they were to trust me, they had to see something that I did,” he said.

However, an elaborate piece of tattoo doesn’t come easy. Detailed tattoos can require two sessions each lasting five to six hours. The customer has to take a two to three week break before returning for a second.

The duration of completing a tattoo will very much depend on the customer’s threshold for pain, said Garver. “Some people only want to be tattooed for an hour or two, that’s their threshold but I’ve had customers that I’ve tattooed for 12 hours.”

“But it’s a bearable pain”, he added. “The least painful part to get a tattoo would be your upper shoulder or bicep area.”

While most of Garver’s clients go to him with a design in mind, the tattoo artist said there are some to leave it to his imagination. “Even when they do that, I’d find out what would suit them,” he said.

“If it’s something that I am really familiar with drawing and it really needs to fit on the body in a certain way, I’ll draw it on. But if something is very technical like it has a lot of straight lines and perfect circles, anything geometric, I’d make a stencil on the skin that I’d just trace with the machine.”

But racist or offensive tattoos are a no-no. “Many young people make bad decisions and I don’t want to help them do that,” he said.

Though advances in laser technology and tattoo removal creams mean that tattoos are not forever, those planning to get inked should “find something that you’re really going to enjoy for the rest of your life”, said Garver.

The Singapore Tattoo Show runs from January 9 – 11 at the Singapore Expo. Tickets for the exhibition can be purchased at the exhibition itself. More details can be found at

– CNA/km/il

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Singapore Tattoo Show Bill SGD300k – itsReal

Singaporeans – DON’T GO TO A SHOPPING MALL THIS WEEKEND – leave your homes and visit the 1st EVER Singapore Tattoo Show – tickets 18.00 for one day pass – 50.00 for 3 day pass – Children under 12, free admission (must be accompanied by parents) – Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 6B

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3 Day Program guide:

Singapore’s first tattoo show kicks off on Friday
By Satish Cheney, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 07 January 2009 2053 hrs

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Singapore’s first tattoo show kicks off on Friday

SINGAPORE: Singapore’s first-ever Tattoo Show kicks off at the Singapore Expo on Friday and it is believed to be the largest of its kind in Southeast Asia. One main attraction during the three-day show is Chris Garver from the popular reality TV series, Miami Ink.

Organisers are spending up to S$300,000 for the first-ever Singapore Tattoo Show. With over 100 booths, 21 Singapore tattoo studios will also be showcased, besides other Asian and Western ones.

Another highlight is traditional tattooing from places like Borneo, and the industry hopes to change perceptions about tattooing.

Chris Garver, tattoo expert, Miami Ink, USA, said: “I was in Japan for a long time. There’re a lot of connotations with the Yakuza there. But the percentage of people who get tattoos who are Yakuza is very small compared to the people who aren’t Yakuza. So a lot of it is changing. A lot of American pop culture has influenced tattooing there.”

Kirby Lian, organiser, Singapore Tattoo Show, said: “I have ever tattooed a young 14-year-old girl who came with her mother and they both got the same tattoo on the ankle.”

While hoping to change perceptions, organisers also aim to highlight the tremendous skills involved.

Legends in the industry, such as Paul Booth of Last Rites Tattoo (USA), Robert Hernandez (Spain) and Bob Tyrrell (USA), will also be at the show.

The show was the result of organisers networking in various tattoo conventions overseas. They hope to have at least 15,000 people attend the event.

The organisers are also hoping to make this an annual show and maybe spice things up with performances from rock bands and even a motorbike show. – CNA/vm

Report courtesy CNA

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Top Ten Tattoo Conventions in 2009

Bring on the 2009 circuses of INK! Whether you are hoping to see, be seen, or rub inked elbows with the most coveted professionals in the tattoo industry, we’ve picked the top 10 tattoo conventions of 2009 to keep you covered all year long.

Singapore Tattoo Show: January 9-11, 2009

Location: Singapore Expo Exhibition

Contact Information:


The first annual Singapore Tattoo Show will gather famed tattoo artists from around the world, including show ambassador Chris Garver of “Miami Ink.” The show is sponsored by the Singapore Tourism board and will feature tattoo contests, trade seminars and live performances.

Miami Tattoo Expo: January 9-11, 2009

Location: Miami Beach Convention Center

Contact Information:


The 2009 Miami Tattoo Expo, formerly the Gold Coast Tattoo Expo, will include world-renowned tattoo artists, live tattooing and piercing demonstrations, seminars, custom cars and choppers, special guests and much more.

23rd Annual New York AM-JAM Tattoo Expo: January 23 – 25, 2009

Location: Holiday Inn – Syracuse/Liverpool (Exit 37) New York

Contact Information: 518.893.2273


Imagine three epic days of all things Ink. Expo features live music, special guest the “Lizard Man,” over 75 working artists and piercers, tattoo competitions including “Tattoo of the Day” awards, leather and jewelry vendors.

14th Annual Motor City Tattoo Expo: February 27-March 1, 2009

Location: Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center, Detroit, Michigan

Contact Information: 517.540.6055


Award-winning tattoo artists, tattoo competitions, trade seminars and vendors from throughout the nation will help celebrate the 14th year of this famous Expo in Detroit.

Sydney Tattoo & Body Art Expo: March 6-8, 2009

Location: Sydney Showground, Australia

Contact Information:


The first annual Sydney Tattoo & Body Art Expo will feature over 100 international artists and body piercers, tattoo supplies, merchandise, 8 live bands, tattoo contests and a tattoo art-fusion project.

via Top Ten Tattoo Conventions in 2009.

To see the remaining 5 events follow the link above 🙂

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